Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Monday, August 31, 2009

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Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, Young and the Restless)Nick gets confirmation of the truth today. First up, Phyllis and Summer prepare for their trip. Then, Nick confronts Sharon and demands to know if the baby she is carrying is actually his. Later, Sharon crumbles in front of Nick and admits that the baby is his. Nick explains to Sharon that he can't walk away from her or his child now that he knows the truth. Just as Nick decides to leave to reveal to Phyllis about the baby, the hospital goes into lockdown. Nick calls Phyllis to explain but the reception is terrible and Phyllis can barely here anything. Nick loses her just as the lights go out in the hospital.

At the samet time, Owen and Chance inform Jack, Paul and Heather that Patty escaped the church and she must have had help to do it. Meanwhile, Patty and Gloria, dressed as nuns, jump into a waiting van that Jeff is driving and take off. Meanwhile, the officers relay to Chance that two nuns left the building shortly after the blackout. As Chance is

calling in an A.P.B. Paul takes his radio and smashes it and Chance is forced to arrest him. Paul and Jack discuss the mounting evidence that Victor was responsible for bringing Patty back to Genoa City as Mary Jane. Victor reaches into the depths of his agony, as he remembers the loss of Sabrina, forcing Ashley to listen to the truth, that Sabrina is truly dead. Adam listens in the shadows fearing he has lost his control of Ashley. A moment later, Jeff calls to inform Victor that he has Patty.

Meanwhile, Victor tries to calm Ashley after she has another nightmare of Sabrina but Ashley is inconsolable. Victor watches Ashley's interaction with Adam and makes a decision to shut his son out for Ashley's own good. Later, Ashley finally admits to Victor that she has seen Sabrina. Then, the face off we've all been waiting for finally occurs. Ashley confronts Adam about making her believe that Sabrina was alive.

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