Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Friday, September 4, 2009

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Greg Rikaart (Kevin, Young and the Restless)So are Ryder and Kevin brothers or not? One thing is certain. Today, Ryder worries what it will mean for him in his murder case if he and Kevin don't end up being brothers. Meanwhile, Jana convinces Daniel to hear Amber out. Amber explains to him that Deacon is forcing her into marrying him but Daniel doesn't believe her. Later, Kevin refuses to believe in anything Ryder says until he has solid DNA evidence that Ryder is his brother. The DNA results prove that Ryder is Kevin's brother. Meanwhile, Daniel asks Amber to marry him in order to stop her from marrying Deacon.

At the same time, Adam listens outside the door as Traci tries to help a terrified Ashley, who is ranting about the rainstorm. Meanwhile, Colleen confronts Victor about his part in losing her job at GCU but he dismisses her.

Shortly thereafter, and just as Ashley is about to reveal to Traci what she believes happened the night of the rainstorm, Adam comes into the room. Adam subtly reminds her that she can't trust her family. Ashley immediately shuts down. Later, Traci overhears Colleen and Victor's argument and realizes that Victor's vendetta against the Abbotts has been more important to him than protecting Ashley. Billy asks for Jack's help in facing down Victor on Ashley's behalf. Jack, however, asks Billy to be patient because when he finds Patty she will be all the proof they need to take Victor down.

It's then back to Colleen, who, along with Billy and Traci, takes turns attacking Jack for what his feud with Victor has cost them and their family. Meanwhile, Ashley admits to Adam that she believes she hit Nikki the night of the rainstorm. Later, Billy gives Colleen the keys to the Abbott cabin to get out of town for a few days. Patty threatens to inform Jack that Jeff and Gloria were the ones holding her captive. They decide to take Jack's money and run, hoping that no one will believe the rantings of a crazy woman. Before exiting, Gloria leaves the kitten with Patty, which she is genuinely grateful for. Jeff calls Jack to give him instructions on the money drop and where to find Patty. Gloria and Jeff plan to let Jack and Victor fight over who gets to Patty first. Later, Jack and Victor both prepare for the money drop. Colleen arrives at the Abbott cabin and is stunned to find Patty bound and gagged. Meanwhile, Billy finds Ashley in a despondent state and makes the decision to take her away from the ranch. Adam tries to stop him but Billy pushes past.

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