Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Friday, September 18, 2009

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Crystal Khalil (Lily, Young and the Restless)Alone, Lily prays to God to watch over Colleen. Meanwhile, Abby asks Ashley to take her to Jack's to be with Traci. Jack finds threads from Colleen's scarf that she left on the ground at the camp. Moments later, Patty hears Jack calling out for Colleen.

Meanwhile, Ashley worries about where Victor may be. Later, Jack pulls an unconscious Colleen from the water and tries to revive her just as Patty finds him and demands that he leave her alone. Lily wakes from a dream to find a soaking wet Colleen standing before

her at her door. Colleen comes inside, freezing, and says that she fell into the lake. Colleen says that she needed to see her best friend to assure her how much she loves her and that Lily isn't going to die.

Jack pleads with Patty to let him get help for Colleen because she is innocent in all of this. Jack gets frustrated and explains to her that he is going to call for help and she can either shoot him or let him make the call. Patty takes Jack's phone and throws it into the lake.

However, Paul gets a missed call from Jack and hears Patty say drop it or I'll shoot her. JT is alerted to the danger Colleen is in and races off to find them. Colleen informs Lily that she will one day have a baby of her own. Lily asks Colleen to stay with her and sleep. Lily finally finds some peace. Lily wakes and realizes everything was just a dream. Lily admits that she can't shake the feeling that something horrible has happened to Colleen.

Paul calls the Abbotts and informs them that he and JT found Victor's car up at the camp on the side of the road. Billy finally loses his cool when Ashley says that Victor is out there looking for Colleen. Billy reveals to her that Victor is in fact just trying to make sure Patty finishes the job she was hired for. Ashley reels from the realization that Victor brought Patty here to kill her own brother and she starts to come apart at the seams.

Meanwhile, Victor finds Jack, Colleen and Patty at the lake. Victor finally admits that he was implicit in bringing Patty to Genoa City and Patty threatens to shoot him instead. Patty plays Eeny-meeny-miney-mo as she decides who she will shoot. Steve calls Paul for an update just as they hear gun shots in the distance.

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