Young & the Restless Episode Recap, Friday, August 28, 2009

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Joshua Morrow (Nick, Young and the Restless)It's a day of coming clean in Genoa City. First up, Nick admits to Phyllis that he went to Sharon's hospital and Phyllis admits to him that she saw him there. Meanwhile, Dr. Braun warns Sharon that she needs to be more proactive in her therapy otherwise the judge can put her jail. Phyllis gets a call that an opening in a trial to treat conditions like Summer's in Switzerland recently opened up but they would have to leave tomorrow.

At the same time, Noah and Abby explain to Eden that Noah is considering transferring to Walnut Grove to get away from all the trouble he has been having at Genoa City High. Eden agrees that Noah should go, even if it means leaving her.

Later, Michael and Lauren get some of Jeff and Gloria's bills and realize that they haven't heard from them lately. Later, Eden asks Michael and Lauren if she can switch to

Walnut Grove in the fall but they realize that her motives have everything to do with Noah and decide not to make any rash decisions. As Nick and Phyllis are running around trying to get ready to leave in time for Phyllis and Summer's flight to Switzerland in the morning, Noah arrives to talk to Nick about transferring schools. Nick agrees to go see Sharon to discuss it with her first. Meanwhile, Sharon as admits to Doris that Nick is father of her baby, Nick overhears the conversation.

Paul explains to Jack the situation with Patty and asks to see her but Owen doesn't think it's a good idea. Nearby, Jill hounds Jeff to find out what he is up to but he is desperate to get rid of her.

Inside the chapel, Gloria is disguised as a nun and just about to reach Patty when Jack enters. Inside, Patty declares to Jack that she won't lose him again as Jack tries to soothe her. Patty explains to Jack about the baby and that she wants to get married tonight. Jack, playing along, offers to go find the priest. Outside, both Jack and Paul explain that Patty can no longer have children. Jack refuses to let Patty down again but Chance won't let him put himself in danger again. Later, the police put a wire on Jack before sending him back inside the chapel. Jack realizes he may be in over his head when he sees Patty wearing a veil ready to be wed. As Jack stalls to come up with a way out of his situation, things grow more dangerous as Patty realizes what he is doing. Meanwhile, Jeff works on a way to shut down the electricity in the church as the emotions inside escalate. Jack becomes furious when Patty admits what she did to Summer but before he can do anything the entire church is plunged into darkness. Chance and the police rush in to find Jack before its too late.

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