Young and the Restless Sneak Peeks Week 2-12-12

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Daniel Goddard (Cane, The Young and the Restless)Romance and travel are definitely in the air this week on The Young and the Restless. It begins as Lily and Cane embark on their trip to France for their beautiful Valentine's Day wedding. Will the trip prove uneventful? What about the wedding itself? Will someone or something cause the couple any concern, or do the nuptials come off without a hitch (pun intended!)

As Cane and Lily fly to France, Sharon makes a journey with Adam to help him connect with his past. Where will that journey lead? Will the trip help or hinder him?

Watch for Dr. Olivia to make her presence known in Genoa City for a few days this week. Are her services needed? If so, by whom? Also, Hope appears on the canvas. What is she doing in town?

Meanwhile, Kevin is having a number of issues, least of which is the fact that he is unhappy in his relationship. Does he feel trapped? If so, will he take steps to make a change?

Finally, before the week is out, Chelsea will face a medical crisis. But is it what it appears? Keep your eyes peeled on The Young and the Restless this week and see!