Young and the Restless Sneak Peeks Week 12-5-11

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Melodie Thomas-Scott, Eric Braeden (Nikki and Victor, The Young and the Restless)It's been the love affair of a generation.  We speak of course of Genoa City's Victor and Nikki.  This week finds Victor at a major crossroads.  Will he sacrifice everything for Nikki?

Speaking of Nikki, Deacon has it out for her as well.  In fact, he approaches her and reveals that he knows a shocking secret about her.  What does he intend to do with this information?  Can you say blackmail?  Will Nikki stand by and allow Deacon to get the better of her?  Does she capitulate to his demands, or choose to take matters into her own hands?

Meanwhile, Adam and Nick face off.  Nothing new, right?  This time the battle is major and it is for control of Newman Enterprises. How will they try to best each other?  Who will walk away victorious?

Plus, watch for the gorgeous Roxanne to make her presence known in Genoa City this week, as does a very familiar-looking reporter. Who will fall prey to one or the other of them?  Find out when you tune in to The Young and the Restless this week.