Sneak Peeks Week of May 15, 2006

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Nicholas and Brad face off this week. What do they fight over? Is it family or business?

As for Victoria, it seems she might be able to put a stop to JT’s suspicions about Brad’s past. But how can she do this? What choice will she make to protect him?

Speaking of major decisions, Victor makes one of his own. What does he decide? Who will it affect?

Meanwhile, Jack makes a heartbreaking discovery. What does he stumble upon? Does he finally find out about Phyllis and Nick? Perhaps, as it appears as if Jack’s whole world explodes. But has something else happened as well to affect the course of his life?

At the same time, Andrew Gibson is back in town. Why has he reappeared? Who’s life will he alter? Find out how the decisions made this week change the canvas forever on The Young and the Restless.