Young and the Restless and Lauralee Bell Reprise the Role of Christine

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Lauralee Bell (Christine, Y&R)Lee Philip-Bell Honored in Chicago

Look out Genoa City! Lauralee Bell tells Soapdom that she is thrilled to be reprising the role of Christine on The Young and the Restless. Bell returned to the set for her first tape day, Friday, June 11, 2010.

"It was an amazing the first day back," Bell enthused. "As if I never took a break. Everyone made me feel very much at home and working with Tricia Cast (Nina) and Doug Davidson (Paul) was ideal. They have always been two of the most important people in my life, show or no show, we are buds,"Bell said.

"I've been asked to come back for the last few years, but this was the time. It just felt right now, in storyline and my real life. I've been seeing everyone at a lot of functions lately, and I realized how much I missed everyone and what am I waiting for?" she explained.

Now that Christine is back in Genoa City, what can we expect from the character?

"The story is good because there are a lot of layers to it. It's fun because Nina and Paul are becoming closer and that will be awkward for Christine. And there is a case involved and just knowing the history with all the players will keep it very exciting. I hope!" Bell said. "And my sister-in-law, Maria (Y&R's head writer), did a great job of coming up with this and I hope people will watch and enjoy a few of us being back together."

The fun and drama begins July 15th when Lauralee makes her entrance once again as Christine. She'll be around for about three weeks.  What will the outcome be? Tune in for what is guaranteed to be an interesting summer.

Lee Phillip-Bell, Mark WilowsAnd speaking of the Bell's, Lee Phillip-Bell, co-creator of The Young and the Restless, was recently feted in her hometown of Chicago, as The Museum of Broadcast Communications held a gala dinner at the Chicago Hilton honoring "A Salute to Chicago Television."

Bell, who has hosted her long running talk show in Chicago  -- and has won numerous awards for her work  -- was thrilled to be back home in the windy city, a city that has much deep respect for her.

"It's great to be home. Seeing many old acquaintances," Bell said. "I'm really having a good time. Isn't this wonderful?"

Since I also attended the gala, I may add how stunning Lee Phillip-Bell looked. Upon entering, she was greeted by an explosion of flashes from cameras, and during a presentation given by Bruce DuMont, CEO of the museum, Lee Bell received standing ovation. And why not? She is after all television royalty. Congratulations!