Young and the Restless ~ What's pleased and bothered me in 2012

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Sharon Case (Sharon, The Young and the Restless)In my opinion, The Young and the Restless has had its up and downs. I have not watched every day this year because there were things about the show that did not appeal to me.

For example, the way they are portraying Sharon was disturbing. That being said, I am glad that she is on the road to recovery and getting her life back on track. She is one of my favorites on the show.

The Newmans are a big bore to me and not all to my liking. They contradict themselves every episode and need to be brought down a peg or two. However, Victoria and Nick are tolerable to me at the moment.

I am loving the pairing of Avery and Nick. I really hope that they will become more serious and last. They are fresh and fun to watch. I will always be a Shick fan, but this is the next best thing.

My least favorite person is Phyllis. She gets away with anything and everything while judging every one else in town. I think she is best paired with Jack. I would not be surprised if we find out that Summer is actually his.

I think Adam loves Sharon and belongs with her. Chelsea is an exciting character and does deserve someone that appreciates and loves her. Adam is not that person.

I hate Victoria and Billy together and Chloe and Kevin. Switching partners may not be such a bad idea. Chloe and Billy had such chemistry, it was sad to see them end.

These are only my opinions, we all have them. Thanks for letting me rant.

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