Young & the Restless: Candidly Speaking, Week of June 9, 2008

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Michael searches for his past while Sabrina finds out she and Victor are parents to-be.

Tracey Bregman & Christian le Blanc (Lauren & Michael Baldwin, YUoung & the Restless) 

Father’s day is bittersweet for everyone in Genoa City. I hope your Father’s day was a special and happy day for you and your family. Not much goings on for CBS soaps this week.

It would only be fitting if I first reveal the biggest twist of the week. Sabrina found out on Father’s Day that she is going to make Victor a father again. I don’t know if I am going to be able to endure a summer of Victoria whining about her new half-brother or sister to be. Sabrina and Victoria are both young women, how about a cat-fight? Now that would be some entertainment. Y&R has always been pretty good about dragging out a good cat-fight every once in a while, and it’s about time for one. The way things have been going for Jill and Katherine two veterans that have the record for fighting on screen it may be them throwing punches although I think some new faces and fighters may be welcomed.

While on the subject of pregnancy I have to question if Christel Kahlil (Lily Winters) is pregnant in real life. She looked to be sporting a baby bump and her face does look plumper than usual. I’m just throwing the question out there and stating she does appear to be carrying some baby weight on screen. Maybe it is just the clothing, but pay attention and she is spending a lot of time off screen, considering she has a pretty big storyline going right now. I think the extra weight looks really good on her. I was very concerned when it looked like the show was going to turn her modeling project into a bulimic storyline. I like to see Lily making decisions for herself and acting as an adult. I’m really pleased with the direction Lily’s character has taken.

If I were Lauren I would divorce Michael and his entire nutty family. I am quite a fan of the Baldwin/Fisher and Gloria clan, but from Lauren’s point of view I would have snapped along time ago. If Michael isn’t troubleshooting for his criminal mother and brother he is whining about where or who he comes from. I don’t like where Y&R is going with this new story about Michael learning the truth about his father. The way I see it is, Gloria is somewhat under control (at least very much so for her), Kevin is walking the straight and narrow avoiding anything that is against the law, and he has a healthy, happy family. Why go looking for trouble when considering his past with his family things are so good?

I do like the new nurturing, caring way Jack is treating Gloria. I know it won’t last, but I would like to see an alliance form for some reason between the two adversaries. I like Jack and Gloria’s new relationship, but not loving the constant disagreements over the magazine that Nick and Jack have daily; while Sharon and Phyllis just stand around staring awkwardly at each other and their husbands.

Come on guys! Considering the recent business luck you had prior to starting Restless Style I would think they would try a little harder to get along. Adam is not too far off with his general assessment of Nick and Vikki simply being spoiled brats. If I were Nick and Jack I would get along and succeed to spite Victor.

Well Noah made it off to camp. I was starting to wonder exactly how much hub-bub can be made over one kid going away to camp. I was, and am, afraid this may be a lead in to some tragedy happening to Noah while away. I’m hoping he goes off to camp and comes home without incident, if something happens to him or one of his parents I think that is just too much for one kid, even for the soap world.

In other Y&R related news I noticed Joshua Morrow and his family graced the cover of CBS Soaps In Depth. Once a year I have come to see Josh and his growing family have always been given a spread in the mentioned magazine and was wondering why he is always showcased? I don’t have an issue with it or him, I was just wondering what makes him and his family so special or noteworthy? I do however enjoy the occasional look into the private/family life of actors and actresses so it would be a bigger treat for readers to see other people from time to time.