Young & the Restless, Candidly Speaking, Week of June 30, 2008

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It's time for the annual charity gala and 4th of July celebration; both of which will bring high drama with a cool party.

Michelle Stafford & Peter Bergman (Phyllis Newman & Jack Abbott) 

Last week we met Tara and Anna, Devon’s aunt and cousin, and already Anna has had to bellow out a song each time she gets screen time. I will admit the girl can sing, but do we have to see it every time we see her? This is a soap opera not a Broadway musical. Once in a while a nice song is a treat, but this is too much song just on the heels of Karen overcoming her stage fright.

Why does Indigo have to serve breakfast now? What does this add to the show? It doesn’t really seem appealing to eat your breakfast where a bunch of drunks were boozing it up the night before. I just don’t like this, everyone needs to filter into Crimson Lights each morning then go on about their day or have sit down at the Club. Also, there is never a crowd at Indigo. The only customers they ever have night or day, is who is suppose to be there for their scene or lines.

I felt sorry for Amber about mid-week when Phyllis doctored a photo of Daniel and a groupie leaving it on her computer for Amber to see. It was good to see Phyllis getting back to her mischievous side, just sad it was directed towards Amber.

I’m still so over the bickering over who is in charge of Restless Style. At the pool party, that was suppose to be a Restless Style event for clients, Nick thought it was more his speed to go hang out with Victoria and JT instead of doing his job. Phyllis didn’t even bother going anywhere but home to relax. Jack is right Nick wants all the credit, but he doesn’t want to do the work. I would have liked to just slapped Nick when he started complaining, huffing and puffing over Jack’s speech when Nick was MIA. Nick wasn’t even there for the entire speech, but he had the nerve to take issue with it. Hey Nick! Try working every now and then instead of doing everything you can to avoid work.

In addition to schmoozing Restless Style advertisers Jack is hot on the trail of Sabrina’s past and bringing it to light to ruin her pure demeanor; and more importantly embarrass Victor. I can’t wait to see Jack drop the Sabrina bomb! I love seeing Jack scheming and cool for good reason. I’m glad his conciounce isn’t nagging at him either, that was getting old. Now if he would just ditch Sharon, Jack would be back.

Jack’s business dealings isn’t all he has going on that I am enjoying, still loving his new relationship with Gloria. I want to see more of it, maybe a future partnership at Jabot. If we cut Restless Style out of the mix things are looking up on Y&R this week.

What I can’t believe is how much worse the Vic-brina storyline has gotten. I really didn’t think this could get sappier but it has. Victor was going to take Sabrina to Boston to celebrate her first 4th of July in America. It was just sickeningly sappy. They didn’t end up going because Sabrina was suffering from morning sickness, leading the way for an ugly showdown by the Newman pool.

Victoria, JT, Reed, and Nick settled in with beer to enjoy a stress-free family celebration but unwanted family, and stress, show up.

Victor and Sabrina invite themselves to join in on their celebration, then Adam and Heather arrive believing they would have had the pool to themselves. Victor turns on his youngest son in front of Adam’s siblings and Heather. Victor threatens that Adam will live to regret defying his order to never bring Heather into his home. Adam is so furious that he threatens to move out, but Heather talks him into doing what he can to keep Victor happy, for now.

I wouldn’t put up with Victor’s crap! Victor’s “I am God and what I say is the gospel” has gotten so ridiculous. I once liked him but I cannot stand to see Victor over the last couple of years. The thing with Victor is the show takes him to extremes, neither of which are realistic or enjoyable to watch. On one hand too sweet then on the other too hard. If Victor was more like he used to be he would be tolerable, even enjoyable, once again. He has been ruined as far as I am concerned. I don’t know if I can come back now because the over the top attitudes are only getting worse and has gone on too long.

Sabrina and Victoria’s relationship could find itself on a new level. First it was personal conflict now it could be professional. Katherine asked Sabrina to co-chair the charity gala. Nikki typically is the chair woman but she has too much on her plate with David’s problems so it will be Victoria. Vikki takes charge away from Sabrina who just assumed she would be running the show. Not much has come of this yet but there was a twinkle of spitefulness and resistance out of Sabrina when Victoria didn’t even question their roles and experience. Sabrina isn’t happy.

What blew me away was Sabrina’s nerve to walk into Nikki’s office…. You know the CEO of a major cosmetics company, not a currator of a museum that is never open there for she never works…. Sabrina marches in with her head held high, as if Nikki is below her, acting all philosophical while essentially insulting Nikki. I’m glad Nikki just nipped it in the bud, and gave Sabrina a dose of reality about what her life is going to become. It was great watching Nikki put a pin to Sabrina’s over inflated balloon. I was smiling ear to year and cheering “Yeah! You tell her Nikki!”