Young & the Restless: Candidly Speaking, Week of June 2, 2008

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Seems kinda quiet on the Genoa City front, except that Y&R's name dropping is out of control. 

melody Scott Thomas & Eric Braeden (Nikki Chow & Victor Newman, Young & the Restless)Viewers were surprised by the mention of Miguel, and why he is no longer at the ranch. I’m glad they acknowledged the absence of a long-time supporting character that in some markets was/is more popular than the man and lady of the house Miguel cared for. The mention of Miguel was just a way to put Nikki and Victor together without fighting, but it was nice. What I found sad was these two millionaires could not afford a present for dear Miguel who served them for two decades, they had to pluck a little token to send to him from the living room there at the Ranch. I guess it doesn’t pay to have friends with money.

Well Victor fans, hit the snooze button for a while because Victor and Sabrina are just plain boring. Sabrina grows more stupid with each passing week. I couldn’t believe she actually thought if she asked Victoria to be her Matron of Honor that Vikki would say yes. She had to see Victoria’s big fat NO coming straight at her. What‘s next? She‘ll ask Nikki to be a bride‘s maid and David to give her away?  Maybe Summer can be the flower girl? Victor isn’t having much better luck finding a son to stand up for him. I’d just elope at this point.

Adam can’t seem to come up for air from Heather’s bed, to work or bond with dad. It’s all sex, all the time for these two career driven hounds, who have agreed to disagree about the Newman/Jabot lawsuit, for the sake of a good time in bed.

I said it last week and I say it again. Jill needs to get a life! Jill is playing a risky game trying to gaslight Jeffrey and Gloria. Jill told Gloria after the hilarious poisoning by hot sauce that Jeffrey had died in the middle of the night as a result of his allergic reaction to the hot sauce Glo spiked his coffee with. In her defense, he did ask for it to be hot! Jeffrey forgave Gloria, and was pleased to learn she was worried out of her mind for him, not so glad to learn Jill had been lying to him and Gloria.

Jill isn’t done yet. She insinuated to Gloria that Jeffrey spilled the beans on Glo’s homicidal past, sending Gloria over the emotional edge once again. Gloria, unbeknownst to her, has an ally on her side. Jeffrey. He is wise to Jill’s manipulation and I’m sure he’ll protect the woman he loves and loathes.

Chloe tried to make her move on Cane earlier in the week, and found he was hopelessly devoted to Lily. I think a B&B/Y&R crossover would be most appropriate for this character. Genoa City isn’t the place for her, and though I simply don’t like the character, Chloe, I can see where she could shake things up at Forrester; or better yet as Jackie’s protégé at her new fashion house. I personally think Chloe isn’t the only Genoa City resident that should ultimately be a B&B crossover. Devon would have been a WAY better match as Donna’s long lost son. Age and skin tone, not to mention the great back story. Devon’s troubled past with his drug addict mom, would really have given the blonde bombshell something to fret about. Plus, those who have come to love Devon could feel emotionally threatened by him learning, the woman he thought was his mom, wasn’t. I have enjoyed all crossover’s thus far so I don’t see a reason not to utilize the resources and possibilities these sister soaps share.

Adrian Corbel has once again found himself in the unemployment line. How many times does this man’s job have to be yanked from him before he moves on, and stop blowing smoke up his own pompous rear end? I guess he hasn’t reached that limit yet, because he confidently turned to Colleen’s uncle for a free lance writing job at Restless Style. What do you think smiling Jack is going to think of the Professor when Colleen returns and tells how cruel Adrian was before she left?

Things have been otherwise pretty quiet in Genoa City. I am hoping this is just the calm before a storm of summer storylines, not just poor writing as many fans have shared with me is their belief. One thing I have noticed as a whole for the show, is Y&R has gone to name-dropping to an extreme. Almost everyday someone on the show is dropping the name of a celebrity. If we want to be awed by celebs we’ll tune into Entertainment Tonight. The occasional appearance on the show of celebrities, such as most recently country music star Trace Adkins and the Brewers, is a nice treat for viewers. But the constant mention of people who frankly annoy me in real life is overboard. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if it was just once in a while but recently it seems they have taken name-dropping too far.