Young & the Restless: Candidly Speaking, Week of June 16, 2008

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David asks for a divorce! Victor and Sabrina tie the knot, Who was there and who was absent?

melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman-Chow, Young & the Restless)

Greetings again Y&R fans! I’d like to open by saying it was nice to see Karen back on screen again. I’m a little surprised to hear myself saying that, because I didn’t care much for that character in the beginning but she grew on me. Karen’s final scene is what really pushed her over the line for me and I like her now.

Though I am glad to see Karen back, it would have been great to see Dru knock at the door and surprise everyone when Lily and Devon was browsing through a photo album Neil put together. Other than the return of Karen the Winters’ lives have been pretty mundane this week, unlike the lives of the Newman’s.

Silly is the most appropriate word I can think of to describe everything about Victor and Sabrina’s wedding and their behavior. Please! Victor is just so enamored with Sabrina he has lost his good sense? Victor has never done any such thing, not even for Nikki or Ashley.

While on the subject I would like to add, which will probably upset a lot of Nikki and Victor fans. I do believe like everyone, Nikki and Victor are meant to be, but I think Victor and Ashley share something very profound that seems more special and deep than what he and Nikki have.

Ashley returned to Genoa City this week for Victor’s wedding and that got me to thinking, an Ashley and Adam hook up would really turn the Newman’s’ lives around. Ashley wasn’t the only long distance guest that flew in for the wedding. Zara, Sabrina’s mom, surprised her daughter by popping up the night before the wedding. Again, I come back to silly. The whole thing. I was ready for this relationship and all the crap that comes with it, to be over weeks ago, and now we have to endure a pregnancy. I’m still hoping for a Sabrina and Victoria cat fight and maybe she will lose the baby. The thing is this storyline doesn’t have to be so ridiculously sweet and boring.

Victor’s wedding and his families reaction isn’t the only silly storyline surrounding these characters. Victoria and Adam are traipsing down the infringement path again. This might be okay if that had been done a year ago, but last week? Come on! What is going on with these writers?

Friday, things got interesting. Before I address that I want to give honorable mention to Nikki and her speech she gave Victoria, regarding Victoria attending the wedding. It is apparent Nikki is hurt by Victor’s re-marriage but she was kind and encouraged Victoria to attend the wedding. That took a big woman in real life and for the soaps to be the bigger person for the sake of her child, not her own need to hurt Victor. Nikki could have very well influenced Victoria to make a decision she would later regret. I commend Nikki for saying and doing the right thing in a situation she could have really stuck it to Victor.

Now on to the good stuff. Out of no where David asks Nikki for a divorce! I was floored. Apparently David, because of Brad’s constant encouraging and tips on gambling, is really struggling with his addiction. David reached out to his sponsor and tried to fight the urge. Rather than gamble David in a fluster went to the stable and told Nikki he wanted a divorce. Confused of course she asked for clarification and he yells “I’m leaving you Nikki!” What a way to end the week. From previews looks like we could be in for a treat from these two characters.

By mid week I was clapping my hands in relief, finally Jeffrey and Gloria make love and get on the right track. My joy didn’t last long because just as quickly as they came together they were fighting and storming out again. Gloria found Jeff’s passport and saw he recently made a trip to the Cayman’s, she immediately realized he stole her diamonds. Jeffrey believed she seduced him just to steal his passport and vowed he was finished with her mind games. Really Jeffrey? Is that a promise?

I love Jeffrey and Gloria, but I can’t take much more of this fighting, then lusting for each other when they are apart. I think Jeff should catch an STD and give it to Gloria and Jill, that would really give the two women something to complain about.