Young and the Restless' Lauralee Bell and Just Off Rodeo

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Lauralee Bell (Christine, Young and the Restless)Lauralee Bell (Christine, The Young and the Restless) tells Soapdom that she is just thrilled that her new Web-series “Just off Rodeo” has completed episode three, and it’s already up and running to rave reviews.

“'Just off Rodeo' is about being able to buy the clothes, or accessories 'that the stars wear,'” something Bell said has intrigued her for years. That is why she created this show, along with the company she formed with her husband, Scott, “Martin-Bell Productions.”

Episode three features jewelry that was created exclusively for the series.

“I loved this episode and

all the color. It was fun to work with an already existing jewelry company called ‘Jessica Elliot’ to show how a company can invest in the show and make an item that is exclusive for ‘Just Off Rodeo’ and we showcase them," Bell said. “The bracelets and necklace/headband are both fun and one size fits all. I’m loving the simple bandanna’s and they are at a small price to have a piece of the show.”

Bell, who is probably one of the most creative persons in the industry, (like her dad, the late great William J. Bell) is always creating new concepts and is always looking for different avenues to explore. She has the knack for turning something small into something great!

“I already have the next episode in my brain, and am ready to start, but we are having some meetings about possibly doing a series of them, so we shall see,” Bell explains. “I think it’s so fun that there is finally a show where you can get exactly what the actor has, in days, and you don’t have to spend hours on different sites trying to track it down. Shopping and entertainment made simple!”

"Just Off Rodeo" is Bell's second venture in to the webisode genre.  When in the mood for a good laugh check out Lauralee’s other series “Family Dinner.”