Young and Restless' Lauralee Bell Creates Interactive Web Series

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Lauralee BellLauralee Bell (Christine, Young and the Restless), who has a passion for fashion, is putting together her knowledge and creativity and is embarking on yet another comedy web series adventure called "Just off Rodeo."

The hook with this one, however, is that it is interactive. It's a four-minute episode that's not only hip and done with a certain flare, but it's all about getting lost in the world of hair, make-up, and trendy

fashions. It's living in a fantasy world that you can literally be a part of with a simple point and click.

How many times have you watched a show and really wanted to own the clothes that the star was wearing? Well, now that dream has just turned into reality, thanks to Bell.

"I am so excited about this new venture," Bell said. "I'm testing the waters here, but I really believe in this and I know people will enjoy it, not only shopping, but watching the shows. So far we have shot two shows, but have high hopes of more."

Bell already has "Family Dinner," her first web series about a very dysfunctional family, but what's different with "Just Off Rodeo," is that she does not star in it, but is hands-on behind the scenes. In fact, one of her highlights is the editing process of the show. "I love it. To be a part of the process is something. It's very interesting!" she said.

Bell even monitors every item sold, and her husband Scott Martin, the other half of the dynamic duo of Bell-Martin Productions, is at the helm. Also Scott's brother, Matt, who lives in Chicago, is helping co-write the scripts. He has been writing skits and working with Second City.

"I have to tell you, these four-minute shows have a lot of camera angles, and much detail goes into each production. Each episode has a certain look, and that is right up Scott's alley," Bell said. "He is just crazily running around making sure that everything is just perfect."

Bell is no newcomer to the business world. Having previously owned two Hollywood boutiques, this venture is definitely out to broaden her horizons. And in fact, the episodes are shot in one of her old boutiques.

"Just off Rodeo" focuses on three characters, two shop girls, and a male Beverly Hills hairdresser that well lets just say -- you must see to believe.

Will there be more new characters? Hot Hollywood Stars, or how about those hot actors from The Young and the Restless? "I don't know. That remains to be see," Bell said. "I will tell you these thoughts have crossed my mind. It would be great!"

Future plans include branching out with a few more episodes and she would love to turn this into a TV sitcom. But for now, her goal is to have more key partnerships on the Web in hopes of reaching out to designers and brands trying to spark an interest.

Bell said she always wanted to do this. She remembers reading a magazine and saying, that she'd love to own this piece of clothing or watching a TV show and wanting the clothes the star is wearing. Now, she is making it possible. (Each episode has a few reasonably priced items available that you just click to buy). Each has the "Off Rodeo Drive" logo, and comes in all sizes.

"It took me ten years to get this idea going," Bells gushes. "When I got this off the ground, I got an email from my brother, Bill, Jr., (President of Bell-Phillip Television). He reminded me that it was about ten years ago I was discussing this, but who bought clothes online? Well, I guess I was ahead of the times."

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