Where Are They Now - GH's Scott Clifton

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Rocking and FAQing


Scott Clifton (ex Dillon, General Hospital)Along with pursuing new television and film roles and playing locally in Los Angeles with his band, it appears that Scott Clifton (ex Dillon, General Hospital) is quite the commody on MySpace.  He has over 4,000 friends and they are always asking him a bunch of the same questions.

Clifton recently took the time to compose what he calls "the Scotty FAQ," to answer some of the more pressing questions. We thought it would be fun to share it with you.

The Scotty FAQ
by Scott Clifton

1. No I won't marry you! Sorry. There it is. I said it.

2. Yes it is true. For those of you living in caves I HAVE left General Hospital. I shot my last episode in early June.

3. Yes I would love to return..someday.

4. I cannot join ANY MySpace Groups since I hardly have enough time to read all the mail and tweak my page.

5. I apologize profusely for not writing back to all four thousand three hundred and forty-seven of you . Im just overwhelmed. BUT I do read everything!! I love it and I love you all. I am very touched by your constant loyalty and support.

6. My band and I are ONLY performing in LA for the moment so that we can get the attention of labels and to develop a local following. We would LOVE to perform in your home town and we look forward to it...just not at the moment.

7. Yes I am still auditioning like crazy for movies and tv shows between recording and rehearsing.

8. I don't have IM for my Space for two reasons. 1. I have a MAC and MySpace doesn't have it for MAC. 2. If I had IM I would never be able to chat with ANYONE with hundreds of IMs coming in every minute.

9. The reason why my top friends (on MySpace) are all animals is well... wait I know this one.  Its because...no thats not it...
Oh oh I know.... The truth is there is no reason. I just thought it was cute.

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