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Dan Wells (ex Stan/Sami, Days of our Lives)Dan Wells, aka Stan the man, Sami Brady’s (Alison Sweeney) alter ego, may be long gone from Days of our Lives, but the actor has been working non stop since leaving daytime, and is always taking on and looking for new ventures.

Wells recently completed being part of the cast of FOX/MY Network TV’s drama “Watch Over Me,” playing the role of Eric Simpson. “I really enjoy this part. It’s different from what I’ve been used to playing. It‘s a blast!” Wells said. “I love the character of Eric. This time around I’m the good guy. And Eric is very similar to Dan Wells.”

“Watch Over Me” was filmed in San Diego. Sixty episodes have been shot. The drama began airing at the beginning of December (06). Wells described the show as an “Action packed prime time drama,” adding that “It’s like a novel that is televised.”

Wells said that the filming of the drama was interesting, because in one day, episode 3 was filmed with episode 53. There was a lot of work to the process, but it was the type of work that was very challenging.

“When I signed on for this project, I knew where the show and my character were heading,” Wells said. “This show is about a love triangle, good guys, bad guys, and it all comes together in the end. It’s very unique. The show has a cinematic look, with high class hard working talent.”

Wells, who left a position as an investment banker for the bright lights of Hollywood, never looked back with regret.

“Oh no never! I’ve always wanted to do this, and I thought, why not? Wells said. “I’ve always been drawn to a challenge, and I find acting to be no work. Why? Because I enjoy it so much. I must admit that I never thought that this is how my life would turn out.”

Wells prior work included the role of obnoxious big shot ‘Steve Moss’ on FOX’s comedy “Free Ride,” and had spots on “Will and Grace” and the WB’s “Gilmore Girls.”

Recently, he co-starred opposite Veronica Mars’ in the film “The Deep Below,” and portrayed several characters on the big screen including Jake, a cocky athlete in MGM’s “Species III” and Tony Morelli in the Dave Rodriguez film “Push."  Additionally, Wells has written produced, and co-starred in the short film "Rabbit Hole”for the Independent Film festival circuit. (see note)

Wells enjoyed being on “Will and Grace,” saying, “I’ve been a fan of that show and was watching it when I was an investor with no feet in the acting business,” he said. “To be on the set with those people was like, Oh my God! This can’t be happening. It was surreal. The live audience, and to say those James Burrows (executive producer) lines, and to try and make them funny? I will never forget that opportunity.”

Wells graduated from Cornell University, and jokingly said that his mom offered to pay for his education, and always told him that if he wanted to become an actor, he’d have to pay for it himself.

And what does mom say today? “Mom was like Wow! You know...mom has been watching Days of our Lives for 35 years, and when I was on it, especially in the role of Stan, she just chuckled. Mom knows all about the twist and turns of a soap opera.”

Wells still keeps in touch with some Days stars like Nadia Bjorlin (ex-Chloe), and Eric Winter (ex-Rex).  His plans are to remain in the business. He’ll be out for pilot season, and would love to do a comedy. “I really like to entertain, and be able to make people laugh,”he said.

Soapdom needs to know, will you ever return to Days of our Lives, or daytime? And any message to your fans? “ First, I never rule out anything. But I will tell you I’d return to Days or daytime only on short-term. I don’t want to be locked in to a three-year contract. And to the fans...Thank You for following me. I appreciate you, and you add inspiration to me.”

Away from show business, Wells is married one and a half years, and is enjoying being a new dad to six-month old son, Jadon. “Being a dad has put life in perspective, and I’m truly enjoying it. It’s a new adventure. Watching Jadon grow is cool. It’s like everyday he’s a new dude.”

Wells is active in charities that prevent cruelty to animals, educate local youth, and promote environmental awareness and protection.


“Rabbit Hole” is available at www.cineclix.com

Visit Dan Wells at: www.danwells.com

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