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 hspace=10 src=Could a Return to Soaps be in Her Future?  Read on...

When Brooke Alexander, shown at right with her new baby, Jace, left her role as Samantha Markham on As The World Turns -- a part that won her the Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Female Newcomer in 1995 --  her world continued to turn non-stop, personally and professionally.

“Oh brother! Lets see where do I begin?”Alexander laughs. “I’ve never really had a moment to sit and rest.”

Alexander has remained active. She has done over a hundred national TV commercials before, during, and after her run on As The World Turns. One of her most recent is for Flonaze allergy medicine.

When handed the pink slip from the soap, Alexander did what most so-called “out of work” actors do, and that is head to Los Angeles.

“I took the road, but really hated it,” Alexander said. “I just didn’t adapt to California, and really missed home on the East Coast.”

While in Los Angeles, however, Alexander took broadcast journalism classes at UCLA, and just kept going on different auditions. And then one day, she struck pay dirt.

 hspace=5 src=Alexander was chosen to host “World Beat,” a music show on CNN that would be seen around the world, and the best part was that she would move back to New York.

“I mean... could there of been  anything greater!“ Alexander beamed. “I’ve done that show for three-and-a-half years. I loved it! And since I love music, it was the perfect show. I also enjoyed the experience of hosting.”

Alexander loves to explore different aspects of the industry and is always curious, but said, “I will always act. That’s what I really only want to do. When I’m not acting, I miss it terribly.”

For now, however, Alexander has settled into a nine to five job. Working for the Fox News Channel in the promotion dept, she comes up with new ways and ideas to promote Fox news on the Internet and on the air.

“The job at Fox is interesting, but like I said, I still want to act. This is a job where I learned a lot and am grateful, Alexander added. “ This job is an exploration. On election night, it was exhausting, an experience, and educational.”

Alexander has also taken on a new role of being a single mom to one-year-old son, Jace.
And being a new mom has put her life in perspective, saying “it turns your whole world upside down.”

 hspace=10 src=A single mom by choice, she is loving every minute of it. “My approach to parenthood is different, but I’m living proof that it can be done,” Alexander said. “I believe that when a child is sustained on love, everything else just falls into place.”

Soapdom wants to know if you would ever return back to a soap? “Oh yes! I’d even go back to As the World Turns,” Alexander confided. “I enjoyed that show, and everyone I worked with. I also believe that the character left with a lot of unfinished business.”

Alexander admitted that she would die for a guest-starring role on “Law and Order.” While she was pregnant, her days were spent watching back-to-back episodes.

“I love that show. It’s without a doubt the best dramatic series on TV. It’s well written, the acting is unbelievable, and let’s just say I’m hooked. I watch that show faithfully.”

Alexander, a Hawaiian native, enjoys spending her spare time traveling and taking road trips. She is also passionate about basketball and played in a women’s league. And why not with a gorgeous 5’10 statuesque figure!

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