TV's zesty man has Days of our Lives ties

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Anderson Davis, Kraft Salad Dressing Guy (c)Jordan Keith/Anderson Group PR“Lets Get Zesty.” Three words that are on their way to becoming a household saying. These words are the latest campaign for Kraft Italian Salad Dressing and the hot, sexy, steamy, guy that so suavely looks into the camera and says, “Ladies…Lets Get Zesty” is Anderson Davis, and he is having the time of his life.

“I am. I have done about seven commercials to date,” he said. “About four have been airing." These commercials were originally planned for the Internet, which they are on, but it was also decided to go on TV. They are fun, sexy, and intriguing.

Anderson was in China doing a TV series, when he came back home and was told about the audition. He said they wanted to see him on a Friday, but he was unavailable, and they decided to wait to see him Saturday.

“Yes! Thank goodness. I auditioned and then got a call back, where I met the director and his wife, and here I am. I booked a campaign and coined a phrase, ‘Lets get Zesty,'" he jokingly said.

The success of the commercial has been well received, and Davis has been getting a lot of recognition. “I was at Lowe’s the other day and a guy said, ‘man your commercials’ kill me,” he said. “I always joke that if I’m in a shirt I go undetected, but without out a shirt, I’m recognizable.”

Davis said he is a low-key guy that is not out for recognition. He just enjoys doing what he is doing, and he does it with a passion.

Davis, is from Northern California., and a former salesman, who played baseball all over the US and even had an offer to play at Tampa Bay.  His acting career began after seeing an ad in Craigslist that a baseball commercial was being filmed and he auditioned. The commercial was shot at Dodger Stadium.  “I was like in heaven. This is for me, I said,” Davis explains. “I then got an agent and literally walked in and told them, look I booked commercials on my own and asked if they were interested in representing me, and luckily the answer was yes!”

Davis feels there is a correlation between baseball and entertainment, saying they are in the same league. In fact, we can even tie Davis’ career into the world of soap operas. Several years ago, he appeared on Days of our Lives in a bed scene with Hope (Kristian Alfonso), and he loved it. “I did! She was fantastic to work with, and I’d never rule out the possibility of doing a soap on a regular basis. It was great fun. But I learned that there is a lot of work in soaps.”

Davis agrees that he has been bitten by the entertainment bug and added that he’d like to accomplish more in the business. “I’d love to do films. I’d like to have a master plan in the business.  I’m open to suggestions. A leading man? No. But I love comedy and drama.”

On TV, Davis portrays a guy with stamina, calling himself “A man’s man. But not a macho man’s man.” But in reality, he admits to being an easy going guy. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, but yet likes to remain private. He is also quite the craftsman. “I love to build. I’m a hands on guy. Everything in my home was built by me. There is something about saying that you created this, or saying I did this.”

He is also into fishing, camping, and reading, as well as studying the human brain, which he finds fascinating. And if he becomes real successful in this work, his goal is to someday move to Montana and be home on the range.

And just like in his commercials he loves to grill. “Oh Yes, without a doubt. Every Thanksgiving I do a deep fried turkey and I love it,” he jubilantly said.

So I guess we can say, Davis is one guy that likes to ‘GET ZESTY.'

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