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Taking the business one step at a time.

Llanview Lady Turns Mom in LA

She packed up her bags and left Llanview three years ago. What’s been keeping Darlene Vogel busy since then? Soapdom’s Mark Edward Wilows has the scoop!

When Darlene Vogel (ex-Dr. Melanie MacIver) left Llanview and One Life to Live three years ago after heading off to Seattle, in the real world it was back to “Hey, Hey Hollywood...here I come.”

Vogel said that she holds no remorse about being fired from One Life To Live, and openly admits that she misses the show and the people, but Dr. Melanie MacIver was a character that she really didn’t enjoy playing.

“It’s true. Today I can talk about it. I really didn’t like her and don’t really miss her,” Vogel said. “I’m a strong woman in real life, and that character (Melanie) was not.”

Living in Los Angeles as a single mom with her 19-month-old son Owen, and her dogs, Vogel is doing what every actor in Hollywood does –auditioning!  In fact, she called in for this interview from the back lot at Warner Bros Studios. She just got through reading and auditioning for a part on NBC’s new prime time hit sitcom, Joey.

“I’m just taking this business one step at a time,” Vogel said via our cell phone conversation. “You never know, and setting your goals never helps. If something comes along it does, and if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t. I believe everything happens for a reason.”

Vogel had been living in Los Angeles and maintaining a home even while working on One Life to live, but she feels like now she’s starting over in the business.

As it turns out, Vogel’s theatrical agent retired so she’s out looking for a new one.  She is likewise trying to get a hosting agent (meaning one that tries to find you work hosting a show).  Don’t be surprised if one day soon, Vogel shows up on some cable channel or network home improvement, cooking or talk show!

“You know it’s something I think about more and more,” Vogel said. “With all these reality shows it’s really hard for an actor to find work, and I’d love to host a show. Hosting seems like such fun.”

Vogel admitted that she recently auditioned for A Las Vegas-type entertainment show along with Ty Treadway of SoapTalk.

The youngest of six children, Darlene has been in the entertainment field for 15 years. She attended Manhattan’s Fashion Institute of Technology and began her career doing modeling work and numerous commercials, like the “Milk Does a Baby Good” campaign.

Vogel said it’s ironic auditioning for Matt LeBlanc’s show, Joey, because she remembers LeBlanc way back when the two of them starred in a Cadbury commercial.

“Matt and I have remained friends. He’s a great and talented guy,” Vogel said. “I remember telling him during our shoot (pre-Friends) that he is going to go far.” 

Vogel’s talent has taken her to guest starring and recurring roles on Charles in Charge, Boy Meets World, and Northern Exposure to name a few. Her feature film credits include Back to the Future II, Ski School, Decoy, and Ring of Steel, among others.

Soapdom wants to know, would Vogel ever consider a return back to soaps? “I suppose if the role was right, but soaps today are a different realm,” Vogel explained. “Years back you had 16-hour days, but today most are split and the pace is faster. But if it means a job that is worthwhile I’d definitely consider it.”

Vogel said that acting will always be in her blood, but she’s very laid back on getting jobs, and truly enjoys her life.

”I love watching my child grow. Since I’m now a mother, priorities have changed,” Vogel said. “There is something to be said on being mom, cleaning, and cooking. Yes, I want to continue with show business, but what I’m saying is that I really love being a mom!”

Vogel still travels back to New York and is in touch with her One Life to Live family. In fact, Erin Torpey (ex-Jessica Buchanan) is Vogel's neighbor in LA.

“I love visiting the set. I’m probably the only actor that has gotten fired that goes back,” Vogel joked. “In all honesty, I really loved that cast. They were and still are a great group of people. I mean what can you say about Robert Woods (Bo)?”

Vogel is a natural athlete who plays golf, rollerblades, hikes, and enjoys rock climbing and the beautiful California scenery. Beside her current role as mom to her child, she will try to stay focused on landing a primetime job in television saying, “In this business,
one never know where one will be,” so stay tuned…

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