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Wedding Daze

September Update from Barbara Niven

Barbara Niven (ex Liz, OLTL) sent us a note to keep us updated on her latest adventures.  First off, her newest television project,Hallmark's "Wedding Daze" with John Larroquette and Karen Valentine, directed by Georg Stanford Brown begins airing Monday, September 6, 2004. 

Here's what Barbara has to share with us!

"I didn’t realize it was airing so soon, but Wedding Daze starts tonight on the Hallmark channel at 5:00pm PST, 8:00pm ET, and then starts repeating.  I hope you like it – it’s a wonderful family comedy about love and romance across generations. I had a very small part playing an entertainment reporter...but I got to work with Karen Valentine. What a treat! It's a great cast including John Larroquette, and a great script, directed by Georg Stanford Brown. What a fab director and actor he is. (He can also recite sonnets from Shakespeare that will make you weep.)

"I also just finished shooting a lead in another Hallmark movie called 'Home Again,' with Rue McClanahan and Lisa Hartman Black.  I play the sexy town vamp much like 'Blanche' in Golden Girls, very comic and so much fun to play.  That is scheduled to air around Valentine’s Day next year.

"And…I just booked the lead in 'The Perfect Neighbor' which I go to Canada to shoot in about two weeks.  I will play a very different character this time:  a disturbed psychopathic killer, who is also a 'cutter.'  It’s been thrilling doing the research…and I’m sure will exorcise a lot of my own demons.  This part scares and excites me at the same time.  Dang, I love doing what I do!  Thank you, Lord! 

"Ah, show biz.  I hope you’re living your own dreams too! God bless,

For more info on Barbara Niven, visit www.barbaraniven.com

Published 8-6-04

Barbara Niven (ex Liz, OLTL) has been keeping busy since she left Llanview.  Beginning Friday August 6, 2004, she stars in Tiger Cruise the Disney Channel original movie. Niven plays Bill Pullman's wife in the made-for-television film.  The premier presentation airs Friday, Aug 6, 8:00 pm (PST/ET) with encore presentations all month. Check your local listings.

The story of Tiger Cruise is based on Operation Tiger, a real-life annual Navy event that allows sailors to invite their families to ship out with them for one week.

In 2001, the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington occurred two days into Operation Tiger, effectively trapping the families on the aircraft carrier Constellation as it mobilized in the Pacific Ocean.

Tiger Cruise was filmed on the aircraft carrier John C. Stennis, docked in San Diego. Additional production took place aboard the aircraft carrier Nimitz.

Niven is currently on location, filming a lead role in Home Again with Lisa Hartman and Rue McClanahan for Hallmark. She can also be seen in Universal's Chasing Ghosts currently in post production.


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