Lauralee Bell's Family Dinner Rides Again

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Lauralee BellPlease! Pass the chicken and waffles? It's dinner time! Lauralee Bell (Christine, The Young and the Restless) will be serving up another dish as "Family Dinner," the web series she produces along with her husband, Scott Martin, is back for a fifth episode, and this time around it is about eight minutes in length, making it more of a show.

"Who would of thought? We have been talking about it for a long time," Bell said. "Then one day, it was just like ... let's do it!" The show will be online

November15th. Fans can tune in at ( and

Now grant it, this is no Breakfast at Tiffany's, but rather dinner with the O'Connell family, probably the most neurotic dysfunctional family you'd want to meet. Let's just say you may run when you see them.

One thing is obvious. The creative Bell without a doubt shines through with her talent from her parents, the late great William J. Bell and her mom, Lee Phillip-Bell, co-creators of Young and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful.

With the astounding list of impressive household name celebrities, like Phyllis Diller and Cloris Leachman appearing in previous episodes, this "Family Dinner" will prove to be a hit.

Shirley Jones, the lovable Mrs. Partridge from "The Partridge Family," not to mention Academy Award winner (Elmer Gantry) will star. With cameos by Jordin Sparks, "American Idol" champ, Rick Springfield, Rock superstar, and Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

"Yes! Isn't this wonderful? I used some connections in the business of people that knew people and this all came in to play,"Bell said. "I have to tell you about Shirley. I am so excited. Growing up watching her and never thinking that one day we'd work together. She is such a consummate professional. My only regret is and I hate to admit that I really didn't know she won an Academy Award. I was like Wow!"

Being the pro Jones is, she actually flew in to Los Angeles from a concert from another city to do "Family Dinner," and flew back out for a concert the next day.

Jones plays a therapist helping (if that's possible) the O'Connell family by telling them to think of a singer or musician that has offered them inspiration.

Everyone has their little dream, and wella! There they are. "This was just so much fun. I can't even begin to tell you," Bell said. "And again...I just can't believe Shirley. She has shone so brightly. I also must say to wait for her final line as she exits. It's so funny, and a must see."

Each star has something to promote, which makes this appeal to advertisers, with hopes of "Family Dinner" going places.

Sparks got a chance to promote her perfume "Because of You," Smith got a chance to promote his news CD for kids called "Rhythm Train."

Bell is hoping for more to come out of "Family Dinner" and has said that some independent outlets may be interested in turning this into a regular show.

Bell had admitted that possibly there may be a sixth webisode on the horizon, and a big star is waiting in the wings. Stay tuned.

Previous webisodes of "Family Dinner" where all shot in a real home using a real kitchen, but this time, they actually used a real restaurant.

"Hey we're moving up in the world. We never go out, so look out here we come," gushes Bell. "I'm so excited. We actually shot this in Cravings on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood. It was great! And the best was that the restaurant was packed with people, really creating the ambiance of sound and laughter."

This Webisode is yet to be the best in terms of sound, quality, and looks. It was shot with a new camera that is all the rage, Bell said. A new 5D Mark ll. "I'm in awe of the quality. Wait till you see this. It is unbelievable. This camera is the thing," she explains.

Bell enjoys this because not only is she creating something, but it's so opposite of her character Christine on Young and the Restless. Bell, who has been away from the show briefly returned this summer. Soapdom needs to know any long term plans? "Well..I never say never. But doing Y&R is a huge commitment that I'd really need to make. This way I do get to focus on other things, but never knows what's in store."