Days of our Lives Matt Florida (ex Ford)

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Matt Florida (ex Ford, DOOL)Matthew Florida, (ex-Ford Decker) of Days of our Lives tells Soapdom that since leaving the soap three years ago, he has been working non-stop and loving every minute of being able to do what he loves most.

"Without a doubt, I really do," Florida said. "I'm so honored to be in this business, a business that I love, and am able to be versatile and explore different avenues."

Speaking of versatility, Florida had an interesting ride on Days of Our Lives playing a rapist that preyed on the beautiful gals in Salem. And being the snake that he was, he used his political influence to bite the bullet. But the twist? In the end he fell down a flight of stairs, and the girls covered up the crime and buried the body getting their revenge.

However, in real life Florida has risen (apparently not buried far enough) and has been branching out in his career.

On Sept. 22nd he will have a role playing a witness, Edward Ford, in the pilot of "The Defenders" set to air on CBS.

He also completed an episode of "CSI Miami" (set soon to air), playing the guest-lead, and working in many scenes with Eva LaRue (ex Maria Santos, of All My Children). His character is from the metro New York area.

Florida said. "I had to brush up on my Jersey accent. You know...I'm from Texas. But I love practicing and brushing up on different accents."

Recently he completed a soon to be released film called "Marriage Retreat," a faith-based movie produced by his wife. They both had lead roles playing the obvious, a married couple.

The film boasted quite a cast like Jeff Fahey (Lost, Lawnmower Man, Machete). And Victoria Jackson (SNL), who played a camp/retreat counselor, helping couples find their way back and renew their relationship with God.

"I will tell you...working with my wife was a joy. This film was so much fun," Florida said. "It was very stressful to do, but I really enjoyed the opportunity of being able to be a part of it."

Florida recently completed an online Webisode (soon to be released) called "Pretty Tough." He plays Noah Riley, an ex-European soccer star who blew his knee and went to plan B, which is becoming a soccer coach to an all girls team.

"The entire webisode was shot in Malibu. What a great place to shoot," Florida said. "I will tell you that working on location was a great experience. It was some of the most beautiful weather and working environments, I've had the pleasure of being in."

"Pretty Tough" was directed by Stewart Hendler (Sorority Row), and produced by Tim Williams ( Swim fan, Awake), and written by Marguerite Macintyre (Vampire Diaries).

Keeping busy in his spare time he loves spending time with his wife, Anna, and their three year-old son, Ryan. "In perspective...this (being a husband and dad) comes first. I can't tell you how happy I'm am. It gives you a sense of pride," Florida said. "My little guy keeps us on our toes. He's starting to talk and repeat. We need to watch what he say. I guess we need to clean up our act. He's making us become better people."

In his spare time, Florida loves to lay on the couch and watch football. Being from Texas, he said, "Go Cowboys." He also dabbles in art. He has a natural ability to draw and loves doing portraits and animation. His work can be seen at

"I've always had the ability to draw. It is wonderful to create something," Florida adds. "At one time in my life it was a hobby, but today with commitments, I do it more for fun. It's a great way of relaxing."

Florida said that keeping busy in the entertainment industry is something he is grateful for every day. He does not rule our ever returning to the soaps, or Days of our Lives. "I just enjoy doing whatever comes my way in this business. I'm not yet in a position of picking and choosing, but I enjoy roles that are creative," he said. "Also I really have a flare for comedy and would love to get into that, as well as I have a goal to someday do directing. I'm always open to suggestion."

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