Days of our Lives Jillian Clare stops by “The Kitchen” en route to more Miss Behave

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Jillian ClareSpending your nineteenth birthday working may not sound too fun – unless of course it's the first day of rehearsal on a new feature film.  That's exactly what happened to Jillian Clare (star and executive producer of the teen series Miss Behave and Haley Ferguson from the Emmy nominated Nickelodeon movie Freak the Freak Out) who has

joined the ensemble feature film, THE KITCHEN, as their youngest cast member.    
A comedy about a girl’s ill-fated 30th birthday party, Jillian Clare will be portraying Nikki – a friendly and flirtatious ditz who has an inner logic that somehow makes sense.  Clare stops by THE KITCHEN with on-screen boyfriend Adam Chambers (“Night of  the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation”) joining stars Laura Prepon (“Lay the Favorite,” NBC series “Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea”) and Bryan Greenberg (HBO series “How to Make it in America”) in the film entirely set in a Silver Lake kitchen.  The film is directed by Ishai Setton (“The Big Bad Swim”), written by Jim Beggarly (“Free Samples”), and produced by Emily Ting (“Family Inc.”).

Bryan Greenberg and Jillian Clare in The Kitchen

“I'm so excited to be working on THE KITCHEN with such a talented cast”  Clare said.  “I've been a huge follower of That 70's Show forever, and loved October Road that starred Bryan and Laura as well.  Now I get to work with both of them and so many other great people in this fantastic movie.  It's very exciting!”  

Aside from working on THE KITCHEN, Clare has been busy with her teen series Miss Behave.  Not only was the series recently chosen as an Official Selection to the International Television Festival, Clare was also nominated for Best Lead Actress in a Drama.  Clare also just learned that Miss Behave will be taking a major step forward this fall as part of a brokered deal facilitated by their exclusive distributor, KoldCast TV, which will put the series in some interesting places around the globe.  More information will be forthcoming in the coming weeks, including an official announcement following Labor Day.  Pre-production is scheduled to begin soon for Season Three of the hit series which will bring another credit to Clare's resume as she makes her directorial debut on the multi-award winning web drama.

Jillian Clare and Adam Chambers in The Kitchen

As the young actress winds up her teenage years, she's loving what is happening with her career.  “I've been an actor for more than two-thirds of my life,” she jokes.  “I was part of a few feature films when I was younger, but this is different right now.  Things are going great – so great, that I might just have more exciting movie news to share very soon!”  Stay tuned.