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Mobile Soap

Todd Rotondi, ex Bryant, ATWT
Going Musically Mobile!

Actor Todd Rotondi, formerly Bryant Montgomery of the CBS daytime drama, As the World Turns, is going mobile – and in more ways than one!  Get this.  He will star in a soap by a company called Media Republic. Here’s the fun part.  The company is based in Holland, and the soap is not your typical soap.  It’s delivered by mobile phone. This 21st century way of getting a soap fix is a big deal in Holland, and Rotondi is proud to be one of the first American stars asked to join the cast of this new phenomenon. 

Soapdom caught up with Rotondi and got the low down on this new European soap craze and how he got hooked up to the project.

“I have an agent/manager in Holland, and I heard of the project from them,” said Rotondi. “It is a mobile phone soap opera that is shot in stills which are then sent by SMS over the mobile phone (to the viewer),” Rotondi explained.  How cool is that?

Rotondi is excited about starring in this groundbreaking type of daytime drama and his star power will certainly help market the production. Rotondi is very popular in Holland and Europe already.  In fact, he did not have to audition for this unique role. 

“I was asked to do the project by a Dutch producer friend who I met while shooting a Dutch feature film called ‘Phileine Zect Sorry,’ where I played the role of Bef.”  Also filmed in Holland, ‘Phileine Zect Sorry’ has received some major European awards at various festivals in Europe.

But that’s not all. It looks like our Dutch neighbors can’t get enough of Rotondi.  Famed DJ, Don Diablo in Holland, is releasing a song called "Freak" on his album.  The song was written by Rotondi.  The album, called “Useless” will be released internationally.

So how did an all American soap star become such a celebrity in Holland in the first place? Turns out, it was thanks to World Turns.


Todd Rotondi as Bryant on ATWT


“As The World Turns is very popular in Holland,” Rotondi revealed, “so my music manger thought it would be interesting to explore the possibilities.” The flaxen haired hunk continued, “I have played several roles in some Dutch television productions and am now in the process of creating a film with a production company from there.  My friend and actress, Natasha Henstridge, (She Spies) and I will play the leads in the film. We hope to shoot it sometime in the winter of next year.”

Speaking of Rotondi’s music, he has been busy in the studio as well – and on both continents. 

“I have been hard at work in the studio in Holland working on my newest single and album,” Rotondi said.  “I am being produced by DJ/Producer Don Diablo.  We started working on our project, Plan B, many lifetimes ago.  We have a very magical connection and are planning to release the single in Europe this winter.  I will be there in September to finish the single and shoot the video. My friend Natasha Henstridge will also play a role in the video, along with my good friend, Frederique VanDerWal.” 

Additionally, Rotondi has been busy working with former Port Charles star, David Holcomb, on a musical venture.  “We connected at our acting studio in LA and again, had a very magical connection,” said Rotondi.   “We are busy fusing together the acting and music worlds.  We hope to be playing around the LA area soon. We'll keep you all posted. The project is also called Plan B. The American part of the project is the singer/songwriter version, while the Dutch part is the dance remix version.”

He may be on to a number of new and exciting projects, but for the former ATWT star, there are just as many fond memories of his days in Oakdale. “There are many moments,” Rotondi shared.  “Playing opposite Liz Hubbard (Lucinda) always put a huge smile on my soul. Also, the first the time I worked with my mother, Mary Beth Evans (Sierra).  I remember hoping she was my love interest.  It was a huge challenge not to make out with her the first time we had to kiss. Maybe we'll play a role as lovers in a film some day!” Rotondi is also open to a return to Oakdale.  “I would consider anything once,” he said, then smiled. “Long as my love interest would be my mother or my sister, the ratings would be great!”

For a glimpse into the spirit world of Todd Rotondi, visit the Plan B site at  Rotondi’s official website,  is coming soon, so stay tuned for that.  In the meantime, he sends “faith, hope and love to all.”

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