Your Most Memorable Moments in Soaps for 2004

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Highlights of 2004

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Dear Suds Buds,
As last year came to a close, I asked you all to share your most memorable moments of 2004 and your most memorable soap moments of all time.  Let’s take the year of 2004 first. 

All My Children fans hands down voted for one aspect or other of the baby switch storyline.  Everything from Bianca’s touching scenes after she found out that her baby had “died,” to Babe realizing that Miranda was alive and finally telling Bianca that Bess was really Miranda.  Other AMC honorable mentions included Babe finding out that Dr. Dave was her real father, Greenlee hitting Kendall with the car, Greenlee ripping Kendall’s dress off in front of the court, and the whole Ryan and Greenlee love story. 

For As the World Turns fans, the Jack and Carly saga is front and center for 2004. Everything from Jack’s death and Carly’s having to deal with that loss, to their being reunited only to meet with the obstacles of Julia and JJ getting in their way.  Other honorable mentions include the reveal of Will as Rose’s killer, Tom confronting Margo about Doc, the Lucy and Dusty story, and Lily’s breakdown at the loss of Rose.  One fan just wrote: “Hunt Block in any scene.”

Bold and the Beautiful fans choose Ridge and Brooke’s wedding, along with any performance from Winsor Harmon (Thorne), and Linda Grey (Priscilla) hitting the fashion world in LA. Another honorable mention was the Who’s the Daddy storyline for Brooke’s baby.

For Days of our Lives fans, it’s not surprising that the Serial Killer storyline topped the list, including Marlena being the Salem Stalker, and the reveal of Captive Island and all the murder victims being very much alive.  Other honorable mentions included Sami and Lucas making love and getting engaged, and the fact that Colin Murphy was alive!

General Hospital fans couldn’t decide on one major event or storyline, instead mentioning a number of scenarios including the Port Charles Hotel Fire, Sonny shoots Carly in the head, the Jason and Sam story with Sam losing her baby, but not after Sam allows the baby to save Kristina’s life, Sonny learning the truth about Kristina – that he is her father, the wedding of Emily and Nikolas, Carly getting kidnapped, and Zander’s death. 

Hands down, Guiding Light fans noted the death of Phillip Spaulding as the most memorable moment of 2004.  Other honorable mentions include the Reva/Josh/Sandy story, the almost “GUSH” wedding, Michelle’s amnesia and Danny and Michelle splitting up for good, Cassie and Edmund getting engaged, Jonathan and Reva coming face to face for the first time, the Maryanne Carruthers Murder Mystery, and a bunch of nods just for the character of Jeffrey O’Neal!

One Life to Live fans noted the cross over baby switch storyline with AMC.  Next up is the return of the character of Cristian. Honorable mentions went to Antonio finding out that Carlotta was not really his mother, and revisiting the rivalry between Dorian and Viki.

For Passions fans, hands down, it was the reveal of Alistair Crane.  Honorable mentions included Chad being the son of Eve and Julian and Whitney finding out that he was her brother, Julian becoming a more decent human being, Fox and Theresa making love for the first time, Theresa’s pregnancy storyline with all it’s ups and downs and her finally giving birth.

Young and the Restless fans felt Malcolm’s return topped the list.  Honorable mentions went to Phyllis and Drucilla being stuck in the elevator, Brad telling Ashley they cannot reunite, and bringing the plight of foster children into the limelight.

Some of you noted real life moments as being most memorable and personal for you including the Guiding Light fan club luncheon; AMC’s Alexa Havins (Babe) and Justin Bruenig (Jamie)’s real-life relationship; GH’s Anna Lee (Lila) passing away; Heather Tom leaving Y&R and the character of Heather behind, and joining the cast of OLTL as Kelly; ATWT’s Cady McClain’s Daytime Emmy win; and, one fan’s experience meeting AMC’s Alexa Havins (Babe) and Eden Riegel (Bianca).

Next week, I’ll tell you what your all time most memorable moments in soaps are!  Stay tuned and thanks for sharing your thoughts.  May 2005 be as memorable.

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Til the top of next week,

Linda Marshall-Smith
CEO, Soapdom, Inc.

What do YOU think?  Share your thoughts in the "Criticize the Critic" forum  on the Message Boards