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Almunds, Passions family trees, and other burning questions

My email box is brimming with interesting letters from you and this week's entire column is devoted to answering many of them! We selected letters that reflect questions many people have been asking. If your letter wasn't the one chosen this time, please try again!

"...I am NOT a Loyalist, I am a member of an online group called the Almunds, fans of All My Children's Alexandra Devane and Edmund Grey. You seemed to have posted such positive and glowing comments regarding the Loyalists, yet have you read their posts on any boards? On the official ABC boards, they are one of the most disrespectful groups, insulting any and EVERY actor who is NOT their precious Michael Nader.

One of the worst abused is Finola Hughes, a wonderful and accomplished actress. It seems that the fans have blamed her for the former firing of their favorite actor, and from then on have constantly insulted, jeered, mocked, and ridiculed her, both on and off the official ABC message board for her character of Alexandra Devane.

I simply hope that the Loyalists don't take this article as a sign to keep up their negative behavior. It merely insults and demeans all soap fans! I DO understand that this is an older article, but still, now in the aftermath of "Loyalist" mania, with all these board wars and list wars, I believe it deserves a follow-up. Thank you," C.

"C!" Thank you for your comments! We will be happy to follow-up on Michael Nader's return to AMC and how it is impacting the relationship of John Callahan (Edmund) and Finola Hughes (Alex). Stay tuned! Finola Hughes is a wonderful actor and has added an interesting dimension to the fabric of AMC. We are as delighted to do a story on Hughes and Callahan, and will in the near future! I am not aware of the specific board and list wars you mentioned, but differences of opinion on boards or in mailing lists are a given in cyberspace. It's called discussion! LOL What is commendable, however, is to have an opinion and express it with tact and consideration, and to always try to turn a negative into a positive. In my six years communicating in cyberspace, this is what I've learned: If someone attacks a favorite actor and posts in a negative manner, either don't respond at all (using the "don't feed it and it will go away" tactic! LOL) or respond with a positive comment. It makes you the better person, and serves to promote your favorites rather than fuel the fire on comments that are less than tactful. Why perpetuate the negativity, when you can change the subject and move on to another subject? On another note, I am delighted that AMC now has a new "Fan Faction" -- The Almunds. Keep up the good work to support your favorite couple, Alex and Edmund.

"I have a problem and you might have an answer. I've been searching the internet for weeks trying to purchase 8X10 color posed photos of the various cast members of the Bold & the Beautiful and the Young & the Restless. Is there anyone who can help"? Gregory G.

Both Y&R and B&B are taped at CBS Television City, 7800 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036. I suggest addressing your letter to the "Production Office Coordinator" of each show and requesting 8X10s. Whether they have color is questionable, but they will be glad to send you B&Ws.

"On Passions there are four families, but some children are gone. How many more Crane kids are there?" Jen

Good question. My guess, since the show is only one year old, Heaven only knows how many more Crane offspring are formulating in the creative mind of the formidable Mr. Riley (show creator). In other words, anything can happen! We will just have to tune in, wait and see. :o)

"Will Ethan and Theresa (Passions) ever get married?" Brandi

"On Passions, are Luis and Sheridan going to marry? Does Sam find out that Ethan is his son? Who does Ethan choose to be his wife? On DOOL does Nicole tell the truth to Lucas about her relationship with Eric? Did Sami get what she wanted? Who IS the father of Hope's baby? Did Sami find out the real killer?" Aaliyah

Brandi and Aaliyah those are all excellent questions. But if we knew the answers, why would we want or need to tune into the show every day? To answer those questions means giving away the whole story, and what fun would that be? Part of the intrigue of soap operas, for me anyway, is to see how the stories unwind, or to put it in the clich sense, to see the plot thicken! Let's just sit back, relax and watch the show to see what happens! In the meantime, thanks for writing.

"I would really like for AMC producers to stop trying to kill off Michael Nader. That's really tiresome". HoustonViewer

You know, I wondered about that. Why bring the character of Dimitri back only to have him face another death sentence? However, in one sense it is understandable. They have to address the fact that he was terminally ill before he "walked out into the sea," sans robe, but I hope they find out it's curable, and if anyone can cure him, it's Doctor Dave!

"I hear J. Eddie Peck (ex-Cole, Y&R) is the new Jake on AMC. (Someone posted it on Media Domain). Do you think there will be Jake news in your column on Monday?" KAnder

"I read that GH or AMC were trying to get Tristen Rogers back. Did they? And if yes, when will he be on? He was my all time favorite actor. Thank you." Clara

First of all, let me say that I love J. Eddie Peck and Tristen Rogers. Unfortunately, there is nothing going on regarding Tristen Rogers at AMC at this time, and the spokesperson for GH was unavailable at press time. We will however, follow up with General Hospital, so stay tuned to this column.

The great news is AMC has found it's new Jake Martin, and it is the wonderful and talented J. Eddie Peck (ex Cole, Y&R)! J. Eddie who lives on a ranch outside the city of Los Angeles will be relocating to New York, at least during the week, at first. "What he does on the weekends is up to him," the AMC spokesperson said with a giggle! So it's not yet decided if he will relocate his wife and two sons to the Big Apple. Either way, he begins taping scenes in a few weeks. Ryan and Gillian fans hang on to your seats because when Jake returns he will be the driving force behind who Gillian decides to spend her life with. Yipes! Remember, she is afterall, married to Jake! Things are really going to heat up in Pine Valley in this regard, if you ask me. J. Eddie's first airdate is September 1, 2000. In the meantime, get to know J. Eddie Peck like we do.

About Taylor Anne Mountz (Kay, Passions):
Many fans on the TRO Passions Message Boards are posting about Taylor Anne Mountz (Kay) and wondering exactly what happened and why she is being replaced, and if this is rumor or fact. I am saddened to report that Taylor Anne Mountz has indeed left the show due to heath reasons, and needs some time to get her health back to tip top form. The good news is it is only a temporary situation. Taylor Anne is expected back to the show as soon as her health returns. According to the spokesperson for NBC, Taylor Anne's replacement is Gina Marie May whose first airdate is expected in mid August. Best of luck to you in the role, Gina, and Taylor Anne, we at TRO wish you a speedy recovery.

"Not too much information (at Turtle-Run) on Lauren Koslow." Ann T

You noticed, huh? We are delighted to cover Lauren Koslow (Kate, DOOL) and have plans to do a feature story on her very soon. Stay tuned!

"Was the actor who plays Hank Bennett on Passions in the new X-Men film?"Steven1

I have not seen X-Men yet, but from what I can determine, Dalton James (Hank) was not in X-Men, although it would be great fun to see him on the big screen.

"I would like to know where Passions is taped." IRINA

Passions is taped in Los Angeles County, CA at the CBS Studio Center, 4024 Radford Avenue, Studio City, CA 91604.

"Does anyone know the real ages of Jade Harlow (Jessica, Passions) and Molly Stanton (Charity, Passions)?" AlbertoC

Jade Harlow is 17 and Molly Stanton is 20.

Thanks to all those who submitted questions and comments. If you have a question or comment please send it along and we will do our best to get you the answers. Ask Us/Tell Us

Soap News & Notes

In exciting Days of Our Lives news, Plus One has taped a guest appearance performing their new hit single Written on My Heart, which appears on their debut CD, The Promise. In the Days of Our Lives episode, Plus One is on hand to perform at the sight of the house that Habitat for Humanity is building for the Lockhart family. The performance is scheduled to air Tuesday, August 15, 2000. Set your vcrs!

Chat online with DOOL'sJulianne Morris (Greta) and Arianne Zucker (Nicole) on Yahoo and Soap City on Tuesday, July 25, 2000 at 6:00 PM Pacific (9:00 PM eastern).

Seeing Stars!

Jason Cook fans be on the lookout for Shawn D (DOOL)! Jason will be making several appearances at Sears stores as follows: August 12, Grandforks, North Dakota, 1-3 PM. August 26, Steubenville, Ohio, 1-3 PM, and September 2, Roseville, CA, 1-3 PM.

Cameron Mathison (Ryan, AMC) will be Rochester, NY on July 29, 2000 at the Irondequoit Mall from 11:30 - 1 PM, and the Eastview Mall from 2-3, PM.

PassionsBrook Kerr (Whitney) and Donn Swaby (Chad) will be at Lake Compounce, Bristol, CT on Saturday, August 5, 2000 as part of NBC 30's (Hartford, CT) "Passions Star of the Day" promotion. People attending the park can meet and greet Brook and Donn and register to win a walk-on role on the set of Passions! Wow! The Grand Prize Winner will be determined by a random drawing of all the entries received between 1 and 4 PM. For more information call 860 521-3030.

James Hyde (Sam, Passions) is the Grand Marshal at the Columbus, Ohio State Fair Parade on Saturday, August 5, 2000.

And Passions fans, don't forget about the very first annual Passions Fan Club lunch on Saturday, August 12, 2000 at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City, CA. Tickets: $40 members. $65 non-members. Send SASE and check or money order to: Passions Fan Club Luncheon, Attn: Sonya, 4024 Radford Avenue, Studio City, CA 91604.