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Turning on the "Light", Sheridan staying in Harmony, and More Q&A

Hi Suds Buds,

I love getting email and comments from all of my cyberfriends out there in cybersoapdom. I read each and every one. Some I answer individually. Others, that reflect the sentiments of many of TRO's visitors, I save to answer as part of this column. Sometimes, due to the rigors of life and work, I may not respond as timely as I would hope, and eventually the email scrolls off my in-box back out into the realm of cyberair, lost forever. If you have written and have not gotten an answer, please try again! Just scroll down to the "Ask Us/Tell Us" link under "Interact" on the left side of every TRO page and fill out the comment form. ;o) Now, let's get to answering some of your letters!

"I love the Light but haven't seen much of the Light on this site. Why is that, or is it just my imagination? I would love to see more feature (stories) on this show. It is not only the longest soap but should have been included in the (Cybby) awards last year. Oh well. Maybe this year because the actors sent out more than stellar performances. Most people I know are hooked like myself." ElaineJnn

Guiding Light has had quite an interesting year. Major characters killed off (Carmen) or asked to leave (Selena). New head writers being hired, then fired, then hired again (Claire Labine et al). Characters being played by two actors (Joie Lenz and now Nancy St. Alban both playing Michelle). Yet through it all, everyone has been doing their best to move the story along. We at TRO are delighted to offer more coverage on Guiding Light and are working toward that goal. Sometimes these things take a little time. Please be patient with us as we work toward expanding the offerings of our site. In the meantime, be sure to check TRO's Sneak Peeks and Sneakier Peeks every Monday and Thursday for GL storyline previews.

"Why did Liza Huber leave Passions? I heard she even has left acting. Why and what is she doing now?" tangled

Several weeks ago in this column we printed Susan Lucci's comments regarding her daughter, Liza Huber's decision to leave Passions. According to Lucci, after approximately one year on the show, Liza just decided that acting was not her "cup of tea." For the rest of Lucci's comments on this subject and others click http://www.turtle-run.com/topoftheweek/dec2000/topweek73.html. Aside from some speculation that she may pursue a career in the fashion industry, I have not heard anything in regard to what she is doing now. However, whatever she decides to do, we at Turtle Run wish Liza the best of luck.

"My wife has tried for 2 years to get tickets for the Daytime Emmy Awards in NY. I would really love to get them for her, but they are sold out almost before they become available. What is the earliest I can order tickets for her and from where? Thank you for any help you can offer." cwteach

The 2001 Daytime Emmy Awards have been scheduled for May 18, 2001 in New York City. As far as I know, the specific venue has not yet been set, but Radio City Music Hall sounds like a good bet. Tickets can usually be purchased via ticketmaster online, although I do not believe that they are available for purchase as of this time, especially since they have not yet announced the venue. For updated information on the Daytime Emmys keep checking at http://www.emmyonline.org

"I would like to know if Sheridan Crane (Passions) is going to die. Is she leaving the show?" cormail

Didn't NBC do a wonderful job keeping us all guessing on this one? TRO received hundreds of letters concerned about Sheridan and the pairing of Sheridan and Luis after the fateful shooting incident. And then, she was buried alive! According to NBC, McKenzie Westmore is still under contract with the show. What's more, she loves being Sheridan. Although the writers have written some very clever material for her to play, my guess is that she is not leaving anytime soon. Never say never, however, and who knows what the writing staff will come up with next, but I recommend just tuning in every day to see the way it all plays out. Let's hope that true love will prevail and Sheridan and Luis will remain a Passions supercouple! I, for one, am keeping my fingers crossed. :o)

"I was wondering the name of the actress who plays Sarah Livingston on All My Children." amc_lover

Sarah is played by Elisabeth Harnois.

"Can you tell me if Arlene has been written off All My Children or will she somehow magically reappear? Is she off on vacation?" torts

Your guess is as good as mine on this one. Here is what I do know. The network has commented in the past how much they love the character of Arlene as well as the actress who plays her (Olivia Birkelund). A mysterious woman pays a visit to Hayley and Mateo's home this week (See Sneak Peeks for January 8, 2001.) Could that mystery woman be Arlene? Time will tell. However, on the most recent official cast and character roster (Master List) that was published in Soap Opera Weekly (12/12/2000), Arlene was not listed. As the network doesn't comment on that kind of casting information, we will just have to keep tuning in to see what happens.

"I love Days of Our Lives. Why can't Belle and Shawn just get together and kiss already? I think they look perfect together on and off the screen even though she is a few years younger than then him, but still, they are so cute together. Don't let someone close to Belle ruin this for her. She deserves Shawn and everyone knows that they deserve each other. He has one of those faces that is so cute with her face. They need to be together, trust me. I hope the episode on January 15th, 2001 is the best because I have that day off from school even though that is a Monday and nothing good happens on Mondays, but still I love it whether the most exciting thing happens that day or not. But please get Belle and Shawn D. together because they deserve it. She has been through hell trying to get him for a while now. Let her have him!!! He is hott!! She is cute!!! They deserve each other." Sabbass64

LOL Sabbass64. It is safe to say that you are a big fan of DOOL, and of Belle and Shawn. ITA. They DO make a very cute couple and I would like nothing better than if they finally did get together. We will just have to tune in and see what happens. I will keep my fingers crossed that something really cool happens on Monday, January 15, 2001 when you are off from school. :o)

Comments on TRO!

"I love this message board to no end!!!!! I have met soooo many great people here and have a ball discussing my likes and dislikes in such a humorous fashion! Love it!" Christine

Thank you for your wonderful remarks. TRO's message board community is growing rapidly and everyone who posts with us has such insightful and thought-provoking comments on all their favorite shows that I find myself mesmerized by all the discussions. If there are those out there lurking who have not yet registered to post with us, please consider joining our fun group. Our Passions Boards are very lively. The ATWT boards have some wonderful point/counterpoint discussions, and the Days of Our Lives board has its own original soap opera, the "Saga of Pash and 5 Days," being written by soap fans just like you! All of the TRO message board communities are great fun. Hope you decide to join us, and Christine, thanks again for your gracious heads-up! :o)

"Hi. I was wondering, how do I register?" XxXNeelXxX

Registering at TRO is required for posting on our message boards. To register, click on the Message Boards link under the Interact section on the left side of the page. That leads you to the Message Board Main Forums page. On the upper right corner, there is a link that says "register." Click and follow the instructions. You must include a valid email address because we send an initial password to the email address you enter. Then, go into that email box and get the password. It is usually a combination of upper and lowercase letters and numbers. Go back to the TRO Message Boards Main Forums page and find the "profile" link in the upper right of the page. Click. You must use the password we sent you to gain access to your profile page, but once there, you can modify your password to something easier for you to remember. Phew. It sounds complicated but it is really easy. Welcome in advance to our message boards!

"I love your site, it's excellent. My favorite part of your site is the Sneak Peeks. I love to know ahead of time what is going to happen on my favorite soap, Passions. Thank you for having such a great site and keep up the terrific work." lbcalicat

Thank you so much. The Sneak Peeks are my favorite things to write! Aside from spilling the beans on what I do know is about to happen, it is fun playing a bit of a guessing game, thinking out loud with what may or may not happen in the coming week. Thank you for letting us know that you are enjoying the way we present the preview information, and stick with us as we work to continue to expand our offerings in that regard.

"I am wondering how to get into the TRO chatroom. When I click on it, it asks for an email and user name. I am not sure what the boxes want. Does Walt Willey still do his contests via online thru his site...Walt Willey's world? I think your site is a great one! I love the comments or questions option! Thanks!!" Sun99Shine

Chatting at TRO is easy. First, you must have a java-enabled web browser. Click on the Suds Buzz Chat link. Wait for the applet to load. When the boxes open up, all you need enter is a user name. That is the name you want to chat by. There is no need to enter an email address or a password. If the user name you enter is denied or asks for a password, that is because we are currently using a xoom.com chat room and there may be a xoom.com registered member that uses that same user name. If that's the case, just try again. For example, if I want to chat using the name TopTurtle, but it asks me for a password, then I know that TopTurtle is already taken by a registered person at xoom.com. So, I will re-enter my user name as something like TopTurtle1 or TopTurtleLinda, then click "Log On" and bingo, into the chat room I go. LOL Hope this helps. We are working on upgrading our chat function to make things even easier, so please stay tuned. In regard to Walt Willey, yes, he still hosts contests occasionally at his WilleyWorld website. To get there, visit TRO's Links page! ;o)


All My Children: Mark Pinter has been cast in the role of Greenlee's dad, "Roger Smythe." Pinter starred on Another World where he played Grant Harrison since 1991. Pinter first airs in the 8000th episode of AMC on Tuesday, January 9, 2001.

Days of Our Lives: Tony Price is back as Carl, Brady's physical therapist on Tuesday, January 9, 2001. Bill Cross returns as Commissioner Samuels on Thursday, January 11, 2001. Matt Ashford will reprise the role of Jack Deveraux for several appearances beginning in early February. The role is non-contract.

General Hospital: Steve Burton returns as Jason Morgan beginning January 29, 2000.

One Life to Live: Jessica Morris has been cast in the contract role of Jennifer Rappaport, Lindsay (Catherine Hickland) and Sam's (Kale Brown) rebellious daughter. Her first airdate is Wednesday, January 17, 2001. Rebecca Boyd has been cast in the contract role of Gina Russo. Boyd's television credits include Spin City, Dellaventura, and a recurring role on Homicide. She has also appeared in films such as Return to Paradise and Scenes from a Mall. Her first airdate is Thursday, January 18, 2001.

Passions: Alicia Ziegler has been cast as Carol and airs on Monday, January 15, 2001. Ziegler is the winner of last year's Internet Casting Call in the female category.

Port Charles: Chaz Burke has been cast in the role of a precinct cop. He airs on Wednesday, January 10, 2000. Chris Maleki has been cast in the role of Ben, Arianna's (newcomer Opal Anchel) brother. His first airdate is Friday, January 12, 2001. Ted W. Henning has been cast in the role of Darryl Gordon, a real estate agent. He airs on Friday, January 19, 2001. Dennis Cockrum (Desperate Measures) stars as a private investigator on Wednesday, January 24, 2001. Tom Griffin has been cast in the recurring role of Travis. Griffin recurred on Party of Five and Against the Grain. He has guest-starred in Charmed, Seven Days, Sliders, Walker, Texas Ranger, Cybill, China Beach, Weird Science and Empty Nest. He was recently seen in the feature film Boys & Girls and appeared in Wind River and Higher Learning. His first airdate as Travis is Tuesday, February 6, 2001.

Seeing Stars

Days of Our Lives: Diedre Hall's Intimate Portrait airs on the Lifetime Television Network on Monday, January 8, 2001 at 7:00 PM. Check your local listings for a schedule of re-broadcasts. Patrika Darbo has been named Chairperson for the Heart Association Walk and on Sunday, February 11, 2001, Patrika takes part in the 16th Annual Heart Run & Walk in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, benefiting the American Heart Association. Participants can choose from a 5K run, a 5K Fun Walk, a 10K Run and a 1K Kids Walk. For information call the American Heart Association at 310 277-2171. Days Fans -- Keep this Date! June 2, 2001. The fan club event of the Millennium. An entirely new format with lots of surprises. Fun for the whole family. This action-packed weekend will go down in Days history. More details to come!!

General Hospital: Pittsburgh fans! Join Tava Smiley (Chloe) and Lisa Vultaggio (Hannah), in a fashion extravaganza on March 24, 2001 at the Fox Chapel Yacht Club. Although Tava is a native of Missouri, she has captured the hearts of the people in Pittsburgh. Participating in a number of events such as the Mario Lemieux Celebrity Golf Tournament, The Salvation Army's program for at risk children, the opening of the New Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium and the WTAE Channel 4 Healthy for Life Expo where she starred in the Kaufmann's fashion show and a Tae Bo exhibition with none other than Billy Blanks. Tava is also in active in raising money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Lisa is proud to be making this her first Pittsburgh event and plans to do many others in the near future. She supports Trinity, a charity for abused and neglected children and participated in a fundraiser in Canada for Crohn's disease. Tickets are $35.00 for fashion show and luncheon; $20.00 for fashion show only. Call 412-373-4097 or visit the website at http://www.geocities.com/projectbundleup

One Life to Live: Kassie DePaiva (Blair) will be singing at the Hunterdon Hills Playhouse in Perryville, New Jersey on Saturday, January 13 and Sunday, January 14, 2001. The show will also feature the Tim Gillis Band. Call 800 447-7317 for further info.

Passions: Bruce French (Father Lonigan) can be seen now, through the end of January, 2001 in Lady Chatterly's Lover at the Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice, CA. For times and ticket info call 310 822-8392. Bruce Michael Hall (Reese) stars in an episode of David E. Kelley'sBoston Public in the role of Jimmy. It is currently scheduled to air sometime in January, 2001. When we receive a confirmed date, we will pass it on to you. Luis fans, be sure to pick up a copy of the January 2001 issue of Cowboys and Indians Magazine. Galen Gering is featured in a celebrity layout, and ladies gentlemen, let me tell you. It's hot!! ;o) Jesse Metclafe (Miguel) will play in two upcoming celebrity basketball games for the Hollywood Knights: Saturday, January 13, 2001 at Moreno Valley High School in Riverside, CA. Call 909 697-4300 ext. 3235 for info and on Saturday, January 20, 2001 at Norte Vista High School in Riverside, CA. Call 909 351-9316 for info or log onto http://www.hollywoodknights.org .

Bubbles Busted?

Snail mail TPTB!

All My Children: Audience Information, ABC TV, 77 W. 66th St, NY, NY 10023
As the World Turns: CBS TV, 51 W. 52nd St, NY, NY 10019
Bold & the Beautiful: CBS TV, 7800 Beverly Blvd, LA, CA 90036
Days of Our Lives: NBC TV, 3000 W. Alameda Ave, Burbank, CA 91523
General Hospital: ABC TV, 4151 Prospect Ave, Hollywood, CA 90027
Guiding Light: CBS TV, 51 W 52nd St, NY, NY 10019
One Life to Live: ABC TV, Audience Information, 77 W. 66th St, NY, NY 10023
Passions; CBS Radford Studios, 4024 Radford Ave, Studio City, CA 91604
Port Charles: ABC TV, 4151 Prospect Ave, Hollywood, CA 90027
Young & the Restless: CBS TV, 7800 BĂ„verly Blvd, LA, CA 90036

For those who are disappointed that NBC cancelled Titans, send snail mail to:
Mr. Scott Sassa, President, NBC West Coast, 3000 W. Alameda Avenue, Burbank, CA 91523