What's a Top of the Week?

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What's this column about anyway?  When can you expect to see a new one published?

Welcome to your QueenRuler’s every own home on Soapdom.com. This is where I’ll share some interesting tidbits about my thoughts on the current state of soapdom.  It could contain newsy items or info on what’s happening with the Soapdom website. It may also confirm or negate soap industry rumors.  Or, it may just discuss something totally different!  One thing is certain. From now on -- it will always share some juicy piece of info on how to get the best out of your Soapdom.com surfing experience. 

It’s title, Top of the Week, is a remnant of our first site, Turtle-Run.  I was known around Turtle-Run as the Top Turtle (Appropriate, no?  LOL) and Top of the Week was my weekly column that contained everything from opinions on the soaps to casting and public appearance info.  You can still reminisce with some of those early columns by using the dropdown menu on the Top of the Week main page, or simply search for Top of the Week. 

Up until just recently, Top of the Week was published weekly.  I fully intend to get back to doing a weekly column. But for now, Top of the Week will be published when I have something of dire importance to share about how I’m feeling in regard to today’s soaps, or there’s some new info about Soapdom itself to impart. 

In between Top of the Week entries, you can also read my Blog which will be published as regularly as possible. 

Hope you enjoy your experience at Soapdom.com.  At Soapdom, soap operas rule, but not as much as our loyal royal members.

Love and hugs to you all,

Linda Marshall-Smith 
QueenRuler & CEO