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Ty dishes, Finola's Lifetime, GL's diary, & Babes Behind Bars

Dear Suds Buds,

Thank you all for your wonderful comments regarding our exclusive interview with OLTL and SoapTalk's, Ty Treadway. But that was only Part One! This week, we've got Part Two, and if you thought Treadway was funny and candid in Part One, wait til you see what he has to say in  Part Two! Here's a hint. He works on OLTL, right? Well, we couldn't get him to stop dishing about his show!  See below.

Speaking of OLTL, in a tradition begun last July 4, OLTL has an amazing themed episode planned for this July 4 called "Babes Behind Bars." Read all about it below. But beware! It contains scoops. For those OLTL fans that prefer not to know what's coming up, scroll on by that story.

Want to see your favorite soap star up close and personal? Be sure to read our Seeing Stars section. The soap celebs are out in force all summer, so get your tickets early and tell everyone we said hi!

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And now, on with the soaps!

AMC's Finola Hughes on Lifetime's Intimate Portrait

All My Children's Finola Hughes (Anna/Alex) is featured on Lifetime's Intimate Portrait on Monday, June 17, 2002. Check your local listings.

OLTL's & SoapTalk's Ty Treadway Part 2

In our last Top of the Week we shared with you Ty Treadway's (Troy/Colin, OLTL and co-host of SOAPnet's SoapTalk) fun meter, his motto, "The only limitations in this world are ones that we allow other people to put on us," and how he's loving working with co-host Lisa Rinna on SoapTalk. 

This week, we can't get Treadway to stop talking One Life to Live! We get all the dish on playing the dual roles of Troy and Colin, his feelings on working with Catherine Hickland, the ever devious and manipulative Lindsay, his speculating as to the real reasons why Roger Howarth (Todd) may be taking some time off from Llanview, what's happening in storylines with Nora and Blair (yes, Blair) and more!

LMS: What would be your fantasy storyline?

TT: There's some interesting stuff going on in Llanview. Troy's sister came to town. With her comes a lot of Troy's past, obviously. 

TT: And does Nora get put off by this?

TT: Not exactly. It's going to take a little while for it to come out, but Troy does have a past and a little bit of a dark secret from his days in Africa. His sister knows some of this. So much so, that eventually he is going to have to face that secret. We may even be seeing a little bit of Colin, eventually. Good old, crazy Colin.

LMS: Are you looking forward to playing the two together?

TT: Absolutely. When I first came on (the show) I visited certain websites. When Troy first came on the scene, I was doing Colin as well. They didn't like the fact that we were so, so, so close in look and personality.

LMS: Was that pre-planned on your part?

TT: I tried to not make them too much different, because they are different, but they are not different. I know sometimes in daytime you have the good twin and the bad twin or stupid twin and it's so blatantly, stereotypically different. But I think that in real life that's not true. In real life, (twins) grow up in the same environment. I have sisters who are twins and they are very, very similar. So much so that they can interchange -- well not my sisters -- but sometimes twins can interchange. I knew twins in high school, and one would take the test for the other. That being the case, I would love to have both Colin and Troy on the screen at the same time. That happened once before and when that happens that's when you can see the (subtle) differences that I tried to put in between the two of the them and that the writers have put in between the two of them.

LMS: What's going to happen with the interaction of the Lindsay character, now?

TT: Well, you know she's in jail for 28 years. So we are going to have to wait another 28 years for her to get out.

LMS: But you know Lindsay. I don't think it's gonna be 28 years before she gets out. She's conspiring already. I think Catherine (Hickland) is so fantastic in that part. 

TT: She's phenomenal. I don't think anybody else could do that in daytime.

LMS: What I enjoy about her performance is that she plays this manipulative, devious character, but yet she plays it with such vulnerability.

TT: That's why I said, I don't know if anyone else could do it. There are so many phenomenal actors in daytime, but Catherine has that vulnerability that isn't always there. Because as you said, her character is the bad girl. And it's tough to find that vulnerability in an actress. But she finds it every time! It's so funny because when we were in the fun house together, people would come up to me and say how can you do that to that woman and I'd go what are you talking about. I am chained to a wheel! She's doing it to me, I'm not doing anything. She knows how to make people feel sorry for her. Don't buy it. Don't buy it for a second. She's evil! But you know that if by chance she makes it out before the next 28 years, you know who she's gunning for! 

LMS: Things will definitely be heating up for you storylinewise.

TT: Here's another little tidbit. I've been having an awful lot of scenes with Blair lately, and I don't know what that's all about. And (scenes with) Starr. Nora and Troy are doing great together and are in a great relationship, but Starr's not all happy about all that so she may throw a monkey wrench into all that. 

LMS: And Todd is supposed to be leaving the canvas...

TT: ...which is a shame 'cos he is my favorite character in daytime, by far.

LMS: Do you know what his plans are? Is he coming out here (to LA) to try for movies or...?

TT: I don't know. He's so quiet and reserved about stuff like that. I think he may head to the West Coast for a little bit, but I don't know for sure. He just had a little baby girl and I also know that he wants to spend time with his family. He said that when his son was first born he was very fortunate as he got to spend five or six months just with his newborn son and his wife and it was the most magical experience. (I'm guessing that) he probably wanted to do that with his baby girl too, so I am sure that's playing a huge factor.

LMS: You have co-produced and star in an independent feature film called "Or Forever Hold Your Peace." Do you have any other projects on the fire?

TT: I am busy writing with my writing partner, Ken August. He wrote "Or Forever Hold Your Peace." He wrote and directed it and I produced and starred in it. We've been having a few sessions (and have written) about 30 or 40 pages of another script and an outline. We are at a crossroads now. (We are) a little stumped at where we're going with it but we'll figure it out. "Or Forever Hold Your Peace" stars me and Keith Koogan (Adventures in Babysitting, Hiding Out). It's a dark comedy about sexuality, religion, friendship, family, mostly friendship and family and is there a difference. That is probably one of the biggest questions asked. How does that differ? Friendship and family. Does it really differ?

LMS: Is blood really thicker than water? Is that what you're asking?

TT: Absolutely! I've had the same friends since I'm 12 years old. I'm family to them. I am their brother. That's a huge part of it. Sexuality is brought into it when one of the characters turns out to be a homosexual. Religion is brought into it when one of the characters they thought they new meets a girl who is very right-wing religious zealot kind of girl and she changes his whole life to please her. The friends get together and say we need to kidnap this guy and de-brainwash him because this is like a cult thing he's in. Throughout it all, they realize that they've all changed. This is who they are now. Sometimes we pick our friends because of where we grew up or our environment. Just because there is no one else on the block but that person, so they had to be your friend. One of the last lines of the movie is 'okay, this is who we are now and do we still want to be friends?' Because everybody's lives change and we grow. I am sure that the people you choose --- my friends from 20 years ago I am still friends with, but they may or may not be the people I'd choose to be friends with now. 

LMS: But because you share the history...

TT: Right! That sense of history that you share. But how does that differ from family? We have that sense of history with our brothers and sisters. That's what family is.

LMS: And you could also have family that you're not that friendly with.

TT: Isn't that true! I try to make friends with everybody I meet. I believe that everybody should always be trying to get to know other people. I think that if we did that more, there'd be a whole lot less war in the world.

Sneak Peek of Lorelei's Guiding Light, An Intimate Diary

Check out a preview of http://www.BethChamberlin.com, the official website celebrating the publication of Lorelei's Guiding Light, An Intimate Diary.

In stores on June 17th, Lorelei's Guiding Light reveals the secrets, triumphs, and tragedies of Lorelei Hill and Beth Raines, both of whom Beth Chamberlin portrays on television's longest running daytime show, Guiding Light. Only hints of Chamberlin's novel will be revealed on the television show --- the real story is told between the book's covers. Coinciding with Guiding Light's 50th anniversary on television, Lorelei's Guiding Light is perfect for fans of daytime television and romantic suspense.

Please visit BethChamberlin.com to read an excerpt from the book and learn backstory that isn't available anywhere else. There is background on the actress, her Guiding Light roles, and her novel through video interviews, Q & A's, character profiles, trivia questions, contests, and more. A video interview with Beth -- and Beth in character as Lorelei --- is currently available on the site; the full website is set to launch on June 21st, with a contest where readers can win signed books!

OLTL Sprouts "Babes Behind Bars" on July 4

(Contains Scoopage! Read at your own risk ;o)

Is it a nightmare? Is it a fantasy? Or is it a musical? The only thing for sure is that it's ABC Daytime's "One Life to Live's" new tradition - the Fourth of July Show!

"Babes Behind Bars," the second annual "Fouth of July Show," will air on July 4, 2002, when Lindsay Rappaport (Catherine Hickland), who is currently serving a 28-year sentence for reckless endangerment, the drugging of Nora Buchanan (Hillary B. Smith) and the unlawful imprisonment of Dr. Troy MacIver (Ty Treadway), experiences her most unusual day to date since beginning her sentence at Statesville Prison on April 9, 2002.

The stylized production will begin on what seems like another unbearable day for the imprisoned Lindsay, but when her cell door is curiously left unlocked, she knows that she is in for something unexpected. Confused, Lindsay wanders into the mess hall where she is confronted by other prisoners who belt out a rousing rendition of "Bad Girls!" 

But wait! These inmates aren't the only ones with a song to sing. Most of the ladies of Llanview find themselves behind bars and with something to sing about. Among the cast of characters in the lock-up are Allison Perkins (Barbara Garrick), Roxy Holden (Ilene Kristen), Blair Cramer Manning (Kassie DePaiva), Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson), Jessica Buchanan (Erin Torpey) and Tillie (Heather MacRae). Lindsay even gets a visit from Nora (Hillary B. Smith).

The cast members performing in the show have numerous musical credits to their names. Catherine Hickland performed as Fantine in "Les Miserables" on Broadway and has recorded her own CD, "Sincerely Broadway"; Ilene Kristen appeared as Patty Simcox in the original Broadway production of "Grease" and performs her own music in various New York City venues; Kassie DePaiva released her own CD, "Naked," in March of 2001, which includes some of her own original songs; Kristen Alderson was discovered by OLTL when she was playing Molly in Broadway's "Annie"; and the supporting cast includes Heather MacRae, who starred as Dr. Charlotte in Broadway's "Falsettos," as well as a prison-full of talented Broadway performers.

On May 17, 2002, OLTL was honored with its first Outstanding Drama Series Daytime Emmy Award. The Fourth of July Show 2001, "Trading Places," was one of two shows that helped win the award. "Babes Behind Bars" is the second annual Fourth of July Show. Over the last year, OLTL has made some exciting moves: It made television history when it aired live the week of May 13-17, 2002, ending the week with its Emmy win, and the following week the show left for Maui to shoot on location for two separate storylines that will air throughout the summer. OLTL will celebrate its 34th anniversary on July 15, 2002.

AMC's Jack -- Walt Willey's Comedy Club Tour

Many of you have had the distinct pleasure of seeing All My Children's Walt Willey at comedy clubs across the country. I've seen him host events at Super Soap Weekend, but have yet to see him "on the road," so to speak, doing his comedy schtick. He never seems to make it all the way out to LA. But the good news is, he will be appearing in the south and mid west all summer. ABC sent us his tour dates, complete with his comments! Get on out and see Walt Willey this summer.

July 26-27 at Baudo's South Street Lounge, Jackson, TN. Call 713 668-1447 or 1448. "That's right," says Willey.  "'Jackson Montgomery' returns to Jackson, Tennessee. One show Friday at 8 PM and two shows Saturday at 8 and 10 PM."

August 8 at Zanie's Downtown, Chicago IL. Call 312 337-4027 for tickets. "I'm returning to my home turf," says Willey." "The beautiful Windy City. Come out and join me and my 'homies' (can middle-aged white men have 'homies?'). One show only at 8:30 PM.

August 9 at Zanie's Pheasant Run, St. Charles, IL. Call 630-513-1761 for tickets. "It's out to the burbs in one of Chicagoland's classic theatres," quipped Willey. "This one is always a good time, so come on out!"

August 10 at Zanie's Vernon Hills, Vernon Hills. Tickets 847 549-6030. "Back to my old stomping grounds (back when I stomped. Now I limp!) Willey said then shared, "I used to work at Woodfield Mall! Usually a wild show here, so don't miss it!"

August 16-17, Chaplin's, Clinton Township, MI. Call 810 792-1902 for tickets. "Detroit to you and me," reveals Willey.  "Hot town, summer in Motor City. Always a gas!"

August 17, ABC 12's 2002 Women's Expo, Flint, MI. Stay tuned for further details!

Y&R Fans--Coming Up in Weekly Just for You!

In the new Soap Opera Weekly there's tons of stuff for Y&R fans including the latest on the suicidal gunman who stormed the CBS studio where Y&R is taped; in July, three actors are on their way out at Y&R. Read their thoughts on their exits; an upcoming Y&R crossover with The Bold and the Beautiful. Will history repeat itself? Is Y&R trying to recast a popular role on the sly? Read their casting call and decide for yourself. Paul and Isabella both got labeled as Losers in this week's issue. Find out whether your fellow fans want to see Billy recast when David Tom leaves this summer, and tell us whether Sharon should tell Nick about her romp with Diego. Shemar Moore's (ex-Malcolm Winters) career is picking up, and he has no plans to return to Y&R. The Genoa City kids are about to enjoy their prom. Get the lowdown on what everyone is wearing, and what went into the look of the affair. Is there too much sex on the soaps? Our in-depth report pulls the covers off of this intimate topic. What does Y&R's Nicholas have in common with GH scion Nikolas Cassadine? Read our latest NameGame to find out.


All My Children: Dylan Fergus has been cast in the role of Tim Dillion. His first airdate is July 3, 2002. Kurt Caceres has been cast in the role of Mateo Santos. It is a temporary replacement for Mark Consuelous. Caceres' first airdate is Wednesday, July 3, 2002. Jason Olive has been cast in the role of Frank Hubbard. His first appearance has not yet been announced. Rochelle Oliver plays the recurring role of Alice Hart beginning Tuesday, July 9, 2002.

As the World Turns: Shelley Bennett plays Vivian, a Java Underground employee, on Tuesday, June 18, 2002.

Days of our Lives: On Friday, June 21st, Broadway star Fuschia assumes the recurring role of Caprice. (Fuschia portrays Rafiki in the Los Angeles production of The Lion King. Caprice is the former nanny to Belle and Brady.) On Monday, June 17th, Vaughn Armstrong continues as Harry and Deborah May continues as Iris, the very strange proprietors of the Full Moon Bed & Breakfast. Also on Monday, June 17th and Wednesday, June 19th, Allen Williams portrays

Lexie's psychiatrist, Dr. Dellman. Thaao Penghlis returns to Days of our Lives on Friday, June 21, 2002.

Guiding Light:Brandon Murray and Matt Walton play cops, Julia Brown plays a motorist, Joseph Murray and Christopher Tracy play EMTs, Elizabeth Roby and Lucia Brawley play nurses, and Francesca Vanucci and Justin Lazure play a young couple all on Monday, June 17th. Stephan Zinnato returns as Nolan on Tuesday, June 18th. Ayo Haynes plays an ICU Nurse beginning Tuesday, June 18th. Nicole Block plays Little Mel and Jewel Gilbert plays Little Rick on Wednesday, June 19th. In addition, Sean Foarile plays Grown Jude, Jorne Gilbert and Alexa White play children, Jenny Eakes plays an ICU nurse, and Michael Knowles plays a reporter, and JoeyLuera plays, Luca, one of Danny's henchmen, all on Wednesday, June 19th. Mark Anthony Vasquez and Frank Rempe play goons, Michael Philip plays the recurring role of Rick's doctor, Ethan Pierce, Hannah Moon plays a nurse, and Rachel Hollingworth plays a pregnant woman with Rodney Henry playing her son, John, on Thursday, June 20th. Toshi Yammamoto plays a reporter and Henry Lopez plays his cameraman on Friday, June, 21st.

One Life to Live: Julia Barnett plays the Airline Ticket Agent on Monday, June 24. John Cunningham has been cast as Mark. His first airdate is Friday, June 28, 2002.

Passions: Passions is currently reading for a re-cast of Chad Harris. Donn Swaby has chosen not to renew his contract. Bruno Amato and Shane Conrad portray the prison guards, assigned to watch Theresa on Tuesday, June 18, Wednesday, June 19, Thursday, June 20 and Friday, June 21. Peter Blackwell and Shane Conrad portray the State Troopers beginning Friday, June 21 and into the following week. Eric Martsolf has been signed to the contract role of Ethan Winthrop. His first airdate as Ethan is July 8, 2002.

Seeing Stars

Going to the Dogs

DOOL stars Patrika Darbo and Matt Cedeno, along with PAS stars James Hyde and Jesse Metcalfe will compete in the first annual DOGOUT Celebrity Softball Game, benefiting the Brittany Foundation, on Sunday, June 30th at 12:00 PM at the USC Campus Baseball Field (in downtown LA) Tickets are $15.00 and can be ordered by calling 213/740-GOSC or 4672. The Brittany Foundation is a non-profit humane organization dedicated to the rescue, care and placement of homeless dogs.

Celebrities scheduled to participate alongside Matt and Patrika include Sean Kanan (B&B), Austin Peck (ex Austin), Jesse Metcalfe (PAS), James Hyde (PAS), Christina Applegate, Brad Rowe, Jonathon Schaech, and Anna Nicole Smith.

Fans in attendance can win a chance to play on the teams. There will also be raffle prizes, pictures with your favorite celebrities, and food and fun. For general information, please call 213/740-2311. Directions: From the 110 Harbor Freeway exit Exposition. Go one block West. The campus is on your right. Enter gate # 6. From the Santa Monica Freeway exit Hoover and go South approx. 1 mile to

Jefferson Blvd. Campus is directly ahead. Enter Gate #6.

All My Children: On Friday, June 21 join Vincent Irizarry (David) and Finola Hughes (Anna) at the Soap Opera Aids Response, QSAC (Quality Services for the Autism Community) Annual Silent Auction and Dinner Dance at the Astoria World Manor in Astoria, Queens, NY. Tickets range in price. For info call S.O.A.R. at 845-255-3685 or QSAC at 703 378-7022. On Thursday, June 27 get your bubbly from Michael E. Knight (Tad) and stars from ATWT and OLTL at a celebrity bartending event at Blondies, 212 West 79th Street, NYC from 7-11 PM. Your $25 fee at the door will benefit the families of the firefighters lost 9/11, from Engine 40/Ladder 35 and Engine 74. On July 26-27, Walt Willey brings his comedy act to Baudo's South Street Lounge in Jackson, Tennesssee. For tickets, call (731) 668-1447. One show Friday at 8pm and two shows Saturday at 8pm and 10pm. Walt will also be bringing his show to Zanie's Downtown in Chicago, IL on August 8 at 8 PM. For tickets, call (312) 337-4027. On August 9, Walt will be at Zanie's Pheasant Run in St. Charles, IL.  Call (630) 513-1761 for tickets. On August 10, Walt will be performing at Zanie's Vernon Hills, in Vernon Hills. For tickets, call (847) 549-6030. Also, on August 16-17, Walt will be at Chaplin's in Clinton Township, MI. For tickets, call (810) 792-1902. In addition, Walt will also be at ABC 12's "2002 Women's Expo" in Flint, MI. Check local listings to confirm appearances. Marj Dusay (Vanessa) appears in "The Tale of the Alergist's Wife" August 12-24 at The Cape Playhouse in Dennis, MA. Call 877 385-3911 for tickets and other info. See James Kiberd (ex Trevor) as he does Shakespeare at the Pacific Repretory Theatre in Carmel, CA. Various performances all summer and into the early fall. Call (831) 622-0100 for info and tickets. August 27-31 see Cameron Mathison (Ryan) at the Tom Dreesen Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament, Lake Geneva, WI. For more info visit http://celebtour.com. (Interesting. Read Mathison's bio on this site. He lists a number of his acting credits, omitting one major role. That of Ryan on AMC!) On Friday, September 21 it's the 3rd Annual Tea at the Marquis with Vincent Irizarry. Ticket prices vary depending on when you purchase. Call 614 899-1711 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for info. The 7th Annual AMC Fan Club Luncheon, Saturday, September 22 at the Mariott Marquis Hotel, NYC. Fan Club members only. $90 per ticket. $20 to join fan club ($25 outside the US.) Make Money Orders for US funds only to Carol Dickson, 948 North Main Street, Glassboro, NJ 08028-1319. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further info. On September 28-29, 2002 it's the first Annual Jack Scalia Fan Club Gathering at the Oglebay Family Resort & Wilson Lodge in Wheeling, WV. Movies, auctions, terrific food and more all weekend long to benefit Jack Scalia's "Lest We Forget Foundation" for the victims families of 9/11! Registration fee is $60 plus the cost of the room. 25 rooms are being reserved at Oglebay Resort at a cost of $99 per night. For info contact the Chrisagis Brothers at 740-859-2344. (Some appearance info provided by SEAHAAS.)

Days of Our Lives: On Saturday June 29th, Jason Cook will be appearing at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, KY. Showtimes are 1 and 3 PM and admission is free with paid admission to the theme park. On Saturday, July 6, Drake Hogestyn, Peter Reckell,Jason Cook, Matt Cedeno and Alison Sweeney will be appearing at an outdoor festival at the South Shore Music Circus in Cohasset, Massachusetts (130 Sohier Street) at 7 PM. Tickets are $48.50 and $39.00. To purchase call 781-383-1400. On Sunday, July 7 , Drake Hogestyn, Peter Reckell, JasonCook, Matt Cedeno and Alison Sweeney will be appearing at an outdoor festival at the Cape Cod Melody Tour in Hyannis, Massachusetts (21 W. Main Street) at 3 PM Tckets are $48.50 and $39.00. To purchase call 508-775-9100. On Sunday, July 14th,Jason Cook and Kyle Lowder will be appearing at Canada's Wonderland Theme Park in Toronto as part of Joyce Becker's Soap Opera Festival. Show times are at 1 and 3 PM. For park information, please call 905/832-7000. ATTENTION ALLCANADIAN FANS: On Sunday, July 14, Jason Cook and Kyle Lowder appear at Canada's Wonderland Theme Park in Toronto as part of Joyce Becker's Soap Opera Festival.  Show times are at 1 and 3 PM. For park information, call 905/832-7000. On Saturday, August 10th,Matt Cedeno and Jason Cook will be appearing at Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo, CA (in the Napa Valley) in conjunction with Soap Opera Festivals. Appearance times are 1 and 3 PM. CRUISE WITH THE STARS: Set sail with the stars from Days and Passions for a Soap Opera Cruise Weekend aboard a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship. Fans will depart from Los Angeles on Friday, October 25 and sail down to Baja and Ensenada, Mexico returning to Los Angeles on Monday, October 28. Actors scheduled to participate are Matt Ashford, Kyle Lowder, Kevin Spirtas, and Passions' stars. Fans aboard the ship will attend cocktail parties with the stars and take part in autograph sessions and interactive programs hosted by soap columnist Lynda Hirsch. Rates begin at $459.00 per person and can be booked by calling Landfall Travel at 1-800-835-9233 or by logging on to www.landfalltravel.com

Guiding Light:  The GL Fan Club Luncheon will be held on Sunday, October 20, 2002, from 12-4 PM at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in NYC. Tickets are $90.00 for non-fan club members and $85.00 for current GL Fan Club Members. A $15.00 non-refundable deposit per person will reserve your seat in the order it is received. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more info.

Passions: On Saturday, June 22, the Hollywood Knights Celebrity Basketball Team will be holding their Annual Wrap Party at the Key Club in West Hollywood from 7pm-10pm. The Hollywood Knights Celebrity Basketball Team raised over $84,000 for Southern California high schools this season. Mirisch Entertainment Group (producers of the Hollywood Knights) invite you to come and celebrate another successful tour and join them as they recognize the celebrities (from Passions: James Hyde (Sam), Jesse Metcalfe (Miguel), Bruce Michael Hall (Reese), Ryan McPartlin (Hank), Chrystee Pharris (Simone), Jade Harlow (Jessica) and Deanna Wright (Kay)) who donated their time and talents to make it possible! It will be an awesome party that will feature live musical performances and an awards ceremony! For ticket information go to www.hollywoodknights.com. Join Dana Sparks (Grace) along with Host Tippi Hedren and other guests Loni Anderson, Linda Blair, KenHoward, Diane McBain and Betty White for a Roar Foundation Safari Garden Party at the home of Kathy Riordan. Sunday, June 23 at 3pm in Chatsworth, CA. Tickets are $125 per person and admission includes a delectable catered luncheon buffet, live entertainment and an exciting auction of beautiful art, collectibles, gift baskets and celebrity auctioned items. Festivities begin at 3pm. Directions will be provided upon reservation confirmation. Capacity is very limited so please reserve early. Call (661) 268-0380 for credit card reservations or send your remittance to: The Roar Foundation, 6867 Soledad Canyon Road, Acton, CA 93510. On Sunday, June 29, Jesse Metcalfe (Miguel) will be joining Jason Cook and Jay KennethJohnson from DAYS at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom at 1 and 4 PM. Admission to the shows is free with your paid admission into the Six Flags Themepark. For more information call 1-800-SCREAMS. Rodney Van Johnson (TC) will be participating in the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation's "Reaching for the Cure" 5K (1K for kids) Walk-A-Thon at the Irvine Spectrum on Sunday, July 14 from 7am-11am. This year marks the 20th Anniversary for the Irvine, CA based foundation. Since 1982, PCRF has raised more than 10 million dollars for pediatric cancer research. Each school day, enough children are diagnosed with cancer to fill two classrooms. Join Rodney in raising money for this most valuable cause. For more information, call (949) 376-8404 or visit www.PCRF-kids.com . 3rd Annual Passions Fan Club Event will be held on Saturday, July 20th Noon at the Globe Theatre, Universal Studios, Hollywood. Confirmed attendance: Dana Sparks (Grace), James Hyde (Sam), Ryan McPartlin (Hank), Lindsay Korman (Theresa), Justin