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Baby fever and GHer's around town

It's been ages. Life in general, an annoying malaise, and intermittent technological breakdowns all contributed to preventing our providing you with new news for quite some time. Our apologies. (In that regard, please be sure to read the first 3 or 4 Top of the Weeks listed at the bottom of the page, as they contain information that was only just uploaded. ) On the up side, we've taken this time to investigate some new features for Turtle Run Online and we will be developing and testing them over the next month. Look for a redesign to go "live" by the end of October or thereabouts! And keep your fingers crossed that we experience no additional computer malfunctions. Technology is grand, except when it doesn't work! :o)

Thanks so very much to those of you who have sent well wishes, cyber greetings (my favorite: "Sorry you're feline under the weather," (Hahahaha) sent by both WKM4 and pak66. Talk about lifting one's spirits. Thanks again to all.

And now? On with the soaps!

What's the deal with all the baby story lines? Did someone put something in the water? Let's see. There's Ryan and Tricia's miscarriage on Y&R. Tad and Dixie's on AMC. There's the Amber/Rick/Becky saga on B&B. There's Taylor and Ridge's twins on B&B. There's the big baby scramble on ATWT with Lily, Holden, Denise and Hope. Not to mention Carly's lies and John's losing yet another son. There's Nikki Newman wanting a baby on Y&R. There's Dixie wanting a baby on AMC. There's the accidental death of Will and Jessica's Meghan on OLTL. Lest we not forget John, Riva and Richard's son (although not quite a baby) being miraculously alive on GL! Have I missed any? Yikes. With all the secrecy that shrouds writers meetings, and story development in general, you'd think TPTB could come up with more varied story material. Or? Do baby storylines provide major audience interest and simpatico? What do you guys think?

Congratulations to Gedstern, Krazyme2, KDMASK and Jewels for receiving a Purple Turtle Award for their wonderful General Hospital News & Scoops website. For all the latest on GH, visit http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/Gedstern/hello.html

Congratulations to NE1FAN for receiving a Purple Turtle Award for her site dedicated to the fantastic Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans. She has combined moments from their work on both GH and Days. Visit Liz's Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans Scrapbook at http://members.aol.com/NE1FAN/scrapbook.html

Speaking of Stephen Nichols, he must live on the west side of Los Angeles. I see him around town all the time, but have not yet approached him, because, well, spending a Saturday afternoon with your kids is not the time to be accosted by a soaps journalist! LOL. Did you know, however, that he is one fine specimen of male pulchritude? Wow. He is lean, and muscular. Since I've seen him at Oshman's Sporting Goods in West LA, he must enjoy sports and a good workout! (Talk about whoa baby! LOL) Also encountered him at the local KooKaRoo Chicken on Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica, picking up healthy roasted chicken for his family. He has the most adorable little kids. Nice to see you round town, Stephen. And keep up the great work on GH. :o)

Thanks to all who have submitted websites for Purple Turtle Award consideration. If you haven't heard from us one way or the other, it's quite possible your submission got lost in the great hard drive crashes of August/September 1999. PLEASE RESUBMIT! We would love to consider your site.

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And now ... Just for a giggle:

PUPKUS (pup' kus) n. The moist residue left on a window after a dog presses its nose to it. (A word that doesn't exist but should. LOL) Submitted by SJM42

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