Tune Outs, Do They Harm More Than Help?

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AMC fan's revolt, Newbies' hardships and Marston's temper

We've had tons of email and message board discussion regarding our cover story on Michael Nader (Dimitri, AMC) and his fans who called for a tune out of the show on Friday, November 5th. There are two distinct factions on this issue. Those who miss Nader so much they would go to extremes to get the network's attention, and other's who feel that a tune-out would further hurt the show, as a decline in ratings could mean the firing of other beloved actors.

Original Loyalist, Barbara Rice, who was not available at press time, explained her feelings toward Dimitri and her reasons for tuning out via email: "He has always been my favorite character," she writes. "He is multifaceted, relentless in his pursuits, and possesses old-world charm. Nobody but Nader could ever play him." For Rice, a poet, freelance writer, and teacher of deaf children, forming the Loyalists was a way to forget some personal problems and come out of herself. "AMC is my way to escape, and as far as I am concerned, Nader's dark good looks, deep voice, and sparkling eyes are what make Dimitri who he is."

But for other AMC fans like Kathy Carano, host of the "Pine Valley Bulletin," a Purple Turtle Award-winning fan site, the tune-out would only defeat the purpose. "It penalizes everyone on the show more than it protests one character's dismissal," Kathy said in email. "I loved Dimitri just as much as anyone, but these tactics are wrong. Accentuate the positive, not bring out the negative. Wanting him back is all well and good, I want him back, too, but (a tune-out) is not the way. Ratings are very important to a show. Tuning out can do nothing but hurt the show more than it is already hurting."

Michael Nader talks candidly about his feelings toward AMC in Soap Opera Weekly, on sale now! (The official "on sale" date for the issue is November 8, 1999. Don't miss it!)

Thank you all for sharing your concerns regarding AMC, Nader and the tune-out. Please continue to do so on the Nader Campaign Message Boards here at Turtle-Run.

AMC is not the only show under fire from cyberfans regarding beloved veteran actors. According to Richard Johnson (with Jeane MacIntosh) in a NY Post "Page Six" story from October 23, 1999, Patti D'Arbanville (Selena, GL) is fed up with disgruntled soap fans who keep complaining that GL's writers have put longtime characters on the back burner in favor of newer characters and plots. As one of the newcomers to the show, D'Arbinville agrees with some of the complaints, but has tired of the bellyaching, which she says is rampant on the internet. In an email to GL fans she declared: "If you don't like it, seriously, you can bite me!" For the full story, click here. I would love to hear from Guiding Light fans on this issue. Please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or post your thoughts on the Guiding Light Message Board at Turtle-Run. I do check the boards frequently.

Richard Johnson (with Jeane MacIntosh) also reports in "Page Six" of the NY Post that Nathaniel Marston (Eddie, ATWT) was in an altercation with a fellow pet owner at a dog park in his New York City neighborhood last week. Marston denies the allegations, but witnesses have identified both Marston and his girlfriend as being the disruptive forces in this matter. For the full story, click here. This is the second report of Marston's hot temper in the last several weeks, the first instance involving his arrest after a run-in with an ATM! Is it any wonder the producers of ATWT have asked him to leave the show? TRO's ATWT cyber sleuth, JudgeJud, has been keeping us up-to-date on the rumors surrounding Marston's dismissal and that of Jaimie Dudney (Georgia). It seems the rumors have now been confirmed by Jon Reiner at http://www.tvguide.com/soaps/news/, and in Soap Opera Weekly. Lack of story is the official word on why they are being let go. Scenes involving Eddie and Georgia will air through the end of December.

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