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The Summer's Heating Up!

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AMC actors gutsy new role, DOOL fan weekend & Y&R's LeBlanc sings

Dear Suds Buds:

Lots to cover today, including the DOOL Fan Weekend, 2001, tons of breaking news, and the fact that AMC's ex Adrain, Mathew St. Patrick, has debuted in HBO's new "Six Feet Under," a series about the life of a Los Angeles family in the business of death as owners of the Fisher & Sons Funeral Home.  St. Patrick plays the role of a gay policeman who is the boyfriend of David Fisher, a still in-the-closet gay man.  In the series premiere Sunday, June 3, 2001 they kissed! I am not talking a little peck on the cheek here, I am talking hot, passionate make-out!  I must applaud the choice of St. Patrick to take this role, as it's a gutsy move on his part.  He is quite the different guy here than he was on AMC!  "Six Feet Under" itself uses dramatic irony and dark, situational humor which makes for a very quirky dramedy.  If you want to see St. Patrick in this fun, gutsy role against type, tune into "Six Feet Under" next Sunday on HBO.

DOOL Fan Weekend!

By Linda Marshall-Smith and Jessica Radloff

Fan gatherings for soaps are always such a blast.  For the fans, they are a wonderful way to get to meet and even get to know your favorite stars. This past weekend brought fans from all over the country to the Los Angeles area for a number of events sponsored by the DOOL Fan Club.  Stars from the show gave of their time and talents to make the trip worthwhile.   At "Cabaret with the Wesley's," for example, Kevin Spirtas risked months of traction for the sake of the fans.  He performed "I Can Do That," a song-and-dance number from "Chorus Line" that he did 20 years ago on Broadway.  Part of the number included a backflip.  He broke out of the song to announce that "this is where the backflip would go."  However, his onscreen co-star, and co-host for the evening, Patrika Darbo, would not have it. She took the stage and said:  "What do you mean this is where the backflip should go?" Spirtas replied, "Well, I am not going to do it now. That was 20 years ago." But Darbo was firm.  "They paid to see you do it!"  That was enough to shame Spirtas into taking a flying leap and doing a backflip right there on stage!  He landed on his feet, even 20 years later, much to the delight and raucous applause of everyone in the audience!  That was the spirit of the entire weekend.  If you weren't able to make it this year, sit back for your TRO "Inside the Bubble" look at what went on.

Cabaret with the Wesley's

The DOOL Fan weekend got off to a great start on Friday night, June 1, 2001 at North Hollywood High School.  Turtle-Run arrived and chatted with a few fans as they waited on line for the doors to the auditorium to open. Many had been to DOOL fan events before.  We spoke to a group from San Diego who couldn't decide what their favorite storyline of all time is, because they loved just about all of them!  However, one fan was very upset by the impending exit of the character of Stefano.  "I don't like it," she said.  Kathy, another San Diego fan, has been watching DOOL for 26 years!  "We started coming (to fan events) in 1984 when Marlena (Deidre Hall) had her lunch break," she said.  "And then we started coming to the DOOL things in 1990." Several fans noted that the "baby switch" storyline was their current favorite. 

As the doors opened and fans began to file in, the stars were mingling in the aisles.  Fans got the opportunity to chat with their favorites in a relaxed, easy-going environment.  Stars were more than willing to pose for photos and sign autographs.  A table was set up with raffle items and other memorabilia for sale.  Fans stood in line to buy their raffle tickets and get their 8x10 glossies. TRO took the opportunity to chat with a few more fans.

Sara from Wisconsin has been coming to the fan weekend for four years.  "It's a mother and daughter weekend that we do," she said. They were attending all the events, except Mathew Ashford's.  "We couldn't get tickets for that one. It was already sold out," she said, disappointed.  The first time Sara and her daughter came to this event, they met another mom-and-daughter duo who were from New York. The four bonded and now, every year, they meet up again at the DOOL fan weekend.  Sara's favorite actor is Austin Peck.  "We met him when my daughter was quite small," she said. "He was a celebrity waiter at a restaurant when we were out here on vacation.  He got us on the set for a day. It was quite a time.  He is really a nice fellow."

Steve from Nashville is a newcomer to the "Days" fan family. He has only been watching the show for a year.  "I like the Bo and Hope story, and I hate to see Stefano go," he said. He was weaned on DOOL by his friend Mike, a fan since 1987. Mike is partial to the baby-switch story and his favorite character is Missy Reeves!  "I am glad she's back," he said.

While fans mingled in the audience with a few of the actors, like Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Kevin Spirtas (Craig), Patrika Darbo (Nancy), and Steve Blackwood (Bart), I spotted a familiar, yet distinctly out of place face.  It was none other than Christian LeBlanc (Michael, Y&R), who was giving last minute instructions to the accompanist.  "Um, isn't this the wrong show for you," I quipped. "Yes, don't tell anyone," he responded with a laugh.   Back stage, I got a few minutes alone with LeBlanc who said he was nervous but happy to perform. He sang a soulful, if tenuous, rendition of "Since I Fell For You."

We also caught up with Tamara Clatterbuck (Barb), who is so excited about her pending nuptials. "I am getting married this summer," she shared. She is still searching for her dress, but she is having a ton of fun looking for one.  She is also looking forward to the summer heating up on the show. "Right now we've got the baby," said Clatterbuck, "and we'll see where that goes."  Her fantasy storyline includes some evil with Stefano.  "...that he comes back and has a master plan, and Lexie and I get together on some master plan as well, and then, I end up marrying Kevin Spirtas (Craig)," she said with a laugh.

Darbo was excited to learn that she was invited to Clatterbuck's wedding!  Do you know how she found out about the invitation? She read it in a magazine!  Clatterbuck also shared that Kevin Spirtas was planning on singing at her wedding! 

Speaking of Kevin Spirtas (Craig), he was in total control of the evening, barking orders to his co-stars, even the accompanist, as he wanted to get the show rolling. And what a show it was. He is truly blessed with a wonderful Broadway show presence. A delight to watch onstage, his performances never disappoint.  Everyone from Patrika Darbo (Nancy) to Arianne Zuckor (Nicole), Christian LeBlanc (Michael, Y&R), Kyle Lowder (Brady), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Steve Blackwood (Bart) even David Sperber, one of the behind the scenes people at "Days," delighted everyone with their singing virtuosity.  However, the evening was putty in the hands of Bill Hayes (Doug), who performed his career aspirations in song and tied it in to working in soap operas!  It was very clever and great fun.  Hayes got a standing ovation!  Ari Zuckor had fun with singing for the fans, even though she made a few mistakes. "I promise I'll take lessons next year," she giggled after forgetting a line or two of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend."  There were duets, dance numbers, and a few little sketches incorporated into some of the songs.

When we watch these actors on the show every day, we are not treated to their other singing, dancing, and comedic talents.  Seeing them in a venue like this shows a whole other side to the actor and his abilities. The fans couldn't get enough.  After the show, it was more mingling with actors, the raffle prizes were awarded, and a grand time was had by all!  LMS

Breakfast with Friends!

Ok, so Alice Horton's donuts weren't part of the lineup.  But hey, who can complain when you get to mingle with the rest of the Horton, Brady and Carver clan over eggs benedict, crisp bacon and a rainbow of fruit?  Certainly not these fans!

Although the Cabaret with the Wesley's kicked off the annual Days Fan Club Weekend, the traditional breakfast with the stars has always been the main event.  Fans from all over the country (and out of the country for that matter), flocked to the Castaway restaurant perched atop the hills overlooking Burbank.  And although the sun was nowhere to be found, there was enough star power to shine through the thickest fog.

Judy Z., a lifelong fan of Days from California, drove over two hours to meet her favorite character of the moment: Brady Black, portrayed by Kyle Brandon Lowder.  Judy told Turtle-Run that Days has been a wonderful salvation while coping with the recent loss of her mother.  We also caught up with Bobby Z, one of Days younger fans, who also racked up some mileage to attend Saturday's event.  Bobby is only 14-years-old, but showed Turtle-Run an extensive scrapbook that he made dating way past his 14 years.  When asked who Bobby was looking most forward to meeting, he enthusiastically gave the thumbs up to Lauren Koslow (Kate).  And what is it about her that so appeals to him?  "Her nose!  Yes, and her whole character! And everything about her.  She's just so wonderful and talented!", exclaimed Bobby.

Unfortunately, Koslow was unable to attend the breakfast, but many other shining stars certainly made up for her absence.  Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) greeted guests to "Tuscany" as they walked through the doors of the banquet hall.  She brought her mother with her to join in the festivities.  "I bring my Mom to almost everywhere I go," she said.  "She gets to meet the fans, go to awards show, etc. . she's my date!" 

Joining Suzanne was Frank Parker (Shawn), Kevin Spirtas (Craig), Peggy McKay (Caroline), Matthew Ashford (Jack), Melissa Reeves (Jennifer), Renee Jones (Lexie), James Reynolds (Abe), Matt Cedeno (Brandon), Kristian Alfonso (Hope), Austin Peck (Austin), Valerie Wildman (Faye), Kyle Brandon Lowder (Brady), Jay Kenneth Johnson (Phillip), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Kirsten Storms (Belle), Drake Hogestyn (John), Farah Fath (Mimi), Jason Cook (Shawn), Heather Lauren Olson (Jan), Steve Blackwood (Bart), Patrika Darbo (Nancy), and John Aniston (Victor).

After a lengthy Q&A with the stars, they gradually took to tables in the far back of the room to meet the fans, sign autographs and take pictures.  Before getting trounced on, Turtle-Run miraculously snatched Kyle Brandon Lowder and Jay Kenneth Johnson for some quick comments. 

Participating in his first fan club weekend, Lowder was genuinely appreciative to the success he has had since joining "Days" about a year ago.  "My storyline since I got on the show has been incredible" he said.  "The writers have done an amazing job, making my job easier by giving me some amazing material to work with." Aside from all his hard work on the show, Lowder was also truly impressed with the dedicated turnout of fans. "I've had many interesting fan experiences so far!  I've had people do everything from faint to cry, and obviously the more meaningful meetings where I've touched their lives.   It's been a whole spectrum and it's been a true pleasure," he said. Johnson seconded those sentiments and told us that aside from his storyline heating up this summer, it's great to see the fans who support their work by attending these fan events. 

Then of course, Johnson and Lowder were whisked away to their respective tables for the most important job of all.   Greeting the people responsible for their on-screen success. The mood was festive, the fans were vocal (and enthusiastic!) and the stars were thrilled to bring such joy into the lives of those who attended.  But it didn't end there.  Only an hour later marked the beginning of Matthew Ashford's afternoon event.  Read on as Turtle-Run has more Inside the Bubble scoop to share! J.R.

Jack is Back at Interact!

It's been a long time coming, but Matthew Ashford is finally back where he belongs -- "Days of our Lives" Jack Devereaux!  To honor all the fans who have supported his daytime career, Ashford and his wife, Christina Saffran, along with some old favorites from "Days," hosted "Jack is Back at Interact!" on Saturday afternoon in North Hollywood, Calif. 

The musical revue, live auction and raffle helped raise money to benefit Retinoblastoma International and the Interact Theatre Company. Ashford has a daughter with retinoblastoma (who we happily report is doing wonderfully), a rare form of cancer that strikes the eye.  In addition to raising money for RBI, the event also supported ITC and the actors who work diligently to bring a strong repertoire of theatre to the Southland. 

Upon our arrival, Ashford enthusiastically greeted fans at the door of the theatre and thanked them for coming.  With a tad bit of Jack evident in his personality, Ashford was boyishly charming and gracious.  This was more than evident when he took time out of his rehearsal block to talk with Turtle-Run about the day's events and Jack's latest antics!

The year was 1993 and the hearts of fans were breaking everywhere when NBC announced that Ashford would be vacating his role as "Jack" on the network's number one daytime drama.  Fast-forward almost eight years later and most would agree that Jack is definitely back where he belongs.  "I love it because I'm seeing people that I haven't seen for years," said Ashford. "It's just so good to see people looking good, healthy and happy and holding together."

However, even though you can take the actor out of Salem, you can't take Salem out of the actor.  "The writers are writing really wonderful stuff for me and Melissa and it's just, you know. . . it's like putting on an old comfortable glove and if the glove fits. . . whatever that saying is (Ed note:  Is this Jack or Matt we're taking to?! LOL).  It's enjoyable to work on something that is creative and stuff comes and you're not banging your head against the wall trying to make something work.  And the writers I think are really enjoying it, too and it looks like people are really enjoying seeing it," he exclaims. 

Although this reporter and Ashford were having a great time dishing about all the latest in Salem, there was also a show to be put on and many fans patiently waiting for the curtain to go up.  Ashford was first joined by Kevin Spirtas (Craig) for a sampling of "A Little Night Music."  The two drew a thunderous round of applause for their quick-witted bantering and undeniable talent.  Ashford's wife, Christina, also gave a flawless performance in a scene from "Phantom of the Opera."  In addition to the Ashfords, Wayne Heffley, as most will remember as Jack's boss Vern from his days at the Spectator, greeted fans with his presence and reflections from his early days as an actor.  Another memorable face making an appearance was Marilyn McIntyre, who played the role of Jack's mom, Jo.  Although now sporting short, dark hair (different from the long, blonde hair that she sported during her time on "Days"), fans were touched and extremely excited to see a family reunion of sorts taking place on stage. Might a family reunion be in the works on screen as well?  You'll just have to tune in and see if and when that happens! ;)

If you were unable to make it to Ashford's fun-filled event, there is still time to catch him at Interact during the next three weeks.  Call the 24-hour hotline at (818) 773-7862 or visit www.interacttheatre.net for more information.  Also, you can support the Ashford's efforts to raise awareness and aid other families going through treatments for retinoblastoma by logging on to www.eyecareforkids.net.

But for us hard-working folks at Turtle-Run, the days of our lives don't stop there!  Later that night was Peter Reckell's Rockin' Barbeque and the fun wasn't about to end! Read on.  J.R.

Reckell's Rocking Barbeque

Something didn't seem right when I pulled in to park and spotted five white horses standing feet away from my car.  Surely this could not be Peter Reckell's (Bo) entertainment.  But not to fear, it was only part of the next-door horse show.  But both events had their similarities: a casual atmosphere, up close stars, and plenty to scream and celebrate about!

By far, this was the most laid-back, personal and fun event of the day. Plenty of stars were lassoed up at Calamigo's Ranch not far from NBC's "Days of our Lives" studio to support Reckell and give the fans plenty to remember!  Cow print tablecloths, barbequed ribs and corn bread, and plenty of haystacks to sit on, the mood was set and the fans came dressed for it! 

Turtle-Run first caught up with the charming and most gracious Jason Cook (Shawn).  He could not have been more appreciative of his job or the fans.  "It's great for the fans.  They come from all over the country, so it's really impressive.  It makes you appreciate what you do, cause you're doing it for them.  It's pretty cool," Cook shared.  Cook also let Turtle-Run in on his biggest goal of the summer:  to get tan!  "Last summer, I was indoors the entire time and I got really white.  I'm usually really dark since I'm Italian.  That's not normal (for me not to be tan)!  So I want to spend some more time outdoors, but no trips. There's no time for trips," he said.  "so I'm just going to be working.  They may even send us on location, so I may even be able to work outdoors which is the best of both worlds."

Shortly thereafter, we tracked down the stunning Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe). We compared our favorite shopping outlets as well as the latest in lip-gloss!  Then, Nadia told Turtle-Run about some loyal Phillip and Chloe fans who made her and Jay (Phillip) huge gift baskets filled with presents specifically tailored to their favorite things.  "I was going, 'Oh my g-d, what did I do to deserve this?'" said Bjorlin. "And they say, 'we want you to have this for being you.'  That's what's memorable.  I only have good memories and fun memories," Nadia said.  She also gave Turtle-Run the heads up on some upcoming storylines. "We start shooting the Last Blast Dance in a week, and then we start shooting a whole Temptation Island/Survivor-esque storyline for the teens."  Nadia put it best by saying, "a lot of bonding will happen, hearts will break, a lot of male mayhem will occur and a lot of scantily clad teenagers! So check it out, it should be fun!"  Couldn't have said it better unless I was a Days publicist myself!

But aside from some great music courtesy of Peter Reckell and his wife, Kelly Moneymaker, (and a shirtless Paul Logan {Glen}!), the evening's biggest and best surprise came in the form of "Days'" matriarch, Frances Reid (Alice Horton).  Making a rare public appearance, fans were delighted to see the heart and soul of "Days" take to the stage and say a few words.  Even after thirty plus years on "Days," she is one heck of a feisty and energetic woman.  Per our request for a few moments to talk with her, she was more than happy to oblige, but not before "I finish watching my friend, Peter."  When Peter took a much deserved break from performing, Frances said that she was enjoying this fan event "enormously, especially because Peter did all the arrangements!"

The evening was a perfect 10 even before Frances made her surprise appearance.  But having the "Days" legend bring the house down was pure icing on the cake.  We didn't even need any donuts!  J.R.

Basketball with Jim Reynolds

DOOL fan weekend came to a close with a celebrity basketball game at Pasadena Senior HS in South Pasadena on Sunday, June 3, 2001.  Hosted by Jim Reynolds (Abe) it was a fun way to round out the weekend.  It was also the least expensive event with ticket prices ranging from five to ten dollars. 

If you did not get to attend the DOOL event this year, do consider it next time. That goes for any fan event no matter what your favorite show. You really get the opportunity to meet and get to know your favorite stars on a one-to-one level.  For the true, diehard soap fan, it's an experience you'll not soon forget.  LMS

Coca-Cola Sponsors Sweepstakes for Summer Concert Jam with ABC Daytime

Partnering exclusively with Coca-Cola as the presenting sponsor of the "ABC Summer Jam Sweepstakes," ABC offers viewers a chance to win the Grand Prize of having BBMak, SHeDAISY, or Kortney Kayle perform at their school!  Beginning July 2, 2001, viewers must watch "General Hospital," "All My Children," and "One Life to Live" each weekday for the chance to win and for the opportunity to partake in the romance, the excitement, the fun, and the action.

In the meantime, watch for SHeDAISY to appear on "General Hospital" during the week of July 2-6, 2001, BBMak (the personal favorite of yours truly!  LOL They are just too cute, and I give the music a 10! ) to appear on "All My Children" the week of July 9-13, 2001, and Kortney Kayle who will have a short-term recurring role on "One Life to Life" (see below.). 

A total of 100 viewers will win prizes including the Grand Prize where one caller will win a live musical performance by SHeDAISY, BBMak, or Kortney Kayle at a pre-existing event at the winner's school.  Then, nine callers will win a VIP Concert Pass for two to a concert by the featured artist of that episode, and 90 callers will win an autographed CD by the featured artist for that episode. 

So, get your fastest fingers ready, guys, and be quick to place your call.  For further details, tune into ABC Daytime this summer.

Must "Si" TV With Closed-Captioning In Spanish For Days Of Our Lives & Passions

On Monday, June 4, 2001, NBC announced that it will become the first network to broadcast its entire daytime schedule with a Spanish closed-captioned translation.  "Days of our Lives" and "Passions" will begin the service for all of its affiliated stations on Monday, July 9, 2001. The closed-captioning feature will continue throughout the summer on both shows. Viewers will see a message appear on-screen twice during each show, indicating that closed-captions are available "en Espanol."

Coinciding with the beginning of this service, "Passions" will feature guest appearances by Hispanic TV talk-show host and media sensation Cristina Saralegui ("The Cristina Show"), and veteran Hispanic actor Emiliano Diez in nine episodes beginning on July 11. Their appearances on "Passions" mark the first time either performer has appeared on an English-language daytime drama.

The option to view both daytime dramas with closed-captioning in Spanish will allow viewers with television sets manufactured in the last 10 years to see a translated scrolled text of the actors' English dialogue appear in Spanish at the bottom of their screens.

In order to use "closed captioning," audience members must look for the letters "CC" on their remote control units, or find the TV's "set-up menu" and press the audio function. Once accessed, viewers can choose text in either English or Spanish.

"Days of our Lives" was the first soap opera to be broadcast in color. On July 9, it will be the first soap opera to carry Spanish closed-captioning, with "Passions" premiering the service one-hour later. "The Spanish closed-captioning will broaden our shows' appeal, making them more accessible to the sizeable and growing Hispanic audience," said Sheraton Kalouria, Senior Vice President, NBC Daytime.

As previously announced (See Top of the Week, May 7, 2001) Saralegui will portray Aunt Cristina Lopez, while Diez will play Uncle Francisco Lopez -- a married couple who come to the quaint seaside town of Harmony to join in a celebration with their local relatives, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.

Kortney Kaye joins One Life to Live

In a casting coup, singer/songwriter, Kortney Kaye joins the cast of One Life to Live in a recurring role.  Kayle will play herself -- a rising country singer who travels through Llanview to launch her musical career.  Kayle's debut album, "No Turning Back" will be released August 28, 2001, the same day she performs the album's first single, "Unbroken By You" on OLTL.  Prior to that, Kayle will sing several times throughout her sting, beginning with her first performance scheduled to air the week of July 16-20, 2001.

"We are thrilled to have this unique opportunity to introduce our audience to Kortney Kayle, one of music's up and coming young artists," said Angela Shapiro, President, ABC Daytime.  "Her broad appeal is certain to blend with the wonderfully talented younger actors on the canvas, as we gear up for an explosive summer on 'One Life to Live.'"

Originally from Ayr, Ontario, Kayle headed to Nashville to begin her music career after briefly considering an opportunity to pursue acting in Toronto.  Kayle's debut album, "No Turning Back" will be released on Lyric Street Records. The first single, "Unbroken by You," recently hit Country radio. 

And herein lies the tie in!  Lyric Street Records is part of the Buena Vista Music Group.  The Buena Vista Music Group is the recorded music and music publishing arm of -- you guessed it -- The Walt Disney Company!

MTV Goes Soap

MTV is gearing up to premiere "Spyder Games," an edgy daytime soap opera airing weekdays. The sarcastic, fast-paced program, set at a video game company, features a cast that includes former "Sunset Beach" stars Shawn Batten and Christina Chambers.  The show is scheduled to begin airing June 18 at 7 PM ET/PT. Stay tuned to Turtle Run for the lowdown on this exciting new soap.

Sue Johnson Promoted to Director, Talent Development, ABC Daytime

Turtle-Run congratulates Sue Johnson on her new position. Effective June 4, 2001, Johnson was made Director, Talent Development for ABC Daytime. "Sue has proved to be an invaluable asset and Felicia and I are thrilled to have her overseeing this new development program," said Angela Shapiro, president ABC Daytime.  Johnson previously served as the Network programming executive for One Life to Live, and prior to that, as programming coordinator, where her responsibilities included working with the writing teams and track storylines for All My Children, and One Life to Live.  She joined ABC Daytime in 1993, after a stint at Lifetime Television as an Executive Assistant, Programming. 

And on "Sex in the City..."

This week, episode #51, titled "Defining Moments" explores what really defines a relationship.  Carrie meets Ray, a handsome jazz musician, and as a result, must define what her feelings are for Mr. Big.  In the meantime, Samantha crosses a major boundary when she gets involved with a very sexy artist.  Speaking of boundaries, Miranda decides that certain boundaries will always be necessary. However, on the other hand, Charlotte and Trey throw boundaries right out the window as they take their relationship to a whole new place in lots of new places. 

Premiering on Sunday, June 17, 2001 is episode #52 titled, "What's Sex Got to Do with It," where our four heroines must determine what comes first?  The chicken or the sex?  When the sexual sparks fly, Carrie wonders whether great sex actually means anything. Meanwhile, Samantha begins to date someone she really likes, as Charolotte starts to explore some old territory.  Then, in a surprising turn of events, Miranda makes a very conscious decision regarding her own sexual activities.  What does she decide?  Tune in to "Sex in the City" next Sunday to find out!

Premiering On Soap Center Friday, June 8, 2001

AMC's Kimberly McCullough  The Emmy-winning actress is reprising her "General Hospital" role of Robin Scorpio on "All My Children" for a few days. Catch up with McCullough to discuss her memories of GH, her time away from soaps, and what it felt like to work with Finola Hughes once again.  "The dynmaic between mother and daughter has definitely changed," says McCullough of Robin's relationship with Anna. "There is a part of her that still really needs her mother, but there's also a part of her that's learned to take care of herself and is going to (go) head to head with Anna."

GL's Ricky Paull Goldin   Goldin, a veteran of soaps, primetime TV and films, is back in New York and playing Gus on "Guiding Light." How has the actor's life changed since his last SoapCenter interview?  At that time, he was living in LA.  What brings him back to soaps and the East Coast?  And what can we expect from his character, a hardnosed FBI agent?  Golden explains it all in this revealing interview.  "I felt like I was coming home when I came back to New York," he says.  "I felt really good about the choice because I felt really good about the role."

At Home with Passions Eva Tamargo Lemus  Soap fans know her as the loyal housekeeper and mother, Pilar, on Passions. But the vivacious actress is NOTHING like her alter ego, a fact that is especially evident when you go on this very personal visit to Eva's beautiful and inviting Los Angeles Home.

On Location with Port Charles  The half-hour spin off of GH marks its fourth anniversary with an outdoor location shoot.  A down-and-dirty bike race in the mountains featuring four of the show's hot young stars.  You'll have your front row seat for all the death defying excitement behind the scenes and on screen.  "It's so great for our crew to be outside of the studio," Erin Hersey (Alison) says.  "I kind of feel like we're at camp!  It's kind of nerdy, but it is really fun."

Real-Life Love  In honor of SoapNet's month-long salute to ABC's Unforgettable Weddings, here is an up-close look at the real-life romances of newl

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