The spicy soap opera bedroom

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If you're a fan of soap operas, chances are you have a very keen eye for the details that make up their sets. The big pull and the heady allure of soap operas is that things are exaggerated - beauty, emotions, reactions, wealth and status, for example.

In the soaps, people almost never die, and if they do it's under the most odd and extreme circumstances. In the soap, someone could fly to Paris on Monday and still have time to have an affair in Texas just before the flight. In soap operas, there isn't just wealth - there is obscene wealth. Men and women don't just work for millionaires, they ARE the millionaires themselves and they are always on the cusp of a super dramatic hostile take over.

Speaking of wealth, the affluence that we see portrayed in soap operas is enough to make your head spin. Looking on at the millions of dollars these people have, it is no surprise at all that they are able to live in villas, afford housekeeping services eternally, jet set in minutes and always keep up in the most haute of couture.

Specifically, we want to look at the homes and bedrooms of the gilded soap opera stars we've come to love over the years. It would seem that in the soaps, the adults are constantly doing one of three things - getting sick or attacked, having sex or thinking about it, OR going through some sort of emotional inner turmoil that renders them completely nutters.

Where the sultry bits are concerned in soaps, they don't just get down in any old back alley (even though some may have briefly). In the soaps, stars romp in the peak of luxury. Their beds almost float off the ground, are very ornately designed, are covered with the most luxe linens and take center stage in bedrooms that are the very definition of opulence. If it's one thing soap opera stars do a lot of is knock boots; in general they seem to be pretty raunchy! And in true soap star aplomb, they go big or go home in terms of décor, interior design, location and specifically bedding. Some of the most provocative scenes are shot on beds fit for queens and kings!

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