The Psychology of Music ~ how did it affect your watching of soaps?

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Go Gators!  Did you know that your QueenRuler was a Gator?  Yup. I am a proud grad of the University of Florida.  And I am so proud of not only our #4 ranked football team this year, but of the great strides the university continues to make in education.

Like it's music department, for example, and it's research in the psychology of music.  Look at it from a purely soap opera perspective.

Remember back in the day when organ music swelled with the drama?  Long time All My Children fan, Carol Burnett, used to poke a little fun at that very thing in her As the Stomach Turns skits on The Carol Bunett Show!  It typically occured at a tense moment, or a suspenseful moment.  As the music swelled so was the storyline heightened in some way.  Did the music have any affect on you as you watched your favorite soap? 

Now, the University of Florida is making it easy for us to get into the psychology of music with this infographic.  Very cool.  

Like I said at the beginning of this post, Go Gators!



Via: University of Florida