The Lifestyles of Senior Soap Stars

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Susan LucciWhen most of us reach retirement age, we figure it is about time that we had a more relaxing life. We may go to all those places that we have always wanted to see, decide to spend time fixing up our home, or even move into senior apartment homes in Reading, PA. We figure it's time for a change, and that we deserve some downtime after a life of bringing up the kids and looking after our careers. It's not that we want to take a step away from things – it's just that we want to start to enjoy all the good things in life.

However, did you ever wonder how life would be as a soap star over 65? Soap stars live very different lives to the rest of us – there is so much glamor, so many events to attend, and a grueling filming schedule. Do they do the same that we do, and start to take it a bit easy, or do they keep on living the fast-paced life that they have become used to as a famous celebrity?

Some of them definitely keep going with their careers as soap stars – they must really enjoy this, particularly since the physical demands are something that even younger soap stars find to be a challenge. Once you are past 65, it's difficult to put in 12 hour days and then live a busy public life as well. However, for many soap stars, it just seems like they wouldn't consider any other choice.

Jeanne CJeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor, The Young and the Restless)We all remember the Duchess, Jeanne Cooper, who passed away this year from chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) at the age of 84 – a reminder of why we shouldn't smoke. While her death was tragic – and definitely came too soon – what is truly amazing is that she managed to keep going on the Young and the Restless until just before her death. She spent more than 40 years on the soap, during which time her character was variously an alcoholic, an amnesic and a twin. Her character also had a facelift, at the same time the actress was having a facelift in real life – this was incredibly cutting edge stuff at the time. However, judging by the tributes that poured in after her death, what really sustained her outside of her acting career was her family and friends.

Another actress who is truly amazing is Susan Lucci. To look at her, you would struggle to believe that she was over 50, but she is actually 66. Although she left All My Children in 2011 after more than 30 years on the show – a decision that wasn't of her own making – her lifestyle definitely isn't headed for a quiet retirement. Since then, she has been working on publishing a book, has hosted a primetime series, and has started starring as Genevieve Delacourt in the drama series Devious Maids. If only we could all be so charged up about life.