Summertime Blues

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AMC happenings, Palmer on Broadway and Summer storylines

Well, things have been a little slow here at Turtle-Run. Seems everyone on staff is under the weather this summer. Bummer. Being sick in the summertime was never one of my favorite pastimes. Barbecues! Excursions to the Beach! And for those of us in the LA area - evening picnics at the Hollywood Bowl! Those are what I call summer activities. But, alas and alack, this summer they were not meant to be. The good thing is, being home sick has been a great way to keep on top of all the soaps! See, there is always a silver lining. Hopefully, things will be back to normal soon, and we'll be uploading new stuff on a more frequent basis. If it takes us a little longer, please bear with it. Our intentions are the best, if not foiled by being a bunch of sickies ;o)

Along with getting to watch all the soaps, I am also becoming quite adapt at flicking the remote control and perusing all the cable channels. What surprises I've found. On an old episode of "Brotherly Love," starring Joey Lawrence, who should appear making a guest appearance, but Pine Valley's own, Michael Lowery (Jake Martin.) I don't know how long ago this episode was taped, as "Brotherly Love" is no longer a current-running show, but Michael looked exactly like he does today. Fun to see him slumming it in a sit com.

The best surprise occurred while watching a director Vincente Minnelli (Liza's dad. Judy Garland's one-time husband) retrospective on AMC (American Movie Classics). The film was called "The Band Wagon" and starred Fred Astaire as a washed-up movie star who tries his luck on Broadway. It's a great behind-the-scenes look at producing a Broadway show, and also stars Cyd Charisse, Oscar Levant, Nanette Fabray, and Jack Buchanan. Here's the fun part. I'd always heard that All My Children's James Mitchell began his career as a "song-and-dance-man." Well, folks, he too has a major role in this fun musical-comedy released in 1953, and my gracious -- he looks exactly the same, except his hair is black! But those unmistakable dimples are there. The same sometimes dastardly smirk. What a treat to see Palmer "PC" Cortland gliding across the faux Broadway stage as the show's choreographer. Leonard Maltin gives the film ****. It's available on videocassette. If ever you're bored, or home fighting the sickies, it's one I'd recommend just for the fun of it!

Since we're on the subject of Pine Valley, I feel so sorry for Kelly Ripa (Haley). The last time I had the pleasure of speaking with her, which was several months ago, her only wish for Haley and Mateo was that they'd finally be happy together. It seems that the pair has found nothing but angst for two years. Although I believe Kelly to be a wonderfully talented actress, it gets a bit tiring to tune in every day and see her crying over Mateo. Hopefully, this storyline will resolve itself soon.

Last but not least, and also on the subject of All My Children, interesting plot twist in the Tad and Dixie story with Dixie having a miscarriage. I know there are many Tad and Dixie fans out there who are livid at this turn of events, wanting that couple to finally have a child together. The miscarriage was something I never even considered. I thought there would be difficulties with the pregnancy, Tad being overly protective and driving Dixie bonkers, that sort of thing. Never saw the miscarriage coming. To their credit, the actors, as always, are doing a wonderful job with the material, and who knows, maybe there's another pregnancy in the works for them down the line. Time will tell.

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A nurse at the beginning of the shift places her stethoscope on an elderly and slightly deaf female patient's chest. "Big breaths," instructed the nurse. "Yes, they used to be," remorsed the patient.

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