Styling and Profiling Like Spiderman and Batman

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Spiderman (c) Marvel, Inc.Summer is annually the time of the year when Hollywood unveils its mega-hits in order to make a big haul at the theaters.

In 2012, action heroes are the main theme, with both The Amazing Spiderman and Batman's The Dark Knight Rises taking center stage. Two of the best-known comic book heroes are fighting off respective villains in an effort to keep their respective cities safe and sound.

With such big hits also comes the need for many moviegoers worldwide to want to dress up like their heroes. Yes, t-shirts, caps, beach towels and many more items are likely to be seen in a town near you this summer, and not just on children.

As the annual Comic-Con event held each July in San Diego has shown the country, fans come from all over the nation and a number of other countries to partake for four days in the trip back to childhood. Yes, dressing up like Spiderman and Batman this summer seems as natural as heading to the beach on a hot July or August afternoon.

Batman (c) Marvel, Inc.Spiderman and Batman Mean Big Dollars

When it comes to Peter Parker (Spiderman), his outfit is familiar the world wide. Whether he is dropping in on bad guys and/or swinging from building to building, his hero character evokes not only cheers from the audience, but a fair amount of money.

It was recently reported that artist Todd McFarlane's original cover art for "The Amazing Spiderman" No. 328 sold for a record $657,250 at auction, just one among a number of pieces from the 1990s that went for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not bad for a guy who acts like a spider.

Meantime, the Batman character is as popular as ever, ranging from the latest movie to many of today's kids watching reruns of the 1960s TV hit Batman starring Adam West and Burt Ward. Yes, the same show that was watched by some of today's children's grandparents and parents.

So, with two popular characters being reborn on the big screen this summer, it should come as no surprise that all kinds of memorabilia is flying off the racks and shelves of stores, along with online providers like Stylin Online.

The battle involving clothing and similar accessories between the two superheroes has even been analyzed in a recent infographic.

According to the report, it isn't just the fighting exploits of Spiderman and Batman that are up for discussion.

In this infographic, the two see their bank accounts go head-to-head. Now imagine all the money they can be making if they each get a percentage of the clothing being sold with their images!

H&R Block recently compiled the math on Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne so fans would not have to. While "The Amazing Spiderman" may have been leading its way at the box office, poor Mr. Parker can't even afford a portion of Wayne Enterprises with that income.

Swinging back to the clothing for a moment, do not be surprised that both Spiderman and Batman outfits are likely to take center stage this October when Halloween hits.

Batman and Spiderman duke it out! (c) Marvel, Inc.

As the two superheroes fight it out on-screen for the biggest earnings this summer, you can bet that they are also both battling it out online and in clothing stores to see which character emerges victorious.