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Actors' view of their characters and More star interviews

Hi Suds Buds:

As you know, we caught up with many stars either during or after Super Soap Weekend and FanFest. This week we will feature interviews with Michael E. Knight (Tad, AMC), Peter Reckell (Bo, DOOL), Linda Dano (Rae, OLTL), Jon Lindstrom (Kevin, PC) and a few comments from Lynn Herring (Lucy, PC).

Michael E. Knight (Tad, AMC)

On Tad the former Cad "I miss sleeping with the whole town. I really do!"

On learning he won the Soaps In Depth award for Funniest Character on ABC Daytime "That's fantastic. I am honored. Humor was the thing that set Tad apart initially. Twenty years ago, Tad was God's vengeance on Liza Colby. Tad was so evil, and I was so afraid that I was going to be hit by a car, and I needed the job, so I said to the (producer, Jackie Babbin) who gave me my job, that I would like to bend this guy a little bit. If Tad is going to be so absolutely despicable, can I at least make him funny? She said, 'okay, show me what you can do.' Initially, the writers were very upset, as they had this character in mind and knew what they wanted to do with him, and which way they wanted to take him, but the (producer, Jackie Babbin) backed me up saying she thought (humor) was good for the character. And it stuck. Now, everybody thinks I am ad libbing but I am not. The writers are so good with this character, they give me a lot of the best one liners. I am honored (to have won this award). Because I can't take off my shirt anymore guys! I could, but I don't think you guys would watch!"

On working with the other actors in his storyline "I am surrounded by great talent. David Canary is one of the best straight men in the business. He is fantastic. Cady McClain is fantastic. Marcy Walker is great. They are all wonderful at letting me take the spotlight, but it is their work, too!"

On the Tad/Dixie/David triangle "I don't think that Tad will really be interested in anyone as a vengeance thing if Dixie and David do get together. First of all, I would love it if they do. Cady (McClain) has really come into her own as a woman. She has never looked better. She is sexy as all hell. And between you and me, I think that we have that 'sweeter than sunshine' Dixie thing (with her). And to be able to bend that, for her to be able to get into her sexuality a little bit more, so that Dixie isn't always on the moral high ground. It is also great for Tad because initially, he was flipping out over the two kisses. And I was thinking - excuse the expression - but this guy's laid more pipe than anybody else on the show. He slept with everything ten years ago, and here I am, I have broken her heart two or three times, and I am freaking out over two kisses! After I talked to the writers, my acting teacher, Alan Savage, and Catherine (Hickland, my wife), it was cleared up (for me.) In life, you live in the world you create. People who cheat are the ones most paranoid about people they love cheating on them. So, I really love the balance of doing this storyline. I'd love to see if Tad spools out a little. Not in a sexual way, because I think the character of Dixie is his north on the moral compass. As long as she loves him, he knows that he is redeemable. If something happens to tear that up, than he goes back to being a wolf in wolf's clothing, saying I tried doing it for other people. I tried doing the honorable thing, and this is what I got. Other than Dixie, I think that Ruth and Joe Martin are the ones who keep him grounded. So if Dixie and David happen, I would love it, but I wouldn't automatically like to go back into sleeping around as basically, there is nobody left!

On Tad and Dixie love scenes "I'll be shirtless again when hell freezes over! I was never really comfortable with taking off my shirt in the first place. Especially, when you get over 40, and it is an industry that is based on beauty. If I am sexier and more mysterious and more effective with my shirt on at this point, I'd rather leave it on. I don't want to stand next to guys like Cameron Mathison who is a Greek God. I think I am past that. I don't want to be the guy who shows up in the sauna with the towel hiked up over his love handles. You guys have seen me up and down. You guys have seen me grow old. I've been on AMC since I was 21, 22 years old. In that time, I've been 230 lbs. I've been 160 lbs. And everywhere in between. It is humbling. Also, I had skin cancer. I had stuff cut off my body. I have three holes on my side (which he lifted his shirt to display), all because of trying to be the body beautiful as a fair-skinned, blue-eyed man. If I get down (in weight) and start feeling confident again, I'll do it. But I am not really psyched about it. But we could get Cady naked, cos God knows (she looks great!) I'd be the guy in the tuxedo with the naked chick sitting in my lap. She looks fantastic, she really does. She is a hottie. I come to work and get to kiss Cady in the morning, and kiss (my wife) Catherine (Hickland, Lindsay, OLTL) at night and I am going -- this is really great!"

On fans feeling gypped when Tad and Dixie romance is cut short "I think we will get back to it. I think it is flattering that after three marriages people still care. I think that is a testament to how well we work together. I don't know what chemistry is. I have enjoyed working with everyone I work with. I enjoyed working with Teresa (Blake, ex Gloria) when Cady was out of town. But (my wife) Catherine (Hickland, Lindsay, OLTL) is my referee. Catherine knows soaps. She has been on six of them and she has been watching (them) since she is 18. She tells me that Cady and I have it. We have IT! We work well together, and the audience buys it. Which is another reason why so many were disgruntled having me and Marcy (Walker, Liza) together. I loved working with Marcy. I really think we work well together, but the fans really want to see Tad and Dixie work, and I think we will get around to it. (In regard to fans wanting more Tad and Dixie romance) I will share those sentiments with the folks back in New York, saying we gotta start steaming it up a little bit. But God knows, you got these guys running around I saw this one thing that Cameron did in the steam bath, and I thought 'what the hell are we turning into? This is like the Playboy channel! Damn!'"

Peter Reckell (Bo, DOOL)

On being Bo Brady "When fans see me on the street they call me Bo! I am one of the lucky people when it comes to storyline. They will scream out things like 'the baby's not yours!' that kind of thing, but they don't harass me because of story."

On his new CD titled 'Peter Reckell' "My wife, Kelly Moneymaker, wrote some of the songs on it. She wrote all the songs on her CD. We've been married almost four years. The CD is available at the website, and if you purchase it between now and Christmas, I'll autograph it!"

On his reasons for recording the CD "As much as I love acting, singing is in my blood. Since daytime TV and country music share the same audience (it was a natural next step). The CD has songs that range from ballads to 'two-stepping' to ones that really rock out. There is something for everyone."

Linda Dano (Rae, OLTL)

On her storyline: "I am happy to report that Rae and John have come together in the Biblical sense. I am pleased that the show is writing a little bit of comedy. I feel that it is important for any character to have that, and it is especially important for me, because I like to have a little comedy. I believe that the people you like to hang around with the most in the world are those with a sense of humor, and I like that they are giving Rae a sense of humor."

On AMC's Myrtle visiting Llanview: "She was so cute! She took over. I love her. We had the best time. I do know that when the rest of this story for Rae unfolds, it will spin me back into some of the other shows. What a great surprise that was for me when I went on AMC that they decided to go in that direction with Myrtle. What fun scenes we had to play. All the stuff I like. I did my best to make her feel at home at OLTL. She went wherever I went. I would find her a chair, and sat her down. I got her lunch. I took care of her like she really was my mom."

On settling in on One Life to Live: "OLTL always was going to be my home base. That was what we talked about from the very beginning. When I started to spin around and go to the other shows, they felt that the audience was confused as to where I was permanently. They felt the audience needed to see me someplace that was home. That is why I have been on OLTL for so many months. I will stay there until after the holidays, and probably in the first part of the year, I will then have to go again to the other shows. "

On teaming up with National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA) "It's a campaign to provide information and support to families hit by Alzheimer's disease. I was a caregiver for my father who suffered from Alzheimer's. It is still a very emotional topic for me. I don't talk about it very easily. I adored my father. (Alzheimer's) is a hideous disease. I decided that I would go in partnership with NFCA so that I can go all over America and say to people that I am offering you a caregivers survival kit. Completely free. It has a video that I am part of and I tell the story about my dad, and there are other stories, and resources, and tips on how to take care of yourself as a caregiver. I spoke to a woman who was in my autograph line at SSW, who had caught me talking about this on The View and sent for the kit. She had gotten it, watched the video, read all the pamphlets and said to me 'I can't thank you enough. I am a caregiver for my mother and my father. I just can't tell you how much the kit has helped.' And it does help. The person who gets pushed aside or under the carpet is the caregiver, because you never think you have the right to whine or complain or feel sorry for yourself, when you have someone you love who is so sick. Caregivers very often get forgotten, and this kit is for them. I am very proud of this campaign. I am hoping it will help people, and I think (choking up) that my father would be very proud."

You can get the Caregivers Survival Kit from the NFCA website at or by calling toll free at 877-439-3566

Jon Lindstrom (Kevin, PC)

On SSW2 vs SSW5 "This is my second Super Soap. When Port Charles first hit the air, they sent us down to Super Soap Weekend. I think it was the second annual. That one was fun, but they are getting their act down now. SSW5 was much smoother and much easier to do. Seems like the fans were able do everything they wanted to do. The attendance at Disney/MGM was fantastic. I heard there were like 30,000 people on Saturday. It was so crowded, they had to close the parking lot and not allow any more cars. The most fun thing for me this year was playing with my band, The High Lonesome, for such a large, appreciative crowd, and of course, meeting all the fans. That's always fun!"

On The High Lonesome performing for the last time at SSW5 "Yes, I did say at the street party that it might be the last performance of the band, at least for a while. The lead singer is currently starring in a musical. I work full time on Port Charles. But I hope we can still get together and perform. Maybe after the first of the year. "

On The High Lonesome CD "We recorded a CD back in1995, and I am hoping to get a web page together so that we can sell it online."

On Port Charles new 12-week arc storytelling technique "The first thing to note is that the half hour goes by very fast because there is so much jammed into it. I think the characters have a lot more at stake with each other and with themselves. You'll see some very big soap opera-type stories involving emotions and life-and-death situations. But there will also be a lot of tenderness and romance that will come back to (the show), which I think is really important. The first story called "Fate" has to do with Kevin and Lucy and Eve and Ian, and breaking up and getting back together again."

On working with a favorite actor"I don't really have one favorite. To me it is always about material. I like to work with different people. I get bored very easily. I am happy to work with someone and walk away at the end of the day and say that was good work today."

Special message to Port Charles fans "Thanks for supporting us. It's been uphill for a while, but I think we are going to enjoy a bit of a coast for a change!"

Lynn Herring (Lucy, PC)

On SSW5 "I enjoyed having a lot more time to talk with each viewer, which was nice. We also had more free time in the park (this year), so I could stop and take pictures with them instead of having to rush around. It was more relaxed. You can't say that there is a most fun thing to do at Walt Disney World! Grady, my littlest boy loved the Pace Car on the Test Track, all 53 times! The look on his face on the Rock'n Roller Coaster was priceless. Riding it with Thorsten Kaye (Ian, PC) was a hoot for me. I loved the sight of Hank getting up the courage to ride the huge drop water slide at Typhoon Lagoon. He did it all by himself. It was a big moment for him!"

***Stay tuned for more star comments next week, including Cameron Mathison and Esta Terblanche (Ryan and Gillian, AMC), Kevin Spirtas (Craig, DOOL), Hillary B. Smith (Nora, OLTL) Galen Gering (Luis, Passions) and more to come like Susan Lucci (Erica, AMC), Melissa Reeves (Jen, DOOL), Josh Duhamel (Leo, AMC), and Matt Cedeno (Brandon, DOOL)!***

Breaking News!

Port Charles Launches New Storytelling Format

On Friday, December 1, 2000 Port Charles embarked upon the first in a series of 12-week story arcs. Each 12-week arc will be titled as a book with individual chapter titles each month. "Desire" launches the first chapter of "Fate," and will be followed by "Deception" and "Destiny." The culmination of "Fate" will occur at the end of February 2001, at which point another story arc will begin. This faster-paced storytelling will engage fans with an event every day, every week, every month. Turbulent romance is the backdrop for a kidnapping, a devastating car accident, an undeniable act of betrayal and a marriage.

The first "book" focuses on the romantic relationships between Lucy, Kevin, Eve, and Ian. The triangle of Livvie, Chris, and a town wayfarer (Brian Presley) will heat up, while young love continues to blossom between Alison and Jamal. Joe and Gabriela uncover the depths of their love while his brother, Frank and Karen discover a relationship burgeoning under the auspices of friendship.

"The unveiling of this romantically focused storytelling has all of us at Port Charles very excited," said EP Julie Hanan Carruthers. "The three-month blocks will enable viewers an easy on-ramp to Port Charles and further enhance the experience of our loyal viewers."

In conjunction with the new format, ABC Daytime will launch a special marketing and advertising campaign that will focus on romance and the conflicting internal desires of the core characters whose fate has deemed them star-crossed lovers.

Letters to the Editor

Turtle Run has been inundated with email regarding the Sheridan shooting story on Passions. Here's a sample of the many letters we received. "I was wondering if someone will realize Sheridan is not really dead before it's to late? I don't think I can wait till Monday to find out," writes RosebudBandy. "What is going on with this whole Sheridan thing on Passions? Is she dead or alive, do you have any information?" writes sadiedevon. "I can't believe the Passion writers killed off the character Sheridan! She and Luis were my favorite couple and it was the main reason why I continued to watch Passions. The other couples are much older or much younger, they seemed to be just right. Can you find out if they intend to bring her back. After all this is soap opera! Just look at Marlena from Days, she has been killed and brought back more times than I can count!" writes LMHJFH. "I would just like to say that I love the show and I can't wait to see what's going to happen next," writes Jamiebarr. Truth is, your guess is as good as mine, everyone. We are all just going to have to tune in and see what happens next!

MrsDrBean wrote sending a link to a post on Media Domain that claimed that Kale Brown (Sam, OLTL) would be joining the cast of Days of Our Lives in February, 2001. Fans take heart and please read these kinds of posts with a grain of salt. This is a rumor, and a false one at that. In speaking to the show representative, who placed a call to the casting director while I was on hold, informed me that there was no truth to this rumor. Never say never, and stranger things have happened, but as of right now, the casting director for Days didn't know a thing about it.


As the World Turns: Marc Webster appears as INS Agent Pandleton on Monday, December 4, 2000.

Days of Our Lives: Bill Cross is the Salem Police Commissioner on Tuesday, December 5, 2000.

One Life to Live: Michael James Reed plays the role of a (state?) Trooper beginning Tuesday, December 5, 2000. Paul Bucossi has been cast as a hitman and begins airing Wednesday, December 6, 2000. On the same day, Janette Gregorian plays a chambermaid.

Passions: Elizabeth Storm appears as "Katherine Crane." Storm's previous credits include contract roles on Santa Barbara, and Days of Our Lives, as well as co-starring roles on King of Queens, Maggie, Party of Five, Silk Stalkings and Sequest. Her first airdate is Friday, December 15, 2000. She airs until Wednesday, December 20. 2000.

Port Charles: Ramy Zada has been cast in a prominent recurring role of Harris, a harsh reminder of Ian's not so pristine past. Known to daytime viewers as Jeffrey Morgan on Guiding Light, Zada has a long list of prime time and feature film credits including, The X-Files, NYPD Blue, Melrose Place, and Out of Sync. His first airdate is Wednesday, December 6, 2000. James Henricksen will reprise his role as Denny Mario on Thursday, December 14, 2000. Joey Spillers has been cast in the role of Ted Harmon. His first airdate is Tuesday, December 26, 2000. Opal Anchel is joining the cast as Arianna. Her first airdate is January 2, 2001.

Seeing Stars

Days of Our Lives: Bill Hayes (Doug Williams) headlines Glad to Be Unhappy: The Lyrical Life of Lorenz Heart at Theatre West in Los Angeles (3333 Cahuenga Blvd, West Los Angeles, CA 90068) beginning November 24 through December 19, 2000. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8 pm, Sundays at 2 pm. Tickets are $20.00 and can be ordered by calling 323 851-7977. Louisiana Days of Our Lives fans! Make a date to ring in the New Year with Kevin Spirtas (Craig). On New Years Eve, 2000 at the Central School Arts & Humanities Center Auditorium in Lake Charles, LA from 10:00 PM - 1:30 AM, Kevin will pay tribute to Broadway musicals and share his unique stories of how the Broadway stage influenced his life. Mail your ticket request to: Kevin Spirtas c/o New Year's Eve with Kevin Spirtas, 8033 Sunset Blvd., Suite 637, Los Angeles, CA 90046. Single tickets: $85.00. Two or more, $75.00 each. All orders MUST be placed by December 15, 2000. Make checks payable to Kevin Spirtas.

Passions: Galen Gering (Luis) will be a celebrity participant at Y-100's (Miami's #1 radio station) annual celebrity softball event, in conjunction with their Jingle Bell Jam, to raise money for the Children's Home Society and the Charlee House of Miami on Sunday, December 9, 2000 from 11 am - 3 pm at Ft. Lauderdale Stadium. Jesse Metcalfe (Miguel) will make a personal appearance at Poway High School, 15500 Espola Road, Poway, CA (near San Diego) on Saturday, December 9, 2000 from 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm. Lindsay Korman (Theresa) will be the Grand Marshall for the Annual Children's Christmas Land Parade in South Gate, CA, on Sunday, December 10 from Noon - 2:30 pm. James Hyde (Sam), Dalton James (Hank), Jesse Metcalfe (Miguel) and Travis Schuldt (Ethan) will play celebrity golf at the First Annual Playboy Celebrity Golf Tournament which will be televised as a one-hour special on FOX Sports Net Playboy Looks at Golf, on Sunday, December 10 at the Lost Canyons Golf Club in Simi Valley, CA. For info and tickets call 800 524-3377. Juliet Mills (Tabitha) performs live at the Falcon Theater in Burbank, CA on Friday, December 8 and Saturday, December 9, 2000 in the one-act play Sorry, Wrong Number. Performances are at 8 PM. For tickets and reservations call 818 955-8101.

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