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Murder mysteries, Sunset DAYS & Sad goodbyes on DOOL

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Hi Suds Buds:

Several soaps are currently running (or are about to launch) murder mystery storylines. 

The plot thickens on All My Children as the list of possible suspects for the murder of Michael Cambias (William deVry) continues to grow.  This week, Kendall will be arrested for the crime. But is she truly guilty?  Seems to me there are a number of other likely suspects, with just as much motive, and just as much opportunity.  Time will tell.

One Life to Live is set to launch a Serial Killer storyline.  Who will be struck down in their prime in Llanview? 

Perhaps the most publicized and intriguing murder mystery is the Salem Stalker storyline on Days of our Lives.  Last Tuesday, Days producers, in conjunction with NBC Daytime, hosted a Daytime first when two never-before-seen episodes of Days premiered on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, CA at the Arc light Cinerama Dome theatre.  Those episodes will air this week -- on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Talk about a serial killer story with heart. Many of Days most long-term and beloved characters are biting the bullet at the killer’s hand, pulling at the heartstrings of long time fans.  Suzanne Rogers, whose character, Maggie, meets her demise at the hands of the Salem Stalker, noted that in order for the story to work, those killed off had to be vested with the fans.  Although she is extremely sad to be leaving, she completely understands the show’s decision to include her character as one of those who is killed. 

Soapdom asked everyone from Executive Producer, Ken Corday, on down to just about every actor we could find, who they thought the Salem Stalker is.  You’ll be surprised at their responses.  Stay tuned to this week as we share their thoughts with you.

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