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Music to Tad's ears & Scarless on ATWT

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Soap Character with a Theme Song
Roger Howarth Sans Scar
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Hi Suds Buds:

It is not everyday that your run-of-the mill soap opera character gets their very own theme song.  In fact, I don’t think it’s ever happened before in soap history. (Please post on the Criticize the Critic folder if I am wrong).  Never before in soap history, that is – until now. 

Thaddeus James Martin, aka Tad the Cad (Michael E. Knight), the infamous Pine Valley playboy on All My Children, grew into a responsible husband and father. Yes, there were times he was tempted, and yes there were times he “fell off the wagon” even in marriage, but he ultimately found his way home to wife and family.  Until, loving wife Dixie (Cady McClain, now Rosanna, ATWT) was killed off in a car accident while in Europe, ending not only her life, but the life of Tad and Dixie’s unborn baby. 

Terri Ivens and Michael E. Knight (Simone and Tad, Fan February Episode 2003)After a year or so of mourning, we are now seeing Tad in more cad-like circumstances once again, beginning with All My Children’s Fan Fantasy February, where Tad was paired (hey, that rhymed!) with a number of Pine Valley’s most prominent females for a sexual escapade or two. During each sexy scene, the background music was a catchy, bluesy, sound track -- complete with vocals.  The “Tad the Cad” theme.  Kind of like the Shaft theme, but Shaft was a feature film character. 

Just last week (or was it the week before?), it occurred again during another fantasy sequence when Simone (Terri Ivens) was trapped in a freight elevator at Fusion and dreamed about various rescuers – Tad the Cad among them.

Now it seems that every time we see Tad in any kind of romantic sequence, the producers play the “Tad the Cad” theme with its catchy phrases like, “Tad the Cad, he’s back!”

I think this is such a fun character enhancement.  Not only do they play the theme with the vocals, they will also play the catchy music track whenever Tad is in the room with a woman – like last week when all of Fusion’s females sought Tad out to find out about Juan Pablo.  It will be interesting to see how much TPTB at All My Children carry through on this.  One thing is for sure, if there were ever a character that deserved their own theme, it’s Michael E. Knight’s Tad the Cad.  What do you think? Share your opinion on the message boards in the Criticize the Critic folder!

Which brings me to this next topic.  Roger Howarth on As the World Turns. I must admit, he is giving the character of Paul Ryan a whole, new life.  Not that Scott Holroyd didn’t do a great job in the role, he seemed to play it softer, not as intense. Howarth, on the other hand, brings intensity to every role.  For me, it’s most interesting to see Howarth on screen without that darned scar that he was forced to sport while playing the character of Todd Manning.  I wasn’t watching OLTL when Todd first got that scar, or did he have it from the get go? Anyone know? It will be interesting to see if and when they replace the character of Todd (there is certainly a lot of internet rumbling in that regard), if he will likewise have the scar.  Time will tell.

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