Singing soap opera stars

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Rick Springfield (Dr. Noah Drake, General Hospital)We admire soap opera stars for their brilliant work.  We adore the way they can over exaggerate even the most mundane emotions, and keep us in suspense, day after day, month after month, and year after year.

Loyal soap opera fans will follow their fave stars  to hell and back. We become engrossed and almost addicted to their on-screen personalities, and we follow their lives religiously off-screen, too.

Soap opera stars are utopic idols in situations we can only dream to be a part of. But many of the soap stars we've come to love aren't limited to their acting skills. Some of them have dabbled successfully in the  music arena, and have even gone on to attain even further super-stardom.

While you may not be able to think of any particular soap opera stars or song titles off-hand, when you read on, you'll be hustling to download music at  These hits have gone straight to the top, and a couple of these stars have actually left acting all together, to pursue successful endeavors in the  area of  music. We hope these tunes will happily help you wax nostalgic, and have you humming along in no time:


Song Suggestions: Locomotion, Can't Get You Out Of My Head, All The Lovers

Kylie broke into the entertainment industry as a fixture on the Australian soap opera, Neighbors. While she was an integral part of the show in the late 80s, she managed to kick start her music career at this time too. Even though she went on to star in a couple feature films and television series, the main focus of her post-soap career has been her musical career.


Song Suggestions: Jessie's Girl, Affair Of The Heart, Human Touch, Love Somebody

If the words "Paging Dr. Noah Drake" summon feelings of nostalgia with you, then you remember Rick Springfield in the 80s. He was one of the most beloved characters on General Hospital, and while he did maintain a role through an early portion of the 2000s, his music is primarily what makes him famous. His singing style is pure rock and roll, and he's famous on American turf, as well as the rest of the world.


Song Suggestions:  Livin La Vida Loca, She Bangs

A famous Latin singer even before the USA was aware of his many talents, Ricky Martin got his feet wet in acting when he joined the cast of General Hospital in 1994-1995 as that sexy, bad boy bartender, Miguel Morez.


Song Suggestions: Torn, Smoke, Wrong Impression, That Day, Beauty On The Fire

Another member of the Neighbors club, Natalie was part of the cast in the 90s. She splashed onto the music scene with "Torn", and continues to win hearts with her beautiful voice ever since. She also intersperses her successful music career with some acting gigs, and has appeared on other hit TV shows and movies. To date, Imbruglia has sold in excess of ten million records worldwide.

Singing Soap Star Natalia Imbruglia












Some actors and actresses use their spots on soap operas as a way to leverage access into music careers. Not all of them are successful, but we hope you'll give this list of successes a good listening to. Other stars you can research are Jack Wagner, Michael Damian and Gloria Loring.

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