Should Passions Be Extinguished?

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The buzz on Passions and remembering Santa Barbara

Remember the heyday of Santa Barbara? The intrigue and passion surrounding the Eden and Cruz storyline? Well, we all know what's happened with Marcy Walker. She spent some time on Guiding Light, and now resides in Pine Valley on All My Children. But what about A. Martinez -- the other half of that very popular soap couple? Big news! Turtle-Run has it on very good authority that A. Martinez is making a long overdue return to daytime, and rumor has it that he will be appearing in a city that resides on the water very soon. Stay tuned for further details and talk about it in the new TRO Hot Topics folder!

After only one week on the air, the buzz on the new NBC soap Passions is less than favorable. Cyber campaigns are even calling for the cancellation of the show! Gees, guys "off with it's head" already? Yikes. LOL

For me, the jury is still out. You can't really tell all that much after five episodes. Although, I loved Ally McBeal right from the get-go. Moonlighting, The Practice,Seinfeld, It's Like, Well, Ya know..., Buffy, Movie Stars. Knew from the first five seconds they are/were destined to be hits. Still, I am not quite ready to say off with it's head, insofar as Passions is concerned, but that initial, immediate spark just wasn't there.

Sad but true. Most of you feel the same. I've heard from many who are simply appalled at the Princess Diana storyline, find the forced animosity between the characters an unnecessary stretch, and the acting abilities of the stars severely lacking.

"I watched two shows, that's enough for me at this time! I have enough problems with ATWT!" JudgeJud, via email

"With all the advance publicity on this show, I had to watch, but so far, it's leaving me cold. Why is everyone (or at least, most everyone) at odds with each other? Why all this hostility? Why do the Bennett girls fight all the time. Why does Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald (or Fitzgerald-Lopez, whichever) hate the Cranes so much? The writing has me asking the questions, which I suppose is a good thing, but unfortunately, learning the answers is a whole other story. It's like: "who cares?" Larry Sanders used to say: "No flipping." I never flipped Larry, but Passions, I'm flipping. " FUNNEEBONZ, Passions Message Board

"Will I acquire a taste for this ditsy show? The casting is outrageous. The mothers are too young to have grown children. Especially the Mrs. Crane (character). However, I feel all the mothers are too young to be believable. There seems to be no generational gap. Being Susan Lucci's daughter does not automatically make an actress, but then I'm not too keen on Susan Lucci's acting ability either. After all the hype, I was very disappointed with this week. It seems more like a high school play than a professional TV show. Most people are disgusted with the Princess Diana angle. As I struggle to say something positive about the show, I'm at a loss for words." Nutmeg421, via email

"(The Princess Diana Storyline...) has got to go. I wasn't a big fan of the real Princess, but the circumstances behind her death were appalling. If Passions were going to drum up some goofy "American Princess" storyline, they could have taken the higher road. But today's auto crash that so closely simulated the death of the real Princess is in such very, very poor taste. However, Juliet Mills' character is a hoot." SoapySpice, Passions Message Board

Hopefully, this week's episodes will improve. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Please continue to share your thoughts with us at Turtle-Run. Click on Message Boards and scroll down to the Passions or the Criticize the Critic folder. I look forward to reading your comments.

For Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans, this is the week to set your VCRs. The season finale will finally air, Tuesday, 8 PM ET, on the WB, after it was pulled by producers in the wake of the senseless violence at Columbine H.S. WB CEO Jamie Kellner will be online on AOL Live to chat with fans regarding the episode beginning at 7:30 PM ET on Tuesday, July 13, 1999. AOL Keyword: AOL Live

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