Shakespeare in Genoa City

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Y&R classic family rivalries and drunks owning bars

Do you believe Ashley on Y&R abstained from the vote? What was with her telling Victor she was happy (happier than he could know, in fact) about his return. And looking so well! Then, that kiss on his cheek. Whoa! Does Cole have something to be concerned about? Does Nikki (Oh no, not again. LOL) Does Jabot? What about Jack and Brad? Victor had a very sinister tone when he said to Jack: "I am not finished with you!" Then again, Victor is always sinister. That's his job. (And you thought it was to run Jabot. Ha! ;o) You have to love the family rivalries on Y&R. They are as strong today as they were when the show began. No holes barred. Could that contribute to why we are so glued to the goings on in Genoa City? The Montagues v. The Capulets? The Jets v. The Sharks? The Abbots v. The Newmans? Rewriting Shakespeare yet again. Hey, if it ain't broke...

Which leads me to wonder, why do they give characters with alcohol abuse problems ownership in bars? If I were a member of AA (which is something I've thought about -- not because I can't handle fermented libations, but because it's where all the deals in Hollywood get made! Sorry, old joke from the film, The Player. Anyway... if I were Haley Santos (AMC) the last type of business I'd invest in would be a bar/restaurant. How about a nice flower shop? A coffee house? A singing telegram company? No, an alcoholic opens a bar. Of course! Makes perfect sense. LOL. Daytime is not the only guilty genre here. Sitcoms do it, too. Remember Sam Malone and Cheers? Share your thoughts in the Criticize the Critic folder on our Message Boards.

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