Secrets in Daytime

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Frustrating storylines and A Martinez returns

Last week we reported that A. Martinez (former Cruz, Santa Barbara) will be making his long overdue return to daytime. Although details of his start date, contract status, and storyline impact remain elusive as of this writing, the city on the water is Port Charles, and the show is General Hospital.

Despite OLTL's Lindsay Rappaport's devious deeds in blood-test tampering, I can't help but feel for her in this hit-and-run storyline. She so desperately wants someone to believe she's innocent, but the evidence is stacked against her. If only she revealed her true whereabouts that night, she would have her alibi. Of course, that would make her lose face with Bo, who she now cares about, and who has just admitted his love for her. What's the character to do?

Catherine Hickland, the actress who stars in the role (like you didn't know that! LOL) once said "it's wonderful (for an actor) to have something hanging over your head." She's right! To have a horrible secret that you must share, but can't because it will show you in some terrible light, gives you many layers to play. Plus, as others do find out (which they inevitably do), you swear them to secrecy. If they offer resistance, you threaten to reveal some terrible secret about them. Enter the phrase: "the plot thickens!" Catherine is doing a fantastic job with this material, as is Robert S. Woods (Bo), Kale Browne (Sam), and Robin Strasser (Dorian).

However, this kind of storytelling device gets frustrating for the audience. Makes you want to scream at the TV set, and say: "Just tell him already!" Yet, it's precisely the kind of story that keeps me tuning in. I am drawn to see how it will finally end. Will Lindsay divulge her true whereabouts? Will she clear herself from the hit-and-run charge, but risk nipping her budding love affair with Bo Buchanan smack dab in the bud? What a predicament. But Lindsay is not the only soap character in such straits --

On ATWT, it looks like Carly has something to fear from Camille.

What about Kate's $5 million deal with Nicole on DOOL, and the mystery behind Franco's real murderer?

On AMC, Adam still has not come clean regarding Colby. But Erica knows. Devious Dr. Dave knows. How soon before Liza finds out?

Lest we not forget CJ on B&B and a certain fashion show runway disaster!

What storylines do you find terribly frustrating? The ones that make you want to pull your hair out, yet make you have to tune in every day? Please share your thoughts in the Criticize the Critic folder on the TRO Message Boards.

SoapCity has advised us that Billy Warlock (AJ Quartermaine, GH) will be chatting live online this Tuesday, July 20, 1999 at 7pPT/10pET. Matt Cedeno and Victor Webster (Nicholas and Brandon, DOOL) will chat live online Wednesday, July 21, 1999. For further details visit:

Rick Springfield fans are in for an upcoming double dose of the actor/musician. According to Daily Variety, before Rick sets out on tour in promotion of his new album "Karma," he will play the father of an aspiring ballerina battling anorexia in the NBC television movie DYING TO DANCE.

We at Turtle-Run send our thoughts and prayers to the families of John F. Kennedy, Jr., Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and Lauren Bessette. As of this writing (Sunday afternoon, July 18, 1999) the search and rescue of their ill-fated Friday night flight is still underway. We are praying for miracles.

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