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New features, NYC's First Lady on OLTL and Stars take a "spin"

Hey Suds Buds!

What fun I had meeting you at our first regularly scheduled weekly chat last Monday evening. Please join me tonight in the Turtle-Run Suds Buzz Chat room (Scroll the navigation bar till you see it, or just click here!) at 7:30 PM ET (4:30 PM PT). Then, wait for the chat applet to load, enter a "user name," click connect, wait a few seconds for the connection, type where it says: "Type here," and chat away. We've got lots to talk about!

TRO is happy to launch our brand new SneakPeeks and Daily Episode Guide. When you miss a show, just check back with us for a detailed recap. We will also maintain a "Past Episodes" archive. We are introducing this feature slowly, beginning with Passions and Days of Our Lives. Stay tuned for more soaps to be added soon. We are very excited about these new features. Hope you are, too!

Speaking of SneakPeeks, One Life to Live fans get your hankies out. NYC First Lady, Donna Hanover, creates the recurring role of Dr. Elyse Hanson. In the upcoming storyline, Dr. Hanson has been routinely treating Viki Carpenter (5-time Emmy Award winner, Erika Slezak), when she discovers a problem with Viki's mammogram. Does this mean a traumatic medical crisis for Viki? How will it effect her loved ones? Will she confide in her true love, estranged finance Ben Davidson (Mark Derwin)? "We are so pleased that Donna could join us for this recurring role," said Jill Ferren Phelps, OLTL executive producer. "Her strong commitment to raising awareness for many charitable endeavors makes her a great fit for this very important story." Hanover has appeared in Ally McBeal, The Practice, Sex and the City, Feds, All My Children, As the World Turns, Guiding Light and Another World. She had recurring roles on both Law & Order and Family Law. She can be seen in many feature films including Ransom, The Paper, Running on Empty and The People vs. Larry Flint to name a few. Her first airdate as Dr. Hanson on OLTL is Tuesday, January 18, 2000.

SoapCity and Wheel of Fortune team up for "SoapCity Week" during February Sweeps (February 7-11, 2000). For five special nights, Wheel of Fortune will feature soap stars Diedre Hall (Marlena, DOOL) and Heather Thom (Victoria, Y&R) as they join forces with soap fans who auditioned and were selected from across the country. The fans will spin the wheel for cash and prizes. The stars will play for a charity of their choice. A website, with a national sweepstakes for a cruise for two to the Caribbean, online chats with the actors, backstage video from the SoapCity Week shows, and more is scheduled to be launched this week. In the meantime, check in with for further details.

Have all you Passions fans voted for your favorite in the online casting call at There's still time. In an additional effort to support this groundbreaking strategy, Passions has just announced a cross-promotion with etailer,, the only shopping site to offer visitors a chance to win $1 million dollars and play "Let's Make a Deal" with Monty Hall. Visit either site for more information.

Turtle-Run continues to get swamped with email about All My Children's loss of Dimitri (Michael Nader). Fans want him back "front and center" now more than ever. Especially after the 30th Anniversary show, which featured a scene with Dimitri in full-dress uniform and a stunning Erica as they danced the night away in Budapest, bringing us back to a romantic time and storyline. The ever increasing show of support from Nader's fans is exceptional. You are an amazing bunch.

We are also getting a lot of mail about General Hospital. Many are not happy with the way things are going. Tobais writes: "What happened to good romance? What happened to relationships and character driven plots? Why won't GH develop a real Cassidine story? Why must all center on Geary? Why are the Q's (Quatermaine's) wasted with this nonsense of Jason and the mob? Where is the heart and soul of soaps?" I believe the heart and soul is there, it's just been on vacation for a while. It's time to put it back to work.