Passions Stars at Toy Drive; What Do You Wish For

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Dear Suds Buds,

The Festival of Lights has come to an end, but the festivities surrounding Christmastime are getting into high gear.  To everyone who celebrated Hanukah, we hope you had a wonderful time with friends and family.  To those who celebrate Ramadan, we wish you many blessings.

We are just gearing up for Christmas at our house.  We decorated our home this past weekend.  A Christmas tree, the scent of pine and all the colorful lights decked both indoors and out, make the entire place seem warm, cozy and cheerful.   Even our pets have holiday spirit!   

Speaking of holiday cheer, Soapdom spent the better part of last Saturday at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza in Los Angeles with cast members from Passions, including Tracey Ross (Eve, who loves and has been visiting since we launched “Hi Tracey”), Ben Masters (Julian), Amelia Marshall (Liz), Rodney van Johnson (TC), Brooke Kerr (Whitney) and Crystee Pharris (Simone).  The event, Kym Whitley’s 6th Annual Comics 4 Kids Book and Toy Drive was sponsored by LA-based radio station The Beat and benefited local charities. Along with stars from Passions, there was a literal who’s who of top talent giving of their time to sign autographs, meet fans, and heighten awareness for the Toy Drive.  Watch for our coverage of this fun event sometime Monday afternoon.  And Passions fans, there’s big stuff ahead for the Russells!  Stay tuned for what the actors had to say about their upcoming storylines.  All in our coverage of this Toy Drive event!

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays upon us, I can’t help but wonder what the soaps have in store for us this Christmas.  I have a feeling that we may be seeing a family gathering at the Martins on All My Children, and it seems likely that tradition will win out in Oakdale on As the World Turns.  How the holidays will play out on Passions is anyone’s guess, although a certain prodigal son is destined to return to Harmony. Just how he will impact everyone’s life remains to be seen. 

But the real question is – what would you like to see happen on your favorite soap this holiday season?  Maybe see a favorite couple reunite?  Perhaps two unlikely characters with a romantic spark become a couple?  There are some GH fans who’d love to see Jason paired with Elizabeth.   What about All My Children fans who are used to seeing Tad and Dixie wish upon their Christmas star?  It’s going to be a lonely Christmas for Tad this year without his beloved Dix.  Would you like to see her somehow return, if only in his mind? 

Share your Christmas wish for what you would like to see on your favorite show in the Criticize the Critic folder on the message boards, then stay tuned to Soapdom as Lesleyann Medeiros takes us on a Busted to Blissful trip down memory lane with her year-end wrap up of the good and bad in soaps in 2002; Karen Wolitzer’s review of the Waterfront kick off-party (What’s Waterfront, you ask?  Is it that pilot hopeful starring a plethora of current and former soap actors? You betcha and we’ve got all the latest news on what’s up with that!  Stay tuned to Soapdom for all the details.); and, get to know more of Soapdom’s own Dr. Soaps as she counsels another soap character or two this week.   

Til the top of next week,

Linda Marshall-Smith
CEO, Soapdom, Inc.

What do YOU think?  Share your thoughts in the "Criticize the Critic" forum  on the Message Boards or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it