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Igniting Passions, high risk pregnancies and actors in new roles

Hope you had a great July 4th!

"Romance, love, jealousy, comedy, marriages, sibling rivalry, life, death, crime and evil of both the supernatural and the very natural kind," says the official NBC press release in regard to Passions, the brand new daytime drama created by Emmy Award-winning writer James E. Riley. What a mouthful, and quite a hefty promise to keep. "Welcome to Harmony," the release continues, "the picturesque New England town where Passions comes to life."

And come to life Passions did, for the very first time, Monday, July 5, 1999. Turtle-Run was there from the beginning. Were you? In case you missed it --

In the first episode, we meet most of the contract players, are introduced to an angelic, yet ghostly little girl, and wonder how someone from a quaint New England town is the best friend of Great Britain's most beloved Princess. Will Diana come back from the dead and take up residence with Sheridan Crane in Harmony? Will Sheridan Crane return from Paris? Will Parisians speak English with French accents for the duration of the show? Will the show continue to capture us with such beautiful on location shooting? Obviously, no expense was spared in that regard on the pilot. Not sure about you, but I was sufficiently impressed. Didn't feel that way about anything else on this new soap, unfortunately. Maybe Passions will be an acquired taste. Like caviar. An expensive delicacy, but no matter how you serve it, it's still eggs from fish. Although I am not completely blown away by the initial airing, I will continue to tune in hoping Passions will grow on me. My fear is that despite the hype, gorgeous scenery and faces, and the support of the NBC machine, fish eggs are still only fish eggs. Hope I'm wrong. Let us know your thoughts on Passions in the Criticize the Critic or the Passions folder on the TRO Message Boards.

For AMC fans who are worried about the risk to Dixie's health now that she's pregnant with Tad's baby, fear not! According to Joe DiLiberto in the July 6, 1999 issue of Soap Opera Weekly (pg 12), Dixie can look forward to a normal pregnancy. DiLiberto contacted Dr. Charles Lockwood, the Stanley H. Kaplan chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the NYU School of Medicine, specializing in high-risk pregnancies, who says that donating a kidney doesn't make you a high-risk pregnancy. Having a bout of pericarditis could make her a bit higher risk, "but as long as there's no underlying heart disease, no underlying damage to the heart, she should be fine." So, will somebody please get on the phone to Tad Martin and tell him to lighten up and be happy about this baby! LOL

Have you seen the commercial for Off Insect Repellent starring none other than DOOL's Patrika Darbo as Aunt Ida? Wonder if she filmed that spot before her contract role on Days. Also, David Canary aired last week in a repeat Law & Order. He played a totally different character -- there was no hint of Adam or Stuart. It's great fun seeing favorite daytime actors on prime time shows. Gives you a double dose (or a triple dose in Canary's case!)

On ATWT, Lorraine Broderick's out and Leah Laiman is in as head writer. Sydney Penney (ex-Julia, AMC and fresh from the canceled Hyperion Bay) will be assuming the role of Meg Cummings on Sunset Beach for several months while Susan Ward goes on hiatus to complete a film.

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