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workfromhomeIf you're in the market for a job, whether it's your first or one that is meant to supplement an existing one, you are not alone. Most traditional job markets are saturated and it is very difficult to find companies that are hiring even on a short term or contractual basis.

Wouldn't it be great to see a soap opera character start a business from home? Some years ago, when the internet was just taking off, Cameron Mathison (Ryan, All My Children) did just that. It was great to see the soap relating to the latest technology in such a way that made for great story.

One of the four remaining soaps, (Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, and Young and the Restless), should consider doing a full-fledged storyline on a home business. Many people in real life are turning to working from home to make ends meet.

Some people would like to blame a lack of qualifications for the possible inability to become hired but that just isn't true anymore. The fact is that more people than ever are successfully graduating high school and completing university level education with their accreditation in hand - so what's causing the problem?

Well, there are several reasons actually.

In a consumer driven economy when that economy becomes destabilized even in the slightest, it affects not just expenditure, but jobs everywhere. We are still barely catching our footing after the economic meltdown in '08 and some industries just have not recovered. This spells an inability to retain and create new positions, less manufacturing which means less selling, this means less buying and in a nutshell, this means less business across the board.

What have we done to compensate for this dent in the job market? We've had to come up with some pretty creative job titles and portfolios to retain some people but one good thing that has really saved the day is the internet and the ability to work remotely from home.

This is not a new industry to say the least but it is drawing a renewed sense of popularity in these troubling economic times. Working online either in your old job or in a completely new one is an excellent way to save money as well as to make money. You can work from home online as your primary and solitary source of income or you can use an online job to supplement your income. Whatever you choose, here are a couple of positions that exist online that you can explore:

Business Research Developer:

This is an excellent job that can be performed online with little to no physical transit whatsoever. Each year companies test the validity of their products by running them through consumer testing. Likewise, other companies want to see what products, if any, exist to satisfy various consumer needs. Conducting this research and analyzing is not something you may need to leave home for. Link up with a research and development company online and begin conducting research on payment processing resources, for example. This is an exciting field that is constantly evolving.


With the internet constantly changing and higher standards for written content being implemented, it isn't enough to have an automated proofreading program run through your website, landing pages and blog posts. There needs to be a human touch to make sure the subtle nuances of various languages are not lost. Proofreading may not be something you want to enter into full time but if you are good at it, you can make extra money on the side!