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Fan letters, Passions' scrapbook, & Reckell's and Evans' efforts

Dear Gathering 2001 attendees,

Due to the recent events in New York, the Roosevelt Hotel has lowered their room rates for the period of our event.   Anyone who reserved a room at the Roosevelt Hotel through the club will receive a $100 per night discount off of their confirmed rate.  The reduced club rates will now be as follows:

Single or Double Occupancy - $159.00 plus tax per night.
Triple Occupancy - $179.00 plus tax per night.
Quad Occupancy - $199.00 plus tax per night.

As a fundraising weekend to benefit families of victims of the September 11th attack, we will be holding a silent auction at the Gathering this year.  Auction items will include studio tours, scripts and show memorabilia from both Guiding Light and As The World Turns. Actors from As The World Turns will be joining us in this fundraiser on both days.   We invite you to redirect your hotel savings into bids and merchandise purchases, such that we can make a huge difference in the lives of so many suffering the loss of their loved ones.    Please note that we will be accepting payment by cash and check only for the auctions, no credit cards please.  We look forward to seeing you very soon.


Tim Frendak, Guiding Light Fan Club   

Your Letters!

"I am so pleased to see that Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) is not one of those anorexic actresses. She looks beautiful but normal. What does she weigh (just to give hope to the rest of us) and how tall is she?"  Connie

Genie Francis looks wonderful.  She is a role model for us all. She is 5'5" tall, but her weight is unavailable.  Besides, what the scale says isn't what really matters. What matters is how we feel about ourselves. How we carry ourselves, and how we look and feel in our clothes. Female bodybuilder Cory Everson weighs over 150 lbs, but wears a size 8!  It's all in the muscle tone.  :o)

"Several of us have a question. Do you have any information about the latest buzz concerning Stuart Damon leaving General Hospital?? Thanks for taking the time to respond!" Garden

I do not have any personal knowledge about Stuart Damon considering leaving General Hospital.  As is the standard practice of ABC Daytime, the show will not comment on contract status.  In my heart of hearts, I do hope that he continues on with the show, as he has always contributed a great deal in his portrayal of Alan Quartermaine. If he is considering leaving, it could be because the show has not provided him with an intriguing enough story for the actor in him to sink his teeth into in a long while. 

"I heard a lot of rumors that Joie Lenz and Paul Anthony Stewart are dating in real life. Is this true? Hope to hear from you. Thanks. chelet

Rumors are only rumors in this case. According to the spokesperson for Proctor & Gamble, Joie Lenz and Paul Anthony Stewart are not a couple, nor have they ever been.

"Is it true that JR was recast and Jesse (McCartney)is not playing him now, or wasn't that official yet???"  Jessica


"hey where do u get ur info omg im soooooo MADD that Jesse McCartney is leaving i feel as tho i want to cry he's so talented n i luv him in AMC and DreamStreet but this makes me soooooooo MADD i feel like crying im not kiddin so i was jw where do u get ur info??" Jaclyn

Both Jessica and Jaclyn are among quite a number of Jesse McCartney (JR, AMC) fans who wrote in response to my post on the "All My Children" Message Boards at Turtle-Run.com regarding his being recast. It saddens me to report that yes, Jesse is leaving and another actor named Jonathan Bennett will be assuming the role.  Turtle Run receives casting information directly from the horses' mouth, or in this case, from the ABC network publicity executives who handle "All My Children."  One of TRO's frequent AMC posters and community participants, Claudine, posted the following on the AMC message boards at Turtle Run.  According to Claudine, who received it from the Dream Street mailing list, this message was posted by Ginger, Jesse's real-life mom.

"As of last week, the writers of All My Children decided to 'age' the character Jesse used to play, 'J.R.,' to about 17-18 years old. They have already recast the role and the new boy will begin to play the role from this point forward. Jesse played "J.R.", Adam Chandler, Jr., for the past 3 years, since he was 11 years old. Having grown quite fond of all the cast and crew at All My Children, Jesse just wants to say he will miss them very much and had a wonderful time and substantial growing experience as an actor while he was there. He credits all the warm support of the his fellow actors at AMC and the faith of the writers who wrote for him, and directors who worked with him, for the opportunities he was given which lead to the support and nomination for the Best Young Actor Emmy in 2000. Jesse hopes you all enjoyed watching while he was J.R. and wishes the best of luck to the new boy who will play the role, as Jesse himself was one of the boys who was cast to "age" J.R. in the past. "

Turtle-Run wishes Jesse McCartney all the best. He is a very talented young man and will go far in the entertainment industry, whether he chooses to focus on his music (Dream Street), continue his acting career, or both! 

"Is it true Jesse McCartney is being recast? If he is, AMC will lose ALOT of young viewers, like me." Megan

I would hope that Megan and everyone will give the new kid a chance. He will have pretty big shoes to fill, but let's not judge his work before he has the opportunity to prove himself.  I hope that everyone continues to tune in. The first airdate for Jonathan Bennett as JR has not yet been set.  Stay tuned to Turtle-Run's Top of the Week casting section for the latest.

"I noticed that your spoilers rarely mention Cassie and Richard.  Why? Thanks for always keeping us up to date on storylines.  Love your website.  Mary

Thanks so much for the kind words.  No particular reason why we have not offered Sneak Peeks about Cassie and Richard.  We work with material generated by Procter & Gamble for Guiding Light, and if they don't send any info about Cassie and Richard, we don't know what's in store for them. But I thank you for bringing it to my attention, and I will try to dig up some dish on your favorite couple in the future.  In fact, be sure to check Turtle-Run's Guiding Light Sneakier Peeks for the week of October 15. There's something there that may be of interest! ;o)

Lots of NBC News....

Online Scrapbook Of Passions Super-Couple Sheridan Crane And Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald 

(Shuis fans be advised. The following article contains scoopage!)

NBC Daytime, in partnership with SoapCity.com, will provide viewers with an exclusive opportunity to look inside a special scrapbook that chronicles the romantic history of  "Passions" super-couple Sheridan Crane (McKenzie Westmore) and Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald (Galen Gering), online at NBC.com. The "Passions" bonus launches on Thursday, October 11.

The "Sheridan and Luis Scrapbook" is the latest in a series of online

bonuses designed to take the audience "Beyond The Scenes" of "Passions." Through the use of a specially designed icon that reads "Passions bonus: Log on to nbc.com/passions," viewers are notified on-air that a special feature is available online. The NBC Daytime online "bonuses" are designed to enhance viewer enjoyment of Passions (and Days of our Lives) with information that will not be revealed during the broadcast of the daytime drama.

Beginning October 11, viewers who log onto nbc.com/passions will get an intimate look at the relationship between Sheridan Crane and Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, two star-crossed lovers who were tragically separated when Sheridan was recently lost at sea. In the "Passions" episode airing on October 11, Luis, who believes Sheridan to be dead, is presented with a scrapbook that was compiled by his younger brother Miguel and his girlfriend Charity. Though Miguel and Charity intended the scrapbook to be a wedding present, it is now a memorial of Sheridan and Luis's love.

Immediately following the broadcast, online visitors to NBC.com/passions will be able to click through the pages of the scrapbook and view exclusive letters that Sheridan and Luis had written to each other as well as other highlights of their relationship.

The "Sheridan and Luis Scrapbook" bonus will be available to visitors of NBC.com for several weeks to allow fans to relive the couple's romance, while they will wait patiently to see if fate will bring Sheridan and Luis back together on-air.

More About DOOL's Peter Reckell's Red Cross Benefit

As reported last week, Peter Reckell (Bo) and his musician wife, Kelly Moneymaker, are putting on a benefit for the Red Cross. "As we are all deeply affected the September 11, tragedy, some of us local musicians, actors, writers and dancers are holding an unplugged benefit concert and variety show to raise money for the victim's families," stated Reckell. "We are asking celebrities to volunteer their time to either perform (sing, play an instrument, dance, read a story or poem) or announce other performers for the event," added Moneymaker. The date of the benefit is Tuesday, October 9, 2001 at 8:00 p.m. It will be held at the Renberg Theatre at the Village, which is located at 1125 N. McCadden Place, Los Angeles, CA 90038. Tickets are $50.00 and can be purchased at the door or by calling Ticketline at 323/860-7300.

Celebrities scheduled to appear: members of the cast of Days of our Lives, The Young and the Restless, and Passions; Joely Fisher (Ellen, Baby Bob), Connie Stevens; Carl Anderson (JC Superstar); Ed Begley Jr. (Six Feet Under); Charles Durning; Rob Schneider (SNL); Bob Saget (Full House); John Mendoza; Charles Durning; Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys); Rob Schneider (Animal); Chris Standring (Instinct Records); Joan Jones (Hollywood Records); Jane Anderson (writer of "How to Make An American Quilt"); Jacqui & Bill Landrum (choreographers of "O' Brother Where Art Thou), Kelly Moneymaker (Expose) and The Earth Angels.

There will also be a silent auction featuring memorabilia from the entertainment industry with all profits going to The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.  The celebrity meet & greet and silent auction is from 7:00 ... 8:00 PM and the performances with the live auction is from 8:00 PM ... 10:00 PM.  There will be a post show party beginning at 10:00 PM with music by the band Paper Tiger.  The $50.00 ticket is good for all events the entire evening.

Visit Peter Reckell's website at www.peterreckell.com.

West Coast Daytime Unites

On Saturday, October 20, 2001 join Passions cast members, Christopher Douglas (Brian), Josh Ryan Evans (Timmy), Dana Sparks (Grace), Deanna Wright (Kay) and Natalie Zea (Gwen) as they come together with cast members from the Young and the Restless, General Hospital, Bold and the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives to help raise money to benefit the children who were victimized by the September 11th tragedy.

For your donation of $50.00 you will enjoy an afternoon of music, food, a silent auction and the opportunity to meet your favorite DAYTIME actors. Your tax-deductible donation will fund a college scholarship program for the children who lost a parent in the terrorist attacks, through the Children's Aid Society of New York.

The date is SATURDAY, October 20th,12-4 p.m. at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences located at 5220 Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood, CA. No reservations are necessary. Just pay at the door. I LOVE NY tee shirts will be on sale for your favorite DAYTIME STARS to sign.  Although there will be a silent auction, no other memorabilia will be signed at this event.

DOOL's Deidre Hall Holds Ebay Auction as Benefit

Deidre Hall holds EBAY auction to benefit NY Firefighters 9/11 Fund. Deidre Hall (Marlena) is currently having a charity auction for the FDNY September 11Relief Fund on EBAY.  This auction features clothes, autographed photos and other exciting memorabilia.  All proceeds will be donated to IAFF 9/11 Relief Fund, with proceeds going to benefit the families of the fallen firefighters and EMS personnel.

Passions Gets Numerous Awards Nominations

Congratulations to Passions as it continues to wow the world. Passions has recently been nominated for 11 "Inside Soap" Awards out of Austraila including Best Daytime Soap             (Passions); Best Leading Daytime Actor (James Hyde); Best Leading Daytime Actress (McKenzie Westmore); Best Younger Daytime Actor    (Josh Ryan Evans); Best Younger Daytime Actress (Lindsay Korman); Best Bad Girl (Juliet Mills);

Funniest Character (Juliet Mills); Sexiest Woman (McKenzie Westmore); Sexiest Man Galen Gering) and (Jesse Metcalfe); and Best Couple (Lindsay Korman and Travis Schuldt as Ethan and Theresa).

Here is the really cool part, American "Passions" fans. Even though "Inside Soaps" is an Australian magazine, you can vote!  Ballots can be mailed in only. A complete list of nominees and a ballot can be obtained by writing to Inside Soap Magazine, Awards Promotion, Locked Bag 206, Strawberry Hills, NSW 1423 AUSTRALIA.

And there are more nominations for "Passions." The show has also been nominated for a Media Access Award in the category of 'Daytime Drama.' The Media Access Awards were established in 1978 by the California Governor's Committee for Employment of Disabled Persons to honor members of the media and entertainment industries for their contributions toward improving the image and increasing the participation of professionals with disabilities both on camera and behind the scenes.

The Governor's Committee for Employment of Disabled Persons is a special project of the State Employment Development Department.

The 19th Annual Media Access Awards took place on Wednesday, October 3, 2001 at Universal Studios, Hollywood at The Grill.  Laura San Giacomo and Ricardo Montalban are co-chairs of this event and Gerald McRaney hosted the evening. 

But that's not all. "Passions" also has received eight 2001 Golden Boomerang Award nominations!  Back downunder, the TV Soap Australia's Golden Boomerang Nominations were announced last week and Passions received nominations in the following categories:

Most Popular Show: E. Reilly, Creator/Head writer and Lisa S. Hesser, Executive Producer. Most Popular Male Star: Galen Gering. Most Popular Female Star: Mckenzie Westmore. Most Popular Younger Male Star: Jesse Metcalfe. Most Popular Younger Female Star:  Lindsay Korman.

Most Popular Male Star:      Galen Gering. Most Popular Couple:            Galen Gering and McKenzie Westmore 'Luis & Sheridan'. Most Popular Villain: Juliet Mills. Most Popular Storyline:            James E. Reilly 'Tabitha sets Faith Ablaze.'

Nominations for the Golden Boomerang Awards were published in a recent issue of TV Soap Magazine (Australia).  Final balloting is currently being held in Australia where fans can call into special 900 numbers to vote. Awards will be given out at a special ceremony, currently scheduled for January 18, 2002, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA  

So much for all the Award Nominations, now it's on to "Passions" as Award winner!   "Passions has just received three Bandwidth Awards as follows: Best Soap Opera, Best Guilty Pleasure and Josh Ryan

Evans for Most Promising Actor.  The 5h Annual Bandwith Awards were held online by Triple D, publishers of On Sat Magazine and  TV Plus Magazine.  For a complete list of nominees and award recipients, log on to www.tripled.com or in the current issues of On Sat and TV Plus Magazine.

Congratulations to "Passions" for all the award nominations and awards received!  Way to go "Passions!"

SoapNet and Oceanic Cable Bring "A Little Bit of Luxury" to Ala Moana Center

Hawaii soap fans get ready for your dose of all soaps all the time with SoapNet, the 24-hour cable network dedicated to soap operas!  To commemorate the launch of SoapNet on Oceanic Cable, General Hospital and Port Charles star Jon Lindstrom (Kevin) will appear at Ala Moana Center Centerstage in Honolulu this Saturday, October 13th.  Along with the special appearance of Lindstrom, you will also have the opportunity to win a Luxury Trip for Two to Las Vegas, including round trip airfare for two, four days and three nights at a luxury hotel, limousine transportation to and from Las Vegas airport, tickets to a performance of "O," dinner and a full day spa package for two.  Not to mention some spending money! 

Plus, the event will offer free makeovers and massages, and a SoapNet Wheel Trivia Game that offers patrons the chance to win SoapNet prizes of a gift certificate to an Ala Moana retailer.  And you will also be entertained by Hawaii's own, Na Leo Pilimihana!

So, get on out and meet Jon Lindstrom and treat yourselves to a day of luxury!  Then, be sure to tune into SoapNet for soaps 24/7!

More SoapNet News...

November marks the 20th anniversary of the highest rated wedding in soap opera  history. The nuptials of General Hospital's super couple and the most beloved couple in soap opera history, Luke and Laura. To signify this momentous occasion, SoapNet will air a 12-episode General Hospital Marathon on Friday, November 23, 2001 from 11 AM to 11 PM ET, celebrating the relationship of Luke and Laura, and featuring 12 of Luke and Laura's biggest moments together!   Luke and Laura fans, you are not going to want to miss this!


Julie Pinson (Eve, PC) has been tapped by SoapNet to lead the network's team in the Susan B. Korman Foundation Race for the Cure.  Pinson walks in Golden Gate Park, Sharon Meadow, on Sunday, October 21.   San Francisco Port Charles fans can sign up online at Soapnet.com to join Pinson in the Race for the Cure.

Now Showing on SoapCenter Friday, October 5, 2001
Galen Gering (Luis, PAS), Guest Host

At Home with Passions Star Galen Gering  Visit the LA home of Galen Gering (Luis) and his wife, actress Jenna Gering (NYPD Blue).

"Did You Know?"  The Feature Edition  "Did you know" segments are fun, informative bits of trivia that bring viewers closer to their favorite stars.  This week, see an entire segment featuring facts about actors from shows on all three networks!

Character Profile: GL's Cassie Winslow  A look at the life, loves and losses of Guiding Light's stripper-turned-princess, Cassie, played by Laura Wright.

Mimi and... Catherine Hickland  One Life to Live's Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) talks with Special Contributor Mimi Torchin about her successes in prime time, soaps and Broadway, and now, her new make-up line, Cat Cosmetics.

Spotlight: GH's Mac Visits Pine Valley  All My Children's Anna (Finola Hughes) is reunited with Mac (John J. York), her brother-in-law from her days on GH, and he's got a lot of questions, starting with "Aren't you supposed to be dead?"  Find out what the actors think of the reunion, after not having worked together for ten years.

Premiering On Soapcenter Friday, October 12, 2001
Kim Zimmer ("Reva," Guiding Light) Guest-Host

At Home with General Hospital's Real Andrews ... The athletic actor, who plays "Taggert" on "General Hospital," gives us a tour of his unique home--including a barn with a boxing ring.

Behind the Scenes: Orchestrating Mayhem on As the World Turns ... Jake and Molly's wedding on "As the World Turns" was the backdrop for death and deception.  SoapCenter takes you behind the scenes for a look at how several different storylines intertwined for a dramatic conclusion.

SoapCenter Spotlight: Reva through the Years on Guiding Light ... "Reva" is about to step into a painting on "Guiding Light" and begin an unusual and romantic time-travel storyline.  Actress Kim Zimmer discusses some of the highlights of Reva's life in Springfield.

Feature Report: My First Day ... Every actor remembers their first day of work on a soap.  In this segment, actors from all three networks share their experiences of their memorable first day.

SoapCenter Spotlight: Teen Outsiders on Days of our Lives ... Soap fans are used to an influx of gorgeous teens on their shows every summer, but this year "Days of our Lives" ventured into uncharted territory by spotlighting two teens who feel like outsiders at Salem High: "Kevin" and "Susan."  This package examines why Days of our Lives chose to break the typical soap teen mold.

**TRO Disclaimer: The above SoapCenter segments are scheduled in advance and may be bumped without notice for airing at a later date. The above segments may then be replaced with other segments. Check your local listings.**


All My Children: Elizabeth Hendrickson has been cast in the contract role of Frankie. Ruben Santiago-Hudson has been cast in the recurring role of Dr. McMillian. Terri Ivens has been cast in the contract role of Simone. Say hello again to Colleen Dion who returns in the role of Leslie Coulson.  The recurring role of JR (Adam Chandler, Jr.) has been recast. The role will now be played by Jonathan Bennett. Bennett's first airdate has not yet been set.

Days of our Lives:  Beginning Thursday, October 11, 2001 Australian actor, Justin Melvey assumes the role of Colin.  For his bio, visit his website at www.jsutinmelvey.com.  Hubba.

General Hospital:Kristina Wagner (Felicia) returns to Port Charles as does Robin Christopher (Skye).

One Life to Live:  Tonja Walker Davidson reprises her role as Alex Olanov beginning Thursday, November 15, 2001. Walker Davidson played the manipulative Ales on and off from 1990-97, receiving a 1993 Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress.  She last appeared on OLTL for several episodes in May, 2001.  Prior to joining OLTL, she starred as Olivia Jerome on GH, and Lizbeth Bachman on "Capital."  In addition to her daytime success, she has appeared in several primetime series, commercials, and feature films, starring alongside actors such as Matt Dillon, Bernard Hughes, Michael Nouri and William Shatner.

Passions:  During the week of October 15-19, Kimberly Young plays Lisa, J. Rene Pena plays the Crane maid, Dan Fagan is Waldo, a Crane servant, and Christopher Johnston is Ryan, a Harmony Police officer.

Young & the Restless:   Denise Duff has been cast as Amanda. Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) returns to Genoa City.  Singer/songwriter Lionel Richie stars as himself on October 9,10, 2001.  The following stars appear over the next few weeks: Tracey Bregman as Lauren, Marissa Arena as Maraissa, Rick Hearst as Matt andBeth Maitland as Tracy, Robertson Dean as Ned, Joe Sabatino as Officer Pendleton, Randy Seldman as a high school freshman, Kim Straus is Dr. Walker, McKay Giller is Noah, Jacqueline Hahn is Dr. Burns, Melissa Dalton is Nurse Judy, and David Shark Fralick is Larry.  Laila Bowden is Nurse Jillian. Rick Hearst appears as Matt and Dante Henderson appears as choreographer on Friday, November 2.  Anita Finlay is Dr. Nora on November 2 and 5.  Lise Simms is Connie on Monday, November 5.  Jonathan Bray is Johnny and Tracey Bregman is Lauren on Tuesday, November 6, 2001.

Seeing Stars

ABC's SuperSoap Weekend and NBCs FanFest, November 3-4, 2001.

Join stars of the ABC Daytime lineup at Disney/MGM Studios for ABC's SuperSoap Weekend, and join stars of NBC's Daytime lineup at Universal Studios Orlando for NBC's FanFest, both taking place November 3-4,2001. For info on SuperSoap call the SuperSoap Hotline(407) 397-6806. For info on FanFest call 877 912-3838.

AMC: See Walt Willey on October 21, 2001 at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick, NJ. Call 732 545-4242 for info.

As the World Turns:  Chad Tucker joins Phylicia Rashad in the Roundabout Theatre production of the musical, BLUE.  Performances are at New York City's Gramercy Theatre, 127 East 23rd Street.  For ticket information, call the theater at (212) 777-4900 or Ticketmaster at (212) 307-4100.  Lea Salonga (Lein) has been cast in the leading role of Mei Li in "Flower Drum Song," which will open in previews at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles on October 2, 2001 .  The opening is currently set for October 14, 2001. For further information call 213 628-2772.  Michael Park (Jack) and Anne Sayer (Mitzie) will appear at Sears, Roebuck & Co., Polaris Fashion Place, 1400 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, OH  43240 on Saturday, October 20 (new date) from 1:00-3:00 pm.  For more information, call 614/797-2054.  Paul Leyden (Simon) appears at Sears, Roebuck & Co., Polaris Fashion Place, 1400 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, OH  43240 on Saturday, November 10 (new date) from 1:00-3:00pm.  For more information, call 614/797-2054.

Days of Our Lives:  On Saturday, October 13th, from 3-5 PM, Patrika Darbo appears at the KROC Women's Fall Expo in Rochester, Minnesota. On Saturday, October 13th, Matt Cedeno appears at Sears in the Chandler Fashion Center in Chandler, Arizona from 2-4 PM. The Chandler Fashion Center is located at 3177 W. Chandler Blvd.  On Saturday, October 20th, from 1-3 PM, Matt Cedeno appears at the Sears store in the Robinson Mall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The Mall is located at 1000 Robinson Town Center Dr. in Pittsburgh.  On Saturday, October 27th, from 2-4:00 PM, Matt Cedeno appears at the Sears Store in the St. Louis County Mall in St. Louis, MO.  The Mall is located at 250 S. County Center Way. On Sunday, November 18th, Matt Cedeno will be appearing at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mount Pleasant, Michigan from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM.  For more information, please call 888/732-4537.

General Hospital: Tava Smiley (ex Chloe) will co-hosting an event with Hockey great, Mario Lemiuex, for the charity Cystic Fibrosis at the Winter Garden PGA in Pittsburgh, PA on November 2, 2001. To order tickets please call (412) 321-4422 Luke & Laura wedding 12-episode marathon Soapnet, November 23, 2001 from 11 am to 11 pm, ET.

Guiding Light: The 20th Annual Guiding Light Fan Club Gathering weekend will take place October 19-21, 2001 in New York.   Events did include the annual St. Jude's Fundraiser, but that was cancelled as a result of the tragic events of September 11, 2001.  However, still scheduled -- REUNITED: Saundra Santiago & Paul Anthony Stewart Cabaret, Annual GLFC Bowling event and memorabilia auction, GL Actors Workshop Play Reading and the 20th Annual Guiding Light Fan Club Gathering.   For prices and ticket information, visit www.glfanclub.com or write This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  The Guiding Light Actors' Workshop presents The Glass Menagerie with Robert Newman (Josh), Britt Newman, Eileen Fulton (As the World Turns' Lisa) and Wes Ramsey (Sam) on Saturday, October 20 at 7pm at 222 East 44th Street, New York, NY.  Tickets are $25 and can be ordered by e-mailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   Jordi Vilasuso (Tony) appears at Sears, Roebuck & Co., The Mall at Robinson, 1000 Robinson Town Center Drive, Pittsburgh, PA  15205 on Saturday, October 20 from 12-2 pm. Jordi Vilasuso (Tony) appears at Sears, Roebuck & Co., Polaris Fashion Place, 1400  Polaris Parkway, Columbus, OH  43240 on Saturday, October 27 from 1:00-3:00pm. For more information, call 614/797-2054. Laura Bell Bundy (Marah) and Wes Ramsey (Sam) appear at Giant Eagle, 1760 Hillard-Rome Road, Columbus, OH  43228 on Saturday, November 17 from 12:00-3:00 pm. Jordi Vilasuso (Tony) appears at Sears, Roebuck & Co., The Mall at Robinson, 1000 Robinson Town Center Drive, Pittsburgh, PA on Saturday, November 10 from 12:00-2:00 pm (new date). Laura Bell Bundy (Marah) and Wes Ramsey (Sam) will appear at Giant Eagle, 1760 Hillard-Rome Road, Columbus, OH  43228 on Saturday, November 17 from 12-3 pm.

Passions: Andrea Evans participates in the "Walk of Hope" in San Francisco on Saturday, October 6 in San Francisco and in Chicago, IL on Sunday, October 21.  For information on how you can participate and raise money for the City of Hope call (800) 266-7920.  Also on October 6, 2001, Lindsay Korman (Theresa) appears at the Women's Lifestyle Show at the Peoria Civic Center, Peoria, IL from 9 AM-4 PM. Call 309 698-3728 for info. McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan) will co-host a special concert event to celebrate the release of Henry Farnam's new acoustic rock CD "Fall Over You". The event will be held on Sunday, October 14 at 7:00 p.m. at the Key Club in West Hollywood, CA. Tickets are $15 for general seating or $30 for VIP seating.  100% of the ticket sale revenue will be given to The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.  In addition to co-hosting, McKenzie will also be singing a duet with Henry.  Tickets available at the Key Club Box Office (310) 786-1712. Jade Harlow (Jessica), Lindsay Korman (Theresa) and Deanna Wright (Kay) will be celebrity participants at the LOU GEHRIG'S DISEASE (ALS) WALK on Saturday, October 20.  It is a 3.1 mile walk and will take place at William Mason Park in Irvine, CA.  The walk begins promptly at 9:00 a.m. ALS is a progressive, fatal disease that attacks the nervous system.  For more information on this walk please call the Orange County ALS office at (714)

938-1080. Marianne Muellerleile (Norma) invites you to join her efforts in raising money for autism research at the 2nd Annual LA area WALF F.A.R. at Woodley Park in Van Nuys, CA on Sunday, October 21 at 9 AM.  Register as part of teamMark with Marianne as you